The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love Chapter 2

The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love

Chapter 2:  Tsundere president’s spoiled pet

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“Have you decided? ” No. 666 asked a little distrustfully.

“Well, I decided and will agree!” Luo Liyan responded very refreshingly.

Anyway, as long as she can be reborn, she will hug the thigh of her own father, so anything Xiao 66 says is okayed by her.

“OK, now sending the S-level tasks. The main task: tsundere president—let him bid farewell to the lonely old life. The completion reward is 500 gold beans. Side task—punish the male scum; after completion, reward is 200 gold beans.

[translator’s note: scum in Chinese novels usually refers to a cheater/ person who commits disgusting acts while in a relationship such as cheating.]

“Opening a level of portable space , 0.5 square meters.

“Opening the goddess’s gold finger, usable once a day with each use consuming 10 gold beans. ”

“Hey, no, 66, this golden finger can only be used once a day, will you be too embarrassed?” Luo Liyan is very dissatisfied in her heart and tries to give herself more benefits.

She was ruthlessly rejected by Xiao 66.

“How many gold fingers do you want? You can’t rely on yourself to do your job on your own, huh? I tell you this: if you rely on the Rebirth Club, then do we need you to complete these tasks? Young people, do it well, don’t always think about taking shortcuts. ”

Hehe… Can this person succeed without taking shortcuts?

[translator’s note: This is what Luo Liyan is thinking.]

Luo Liyan is very helpless, “Well, you are a grandfather, you have the final say. But are you not going to add some additional attributes to me?”

[translator’s note: having seniority means having the decision making powers so by calling 666 a grandfather, Luo Liyan is acknowledging that 666 is superior over her.]

“Additional attributes are available, but given your level is too low, they are not available yet. So, work hard! ”

Listening to the insincere sound, Luo Liyan is like a deflated ball.

The original owner of her body has the same name as herself, but unfortunately her brain is not so good. The original owner even likes a scum man who has an empty appearance and loves rhetoric.

Who knew that just after graduation, the scum man hooked up the daughter of the general manager and gave herself a slap.

[translator’s note: not a literal slap, but a mental slap by embarrassing the original owner.]

Fortunately, the original owner of this body has always held onto her money and did not hand over her money to the scum man, rather she successfully scored a considerable amount after the breakup.

Otherwise, she would call him inhumane.

But when all said and done, the two people talked about love for so long, to say that this is not sad is not realistic.

Therefore, it was a night to go to the bar alone to drink.

And the man who was her first task just happened to conduct business in VIP section of the bar today.

Forget it, if she is going to die, then she will just die now!

Luo Liyan took a breath and took a kitten step towards the elevator hidden in the corner.

“Sorry, all the decks upstairs have been reserved, you can’t go up.” Two sturdy big men reached out and stopped Luo Liyan that twisted herself into a water snake.

[translator’s note: Thanks to @Sakura Natsume for the explanation: Luo Liyan twisting herself into a water snake is in reference to her swaying drunkenly like a snake.]

“This is a bar. What is fun is there to be. It’s better for two to let me go drink wine together.” Luo Liyan shook her glass, her voice like an ostrich singing a melodious song seductively.

[Translator’s note: The Chinese portion of the latter half of the sentence is 如黄鹂鸟般清脆动听的声音九曲十八弯的缠绕着,很是诱人。I couldn’t exactly translate this word for word, but you get the general meaning.]

But the two people are like Liu Xiahui, very fiercely said, “If you don’t leave, don’t blame us for throwing you out.”

[Translator’s note: Thanks to @Sakura Natsume for the explanation: Liu Xiahui was an ancient Chinese politician who was said to have been so chaste and free of lust that he could hold an unconscious woman throughout a night and not do anything to her. So, the bodyguards were so free of lust that they were not seduced by Luo Liyan.]

Luo Liyan teeth bit her lower lip, her breath unsteady.

At night, they are even wearing sunglasses at the bar. They are not pretending, they are sincere!

She look so beautiful yet she is chased away like a fly.

What cow is cattle!

Hatefully looking at the two people, Luo Liuyan was still unwilling to walk away.

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