Road of the King – Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Transported to another world, Higurashi Ryun!

Three months later.

In Liu Yun’s laboratory, a big explosion happened.

It is said that this is a nuclear weapon test, which was comparable to the most powerful hydrogen bomb known. The heads of all countries also acknowledged this statement.

However, the real content has long been masked.

[Different Dimension Research Projects] was kept secret from public.

Few people know that in this remote generation, a great scientist who was once a great man was born. He once carried out a different dimension exploration program…

A young scientist, code-named “Flowing Cloud,” is drowned in the long river of history…


A dark space.

No, “space” was no longer suitable to describe this.

This was an extremely distorted dimension, the laws here were beyond description, and human thinking can no longer be depicted. Time existed here, but it was only a small factor that constitutes the elements of the universe.

The dimensions are distorted, changing, time and space here had almost no meaning.

It is absolutely impossible to explain what is being explained by today’s technology.

Various beating particles, matter, antimatter, photon, black hole, distorted dimensional space, through all the dimensional rays, flatten all dimensional surfaces…

This is the “zone” where creatures should not exist…

This was the depths of the universe, the gap between the dimensions…

Among the cracks, a distorted figure was changing and struggling.

The pain of almost collapsed was extremely painful, but the arrogant laughter was not stopped.

That was Liu Yun!

He never imagined that at the last moment, he was successful!

He caught the trace of a dimension!

“It’s successful! I’m success! At the last minute, I have succeeded! Is this the high latitude of the dimensional space that transcends common sense? It’s amazing, it’s amazing! I finally proved it’s there!”

Liu Yun excitedly screamed!

No one could understand the joy of the current him!

For more than a decade, he has been considered a madman by others, but he has not given up for a moment, and has been exploring this unknown world.

The various questions and guesses that have endured for more than a decade are difficult for ordinary people to understand!

Now, I have finally proved my own right!

The anime world is there!

Everything is there!

My Sharingan must be inextricably linked with the world of different dimensions! That horrible and bloody night, the memory that I have forgotten, I’ll get it back!

However, his joy only lasted for a short time, as he was troubled by a new problem…

He was transmigrated.

He proved that the existence of the different dimension, captured a new world, is undoubtedly successful … but the result of being transmigrated, Liu Yun did not expect!

Being transmigrated to another worth! This was the dream of many people, but Liu Yun was just a scientist who have no strength. His task was to do research. He never thought about personally crossing! Did every transmigrated ones have a cheat? Even in the worst case, it must prepared some high-tech weapons in advance!

This time is too sudden! I’m just a human being! In the messy world, how can I survive?

“If it’s the world of ordinary school life anime, at least I can continue my research, develop my Sharingan… But if I go to the world of Dragon Ball, where everyone can blow up a planet … I can only wait to die!”

“…God bless me…Sharingan, you must also bless me…”

Endless darkness swept through.

Liu Yun felt a tingling in the eyes, and the bones seemed to be distorted by the dimension.

The body is constantly distorted, distorted, and the consciousness gradually dissipates.

In this zone, time was also one of the dimensions. He actually traveled on the axis of “time” and was restored to his young.

In the end he has become a baby!

Thoroughly reborn!

When he did not feel his own existence and the consciousness is completely dispersed, finally, it has landed in a new world…


“Mom, Mom, look, look, there is a child there. Mom -“

In the mist, Liu Yun heard such a voice.

A young girl, dressed as a little angel, ran to the location of the stream. A pair of watery eyes are stunned, pure as stars.

Bending down, pinching on his face, then giggling and sipping a silver bell-like laugh…

“Mom, this younger brother is so poor, it must be that his father and mother don’t want him. Mother, we can keep him, can’t we?”

The little girl looked at her mother with bright eyes and asked.

“Kagome, you want a younger brother?”

The mother touched the head of Kagome and asked.

This is a very ordinary mother who has the same kind of maternal kindness and gentleness.

“Yes! I do!”

“Kagome, you must think clearly, as a sister, you must protect your brother well. This is the promise of a lifetime. Can Kagome do it?” The mother smiled and asked again.

“Yes, I can!”

“Kagome is sincere.”

The mother smiled and bent down and picked up Liu Yun from the ground. At that moment, she saw the baby’s eyes slightly opened, slowly rotating…

The bloody bottom case, unknown, bloody, weird, that is, does not belong to the eyes of normal people…

She felt like the atmosphere suddenly became cold.

After hesitating for a while, Kagome’s mother’s eyes became softer and she thought that this child must have been abandoned by her parents because of this unknown eye…

It’s a poor child… God, wish you bless the child’s life…

She prayed in the heart, then pulled up the small hand of Kagome and the mother walked toward the Higurashi shrine.

And Kagome, after getting the mother’s reply, suddenly smiled, staring at the little boy and kept talking, screaming, like a cheerful bird. Her bright smile was warmer than the sunlight.

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