Road of the King – Prologue

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“2D exists! Anime world exists! ”


A fist fiercely hit the cast-iron table, making a screaming, deafening sound.

A teenager was red-faced, and the blue veins on his head were exposed, showing that his anger was extremely strong.

For a time, the entire hall was silent.

Only this teenager, who looks like a 19-year-old, issued a low breathing sound.

His chest was still undulating, his fists were still clenching, and he had a pair of undeniable, persistent and crazy eyes!

The teenager breathed and snorted.

Facing with the characters in the distance, there is no fear in his eyes, and even the anger was unmasked.

President of United States.

President of Russia.

Chairman of the Republic of China.

Prime Minister of England…


Every character who was at the top of the world gathered here. Each of them had enough power to shock the world. Even people with the wildest fantasy would not think that the heads of the world’s strongest countries will actually be secretly gathered in such a place.

However, Liu Yun did not have a trace of fear, the fists clenched and loosened, and stared at these famous great men, didn’t back a step.

He still has not given up his beliefs.

After a long time, his breathing became gentle again, and then he continued to speak:

“2D world… it is there, it exists. Give me time, I need time. As long as there is enough time, I will prove it to you that I am right, I am not wrong.”

“Inuyasha, Naruto, Bleach, Date A Live, Dragon Ball, even Black Bible, Night Shift Nurses… every our familiar anime, every character we are familiar with, they are all real!”

The tone of Liu Yun is very serious. If you don’t listen to what he said, just look at the expression, you would definitely think that he is a rigorous and great researcher.

But after listening to what he said, everyone would think that he is a madman.

There was a person actually think that the 2D animation is… exist? Sure enough, did that stay in the lab for too long and become silly? Or was a scientist at the top of the world actually a nerd?

The President of the United States frowned, he could not understand. Whrn he just prepared to speak, he was interrupted by Liu Yun:

“No, not just anime. Movies, novels, TV series, everything, everything exists, really exists. We can’t observe, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist… Did the ancients ever think that human can travel into space? Now, we can’t measure everything subjectively with our own eyes!”

“2D world is there, it is a real existence, you have to believe me. I have used my most advanced instrument to determine a dimension. Just one thing more, just one dimensional coordinate! Then I can access those dreamy worlds!”

“Anime world… it is there…so…” Liu Yun took a deep breath, and the eyes were as crazy and persistent as ever.

“Give me another trillion RMB of research funding, as long as one trillion. This time, I will succeed this time! I will prove it to you, I am right! I will find it out!!”

The silence in the hall lasted for a long time.

In the end, everyone’s eyes were concentrated on the Chairman of Chinese.

Liu Yun was a Chinese man, so in the end, everyone still looked at the position of the Chairman of the Republic of China. As famous politicians, passing the ball of responsibility was a basic skill. This difficult madman is still handed over to the Chinese people themselves.

The Chairman has been indulging for a long time, then opened his mouth:

“Liu Yun, you have to know that for humanity, you are right or wrong, it means nothing. What we need is the result.”


“No but. This is the last time. If you fail again, [Different Dimension Research Projects] will be canceled.”

The voice of the Chairman of the Republic of China fell, and all leaders of other countries also nodded.

Stop it!

Let this madman stop the ridiculous plan!

The heads of the major powers passed unanimously. This is the last time.

The Chairman of the Chinese was also very helpless.

The exploration of different dimensions, who did not expect it? Who was not eager about it?

However, the research funding was really a bottomless pit. If there was no result, the funds of various countries couldn’t be sustained. Continue to consume, for humans, it was tantamount to a big disaster…

“I will prove it to you!!!!!!!”

“You will regret for your own shallowness! 2D worlds exist!! It exists!!!!”

Liu Yun roared and slammed the door!

In the extreme raging, he didn’t cae about the faces of all the people at all. The door was slamed up, and the heads of the public, and their various agents, looked at each other.


“This person is a madman! !”

The madness of this scientist, no matter how many times it is seen, was so shocking.

2D world…

Anime world…

Whether it exists or not was no longer important. Everyone was glad that this madman’s plan is finally over, and normal people didn’t know how much property they have saved…


Even scientists have even been rumored that Liu Yun are crazy…

Because of his craziness, he could believe in things like 2D world.

Because the average scientist did not think about it at all.

Even they thought about it, they wouldn’t be obsessed with it like him.

Liu Yun, may be he was really crazy.

A legendary young scientist who has the opportunity to compete with Einstein and even surpass has become crazy…

What a pity.

However, only Liu Yun knew that he was not crazy.

Going out of the hall, Liu Yun rushed to his own dedicated laboratory. “Time is life”, and Liu Yuns didn’t want to waste any second. For the exploration of different dimensions, Liu Yun has never given up for more than a decade.

Liu Yun was not crazy.

Liu Yuns was very clear.

The world of 2D was really there. The anime characters are there, and everything was real. Liu Yun believed in this, more than believe in anything else.

Absolutely there is!

Because he himself was the most powerful evidence!

It lied in his own eyes!

This pair of eyes has always been the secret which was hidden in the deepest of his heart!


Liu Yun blinked.

In the pupil of his left eye, the bottom was changed into the bloody color, and a hook jade slowly rotated, giving off a strange appeal.

Bloody, horrible, unknown.

Something that should only exist in 2D world, actually appeared on a real person…

What is it all about?

Where is the source of everything?

In what way does the world of different dimensions exist?

Liu Yun wanted to find out everything and understand everything. What happened in that bloody night, what he has forgot…

Into the lab, Liu Yun began to work as always.

The mass energy converter braved the smoke and appeared some trouble.

Liu Yun didn’t see that, he still immersed in crazy and persistent research, calculating a dimensional coordinate, capturing the world of different dimensions…

“Anime world…is there…”

“What happened that night? My eyes, why do they exist… I will find out everything, I will prove everything…”

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