Quick Transmigration: The Villain is delicate and soft – Chapter 001

Counterattack of the short and fat comedian: Chapter 1


The 46th Jinwu Film Festival Awards Ceremony.

Nan Fei Yu is gently pushed in the arm and she turned to face a handsome man.

There is a smile on his face but the dark eyes reflects icy glint and there is no kindness in his voice.

“Go  up and receive the award.” He smiles and laughs.

In Nan Fei Yu’s opinion, he is a little scary.

She push the surging imagination, and the body seems to have some instinct toward the camera. Her face is full of smile. Clutching her dress, she walks toward the star-studded stage.


She receives the trophy of “Best Actress” from the host and calmly gives a speech. Afterward, she walks back to the seat under the guidance of the host. She don’t know how many people she has hugged and congratulated by.

After Nan Fei Yu sits down again, the place is quiet again and the stars on the stage begin to sing.

She clearly notices the man next to her clenching his fist and the blue vein popping. It seems that he is angry.

She squeezed the trophy in her hand and her heart cried, 【Jiujiu?Where】

【I am here. Hehe】 There is a mechanical voice in her ear but obviously only she can hear it.                

After hearing the response, she finally settles down but her mind is still messy.

Not long ago, she passed away in a car accident and unwittingly bound to this “villain system” where she will cross to different mission world as a villain.

She will receive the body and memory of the villain, replacing the original host and complete specific tasks.

Her mission is not simple. The memory of each villain is gloomy and twisted and it is full of hostility. However, she was not affected by it. After she finished the plot, she will finally changes the original sorrow and find happiness in the reminder life.

099 tells her that as long as she completes a certain number of tasks and earns enough points, she can reshape her body and continue to live in the real world.

Changing the villain’s fate is great. However, what is the other half? She still has to find man for the original host?

Although Nan Fei Yu secretly complained in her heart, she still resignedly accepted it.

This is her first mission world and it is a bit complicated for her.

The villain of this world is called Lee Qian Qian. Her appearance is obese but is a very famous comedian. However, she has many black powders.

The man sitting next to her is Shen Yuewen, a movie actor in the entertainment industry.

Lee Qian Qian has always liked Shen Yuewen. Not long ago, she accidentally discover that Shen Yuewen and the newcomer, Jiang Xinru is in a relationship. So, she was irritated and wanted to make Jiang Xinru’s life difficult. In a lucky coincidence, she and Jiang Xinru’s souls were exchanged. After Shen Yuewen knew about it, he has been looking for an opportunity to get the two to change back but Lee Qian Qian would not cooperate.

Now that Shen Yuewen knows that the soul in Jiang Xinru’s body has been replaced by Lee Qian Qian, he can’t stand watching her goes up to receive the trophy and take away the joyful event that Jiang Xinru should have been enjoying.

According to the plot provided by 099, after the end of the award ceremony, Shen Yuewen patience has also reaches the limit. He will take drastic action by imprisoning her until he finds a way to exchange souls.

However, Nan Fei Yu has already replaces the soul of Lee Qian Qian and entered the body of Jiang Xinru. She will never going to let this happen.

Nan Fei Yu nervously grips the trophy and her palms is oozing with sweat.

She has lived in the real world for 20 years. In the eyes of her family and friends, she has always been a good girl. Now that she has become a villain. She really has no clue at all.

However, the system does not seem to stipulate that it cannot be ooc.

Since it is necessary to change the fate of the villains, the character of course cannot be as gloomy and paranoid like the previous Lord…

At that moment, 099 seems to feel her nervousness and he reminded her 【You don’t have to be so nervous. This is your first world. If you fail, you will have another chance to try】

Hearing this, Nan Fei Yu feels slightly relieved.

After the award ceremony, Nan Fei Yu excuses herself to go to the bathroom thinking about how to escape the fate of being under house arrest.

Because she was distracted, she didn’t notice the incoming person from the corner and directly hit him.

However, just as she was about to collide with the other person , the shadow in front of her flash and the man who had just blocked her at that moment immediately moved to the side.

She is still able to stand firmly.

She thought she is hallucinating and turns to stare at the tall figure.

A handsome face falls in her line of sight. It’s just that his eyes are too cold and staring at it is like staring at something dead. There is no expression in the handsome face.

…handsome is handsome but too scary.

The cold man just glance at her and then walked away.

Nan Fei Yu looks at his back for a while. Rubbing the bridge of her nose, she continues to walk towards the bathroom.

【Fei Fei, in some cases, it is detected that your heartbeat has begun to accelerate】 099 suddenly came out.

【Scary] Nan Fei Yu’s eye flashes, and curiously asked 【Who is that person?】

His looks imposing manner but it seems that this person is not mentioned in the plot.

【The president of Lecho Entertainment, Wen Qian Yuan. Fei Fei, do you like him? Do you want to chase and play?】

Nan Fei Yu shook her head, she can’t catch up.

【Hey, don’t hesitate. After you bind with this system, you have a delicate and soft attributes. No man can resist your charm.】 099 continues awkwardly but Nan Fei Yu refuses.

Her small animal intuition is still very reliable. She thinks that the man is too dangerous.

【Why is it delicate and soft?】 she is curious.

The sound of 099 is sheepish, 【because you are a woman. If you are a man, you should be..keke, is big and hard】


Nan Fei Yu, “…” It seems that 099 is not a serious system.

She did not take a few steps where there is a rush of footsteps behind her.

“Lee Qian Qian.” Shen Yuewen’s cold voice passes into her ears.

She looked back at him and her eyes twitched.

Shen Yuewen walks toward her, lowering his voice and warns “Have you forgotten my warning? Don’t use Xinru’s body to hook up with other people.”

Nan Fei Yu stuns, biting her lips and somewhat dissatisfied. “Which eye do you see me hooking up with people?”

Shen Yuewen glares at her bulging cheek and his eyes flashes coldly. Xinru will never has such expression.

But strangely, there is no sense of violation.

He frowned, abruptly grabbing her hand and walks into another hallway, directly leaving.

Not long after, Shen Yuewen stuffs Nan Fei Yu into the back seat of a car and then sits in the driver’s seat.

There is a third person in the car who is sitting on the co-drive, and very huge.

Nan Fei Yu looks at her former self, cannot help but gulp. Mother! It is the original body, now containing Jian Xinru’s soul.

However, the original Lord did not like to clean up so she looked filthy and dirty. When Jiang Xinru took over her body, she manages it well. Even if still fat but she gives people a refreshing feeling.

Sure enough, a person’s soul determines the temperament that the body exudes.

Jiang Xinru holds Shen Yuewen’s hand and calming him down. Then she turns to look at Nan Fei Yu and coldly asks,“Lee Qian Qian, how can you agree to change back the body?”

Her voice is hoarse, it looks very strange inside the car.

Nan Fei Yu looks at the hands of the two people, and her heart is a little surprise. Shen Yuewen really loves Jiang Xinru. Even if she is so ugly now, he still has no doubt.

She blinked and then softly asks, “How to change?”

Jiang Xinru stared at her and frowns, what with her reaction?

With her body, making such expression, the voice is so soft and delicate, really disgusting…

“Lee Qian Qian, what kind of trick do you want to play? Shen Yuewen’s eyes is full of vigilance and doubt.

Nan Fei Yu tries to make herself look even more harmless. “What trick can I play? Don’t you say you want to change back?”

Shen Yuewen thinks for a moment, then he says, “The method is still hasn’t been found, but in order to avoid any accidents, I think the two of you have to live together.”

Nan Fei Yu immediately nodded,“En, then live together.”

Just don’t put her under house arrest.

Although both Shen Yuewen and Jiang Xinru did not say anything, but obviously both eyes heavily guarded.

At that moment, Nan Fei Yu secretly asked 099 【Jiujiu, can you let us change back to the body immediately?】

In the plot, the original host and Jiang Xinru change back to original body after half a year. This was a waste of time. She wanted to get out as soon as possible.

【Yes, but there is an additional task.】 Reply 099.

【What mission?】

【Ding! Release additional tasks: Get a pair of underwear from the president of Lecho Entertainment.】

“Cough!Cough!…” Nan Fei Yu shocks for a while, 【Jiujiu, I think you are crazy.】

Previously, she had to chase him because her heart rate wast too high, now she have to steal underwear?

【 also want to help you complete the task of making a man as soon as possible, keke.】099 is proud, [Of course, you can reject.】

Nan Fei Yu hesitatingly looked at the two people in front and asks, 【If I didn’t steal the underwear?】

【Deduct points.】

【…well, I promised.】 Anyway, now she is desperate, not afraid of anything.

Once she promised, she suddenly heard the scream of Jiang Xinru from the front seat. Then she felt the car violently shaken. Her whole body is surging forward. Her forehead hit the leather chair in front of her.

In the next moment, her consciousness fell into chaos…

Ying ying ying, 099 really is not reliable.

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