Quick Transmigration: The Villain is delicate and soft – Chapter 002

Counterattack of the short and fat comedian: Chapter 2


Don’t know how long it has been when Nan Fei Yu felt a rude push.

She opened her eye with difficulty, only to find herself sitting in the passenger seat.

The forehead was a little bit painful. She reached out and pressed it. It was swollen but did not bleed.

She then looked down and found that her body is fat, and the fat on her body is squeezed by the safety belt, which is somewhat looks weird.

But what is certain is that she has returned to Lee Qian Qian’s body.

Great, she is a little excited.

At this time, the other two people in the car who were excitedly hugging, looked at her.


“Lee Qian Qian, you can get lost.” Shen Yuewen said coldly and his face is full of ridicules.

Nan Fei Yu glanced at him, snorted, then unfastens the seat belt and moves the huge body out of the car.

In the car, the two people were stunned with her brisk movements.

Once Nan Fei Yu leave the car, the aloof goddess Jiang Xinru looked down at her long-lost body, tears streaming, “Yuewen…”

As soon as Shen Yuewen turned around, she rushed into his arms, emotional outburst and cried aloud. “I thought I will be like that all my life…”

“Isn’t it okay now? It’s okay, Xinru…” Shen Yuewen comfortingly whispered.

Outside the car, Nan Fei Yu looked back at the overlapping figures in the car and sighed. She really didn’t expect to change the body back so smoothly.

However, the original host’s body is so heavy and bulky, she really not used to it.

After a few steps, she already tired.

Half an hour later, Nan Fei Yu returned to the apartment where she lived according to the original host’s memory.

In the bathroom, Nan Fei Yu looked at the fat woman in the mirror and she wanted to die.

“Jiujiu, I am so ugly…” She rubbed the fat on her face and opened her mouth. “The voice is also terrible to listen.”

[Fei Fei, never mind, I am here] 099 comforting at the right time.

Nan Fei Yu pinched the flesh on her waist, still frowning. The original host was only 1.6m but this body weight is more than 200 pounds…

At  that moment, her mobile phone rang, and the display showed “Vampire”…

Nan Fei Yu stunned for a moment, once it was connected, there was an angry voice.

“Lee Qian Qian, where have you died? Do you know how many calls I have made to you?”

The remark is from “Vampire”, a bitter woman, the original host’s agent, Lee- jie.

The original host was originally known because of a talent show. Although she was fat at the time, but her voice was very soothing.

Because of her face value, she regretfully finished on the top ten of the shows. However, majority of citizens were shocked by her voice, so her popularity was still high so she managed to smoothly sign with Entertainment Company.

Only she did not expect that she did not record songs as much as she wanted or holding concert and even having more fans. The company always gave the best resources to more famous people, so she only occasionally attended performances, small shows. As she can sing and talk, gradually, she becomes a comedian who can sing

The original host has accepted her fate. When she meets the audience, she occasionally had the opportunity to sing so she was still satisfied.

However, two years ago, her throat was ruined for no reason. She can’t sing anymore and since then she has become a real comedian relying on funny movements and hoarse voice to create small variety shows.

Her company used her ruined throat to promote her. The netizens have been sympathetic to her at first. Now, almost everyone is tired of her.

Nan Fei Yu went over in her mind the original host experience. She asked, “Is the contract with the company expiring soon?”

Lee-jie voice almost blown up from the mobile phone, “It is because it is about to expire that you have to behave properly! Otherwise, do you think the company will renew?”

Nan Fei Yu was stunned and her ears were about to go deaf. She whispered back to the phone, “I won’t renew.”

Then she reached out and poked the screen and decisively hung up the phone.

She went out of the bathroom and lay down on the sofa before logging in to the original host’s Weibo, a bit concerned with the dynamics on Weibo.

There has been a rumour between Shen Yuewen and Jiang Xinru and there is a lot of CP powder. Although the two have not yet admitted the relationship, the netizens’ eyes are bright. The two people have raked up a lot of intimate photos.

However, during this time, Jiang Xinru using Lee Qian Qian’s body has met with Shen Yuewen several times in private and was already photographed by the paparazzi.

According to information provided by 099, Shen Yuewen’s “Love Triangle” will be exposed this evening.

Sure enough, her name was also on the hot search.





The original host has debuted for so long, afraid this is the first time it is this hot.

According to the plot, the three would not respond to the scandal. After the heat cooled down, it will disappear.

Nan Fei Yu certainly did not intend to respond but she did not expect that Shen Yuewen actually updated his Weibo.

ShenYuewen : All of you pay attention to my love triangle and my concern is the heart of the trophy. Love you @JiangXinru, you finally did it.

The picture is a photo of Jiang Xinru holding the trophy and smiling. The background is in a bedroom.

The meaning of his Weibo is to admit the love relationship with Jiang Xinru!

Nan Fei Yu is excited, wow, the male and female lead have declare the love and the plot has taken another big step forward.

However, Lee Qian Qian  was miserably scolded by netizens.

[Fei Fei, don’t forget Wen Qian Yuan’s underwear…] 099 suddenly reminded her.

Nan Fei Yu mouth twitch and her heart sorrowed.

To steal underwear, but her dignity…

Thinking about it. Nan Fei Yu heard the door seem to be some movement. She went out to see a young, handsome man come in.

Nan Fei Yu stared at him and blinked, she just remembered something.

This was the original host boyfriend who she secretly contacted called Luo Ying. He is a model. He and Shen Yuewen is a bit similar. The original host usually gives not small amount of playing money.

Unfortunately, not long ago she saw him with a woman named Honey rolling in the sheets. Although the original host did not love him, she felt that she was deceived so she stopped paying him.

Thus, Luo Ying came to asked for money.

“Hey, why don’t you pick up my call?” Lou Ying walked up to her and scowled.

“Didn’t we broke up?” Nan Fei Yu calmly said, turned and sat down on the sofa. Because of her weight, the sofa was overwhelmed and gave a squeak.

Luo Ying’s eyes flashed with disgust but wearing a smiles, followed her. “Qian Qian, you listen to me. Honey and I are really a misunderstanding. It is her who pester me.”

Nan Fei Yu glanced at him. “When she pester you, you go to bed?”

Luo Ying face slightly change. What the hell is with this woman? He thought she would lose her temper and quarrel with him but he did not expect her to be so calm. And unlike before, relented to him.

He still didn’t give up and softly said, “Qian Qian, I said that it was a misunderstanding. Besides, I haven’t asked about what is going on with you ans Shen Yuewen?”

Nan Fei Yu has never encounter a scum man before so there is no meaning in her heart. But at this moment, she was sicks and goose bumps all over her.

Holding her check, she glanced Luo Ying up and down, disgusted. “I can’t control what happened to him. Anyway, you can leave now.”

Luo Ying has a strong self-esteem. At this time, her eyes and words are full of disdain. How can he bear it? Moreover, she is obviously ugly but to make a move on such girls, it is also disgusting to him.

He spit a mouthful,it is also full of ridicule. “Lee Qian Qian, you look like a pig. If it wasn’t for me, you thought you would have a boyfriend? You are ridiculous,”

Nan Fei Yu mouth twitched, “Oh.”

Luo Ying seeing her reaction, hold a mouthful of anger. He gave a kick to the coffee table and left.

Nan Fei Yu struggle to stand up and ran to change the password.


The next day, Nan Fei Yu wake up naturally, and received a call from Lee-jie when she boot up her phone.

“Lee Qian Qian, the company has decided not to renew the contract. The things on Weibo will not be handled for you anymore. We wish the best for you.”

Then, Lee-jie hung up the phone.

Nan Fei Yu was not surprised at the fact that they did not renew her contract. In any case, Jiang Xinru and the original host change bodies and during the period, they are all supported by Shen Yuewen and waited until the switched back the bodies.

Nan Fei Yu rubbed her eyes, returned back after hearing 099 voice.


[Fei Fei, you are on fire again. You are on Weibo]

She opened Weibo and saw that she was still on Hot Search but the Hot Search has changed



Nan Fei Yu click the first hot search and found that it was the ghost of Luo Ying.

Late last night, Luo Ying who had no fame suddenly upload a photo of him and Honey, saying that Lee Qian Qian had harassed him many times and tried to hurt his honey and intertwined his feelings.

The sharp-eyed netizens quickly discovered that Luo Ying and Shen Yuewen are similar in certain angle, thus guessing that Lee  Qian Qian also like him and once again involved in others’ relationship.

Nan Fei Yu looked at the netizens insulting her ugly, and grumbled that the villain must have strong mental capacity.

After a while, she sent a Weibo.

LeeQianQian ✔: I have a white-eyed wolf, @LuoYing, I’m giving up on you.

She sent a few screenshots of the transfer and all the payees were Luo Ying.

The original host was willing to keep Luo Ying for two years, it is really…stupid.

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