Road of the King – Chapter 2

The story is a bit slow at the start.

Chapter 2: Human is inferior to Demon

Many years have passed.

When he came to this world, Liu Yun was still a baby… now he already was a primary school student.

He was currently studying in a primary school in Tokyo. He was known as a genius in the level “once per a century”, was personally interviewed by the mayor of Tokyo and won a scholarship for several years. Life was food…

However, Liu Yun himself didn’t think so.

He had more things to do.

Over the years, through a series of investigations, Liu Yun finally figured out the true face of the world.

Here was the world of Inuyasha! An anime world he’s very familiar with.

In order to study the different dimensions in the past life, Liu Yun has carefully browsed almost all the animes. It can be said that there was no famous anime he hasn’t watched!

“Inu Yasha” was a world where demons and humans coexist.

A world that cannot be explained by ordinary scientific theories.

What made Liu Yun even more surprising is that the family who adopted him was actually the “”Higurashi”, where the female main protagonist Kagome came from!

The full name of Liu Yun now was “Higurashi Ryun”.

As a scientist, the past life he has only one code name. Now, he finally has his own name.

Kagome was a veritable sister.

Probably because of the butterfly effect, things changed. In the original anime, Kagome had a younger brother named Higurashi Sota. With the arrival of Liu Yun, Higurashi Sota has never been born, and now only Higurashi Ryun existed.

The sun was gradually set.

The Higurashi Shrine is bathed in a warm yellow hue, accompanied by the sound of the wind.

On the open space in the shrine, Liu Yun is holding a wooden sword, waving it again and again, every time he was serious and will not slack off.

The first slash, the second slash, the third slash…

Ten slashes, ninety slashes, one hundred slashes…

From the initial one, to the current hundreds of slashes, each movement is exactly the same as the previous one. There was no change in the route, even the slightest. The accuracy was shocking!

Because of the sweat, a large piece of his clothes of the cloud have already wet.

However, he still has no pause, repeating the most simple movements again and again. His breathing is getting worse, but Liu Yun are still sticking.

Every time I slash, he gradually adjusted its subtle movements. He did not practiced indiscriminately, but planned exercises.

The most blunt action, practice more times.

The most lethal action, it was necessary to practice the best.

Keep on!

Keep on!

Persistence is victory!

Three hundred slashes! Four hundred slashes! Five hundred slashes! ……

Eight hundred slashes! Nine hundred slashes! A thousand slashes! ……

The blue veins on his arms gradually rise, but he still continued. The right arm has already trembled, and the numbness seems to be not his own. The sweat on his forehead is left behind, and the eyes are already invisible. Breathing is getting heavier and heavier, and the heavens and the earth are staggering, almost to be reversed.

But the stream is still slashing.

Keep on!

Keep on!

Turn each action into your most subconscious instinct! Comprehend only be achieved throught the peerless slash! Easy way? No exist!

Only the hardest training, day after day, is the only way to reach the peak!

Hard training is the fastest shortcut!



Liu Yun’s breath getting more and more chaotic, the arm trembles. He pauseed for a few seconds, adjusted the breath, and then accurately and equally, continue to slash…

1.230 slashes, 1.231 slashes, 1.322 slashes…

Simplest action with the ultimate accurate…

This kind of thing has been done for a whole year.

From the age of 4, it was determined that heavy-duty movements would not leave damage to themselves, he began a tough training. Little by little, he gradually added the exercise load.

As a scientist, Liu Yun knows how to practice the most reasonable.

He how to practice, so as not to leave muscle damage, how to get the most out of efficiency, and so on…

Years of hard work, day after day, it resulted in that if the current Liu Yun fought with an adult, he easily defeated him! If he had a blade, he could kill with one slash!

“It’s a pity… It’s a pity that this is a monster world!… Drink!!”

Hey! ! !

The wooden slash suddenly left his hand and fell to the ground, like a piece of iron.

A large piece of dust splashed, and the ground made a thick vibration. Obviously the wooden slash was extremely heavy.

Then Liu Yun felt the strength of the whole body was exhausted, the five fingers can not catch the sword. He sat on the ground, sweating, gasping…

The clothes were thoroughly drenched.

The body was completely paralyzed.

However, the feeling of being full of fatigue makes Liu Yun incomparably fond of it.

This is the opposite of scientific research, the satisfaction of the body, the feeling that the past life has never tasted, the refreshing and smoothness of life.

“Unfortunately, after all, it is the body of human beings. If it is a monster, how good it is… the little monsters of the noble bloodline do not need to cultivate. As they grow older, they will become stronger and stronger. That is Their instinct is like the growth of a person’s body… the monster that has been exercised is even more incredible…”

“And the blood of the extremely noble monster blood, once the blood of the monster in the body wakes up, it is the geometric multiplier increase. For example, the dog family, the generation is a very strong monster, envy of me…”

“Human is inferior to demon!”

Liu Yun sighed for a long time, and the clouds were quite dissatisfied with their own human body.

Human is inferior to demon!

This is a fact!

Small arms and calves, a little bit too much to live off, although physical strength, through their own scientific precision, years of nursed back to health and exercise, is already comparable to the average adult, but compared with the monster… still too far!

Even the first one in the original anime, a little demon, could crush a large group of villagers! That was the ancient war, when the strength of people was a lot bigger than the modern people! But this Mistress Centipede still be able to crush hundreds of people!

It’s just a sly monster!

The innate advantage of the demons was too strong!

Even with a hundred times of effort, human beings could hardly catch up!

However, the status quo has already been the case, and it is useless to complain about it. Using all resources, cherishing every minute of every minute and accelerating the growth of strength is what should be considered at this time.

“A minute off, then come back to train.”

Liu Yun said to himself, and the minutes of rest still weren’t wasted. From the side, he took out several books such as “The Foundations of Five Elements”, “Introduction to Yin and Yang”, “The Theory of Making Shikigami”, and studied it carefully…

Under the cool shadow of a tree, the physical strength of Liu Yun recovered extremely quickly…

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