DOTA Madness Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Miss The First Blood

When the Demon Witch controlled by Zhao Dingguo went down to the high ground, there was only less than ten seconds left before the game started.

With the looming cocking, the time in the game entered the day. At this time, the vision that the hero can see would be improved, and it may affect the skills of certain heroes.


The horn of the Scourge blew, and a group of Ghoul soldiers and two ranged creeps emerged from the barracks in the high ground, neatly rushed towards the Sentinel. Zhao Dingguo’s Lion was also close behind, and the hero went along with him was Silencer.

Both heroes were capable of long-range attacks. therefore if they fought with the other side on the line, they should be more dominant.

By the way, I haven’t noticed what heroes are used by the opposite side!

Thinking of this, he made a command in the chat bar, checked the hero of the opponent.

The Scourge had four melee heroes. The only long-range hero was the Queen of Pain, who usually chose to go to the middle lane. Not surprisingly, he faced two melee heroes on his line. Sure enough, when the soldiers of the two legions met at the first defensive tower, Zhao Dingguo saw two enemy heroes against him at the bottom lane: Leoric and Rigwarl.

Leoric the Skeleton King was a very sharp hero in the later period, as his ultimate was Reincarnation. He could resurrect after being killed in battle with full HP and MP, effectively had one more life than other heroes.


It was also for this reason that the Sentinel let Leoric come to the bottom lane. Because the initial engagement position of the road is very close to the defensive tower of the Sentinel side, and also close to their jungle area, it was the advantage lane of Sentinel. In this lane, whether it was timely support when attacked, or take the time to kill a few jungle creeps, it would be very convenient.

In contrast, this lane was the disadvantage lane for the Scourge.

The initial place of engagement was far from the first defensive tower on the outskirts of Scourge, and it was also easier for people to sneak out from behind! However, Zhao Dingguo’s Lion and his teammate’s Silencer were long-range heroes, which could suppress the melee-like heroes far away, thus largely compensated for their disadvantages.

As for Rigwarl the Bristleback, there was no strong output skill. The only characteristic was that he was tough, and it was very resistant to the attack from behind!

It’s not easy to kill him. But if they’re careful, it’s also very difficult to be killed by him!

With the clashing sound, the Ghouls of the Scourge and the Treant of the Sentinel have officially fought. Zhao Dingguo controlled the hero, hiding behind his own troops from time to time to attack the other side soldiers. Once the opponent’s hero has made a mistake, or if he wanted to go forward to last hit, he would harass the opponent. Although one or two hit was nothing, the damage could be accumulated, and Leoric couldn’t stand it.

He used Tango to eat a tree and recovered his HP.

Ancient Tango of Essifation: Consumes a target tree to recover 115 HP for 3 seconds. Can be used three times.

The price of this good cost-effective supply was only 90 gold coins, although it seemed that the recovery was very slow, but it would not be interrupted. Moreover, Leoric also learned the skill Vampiric Aura at this time. With the cooperation of the two, the HP of Leoric gradually recovered.

“Hey, you should also attack the hero of the other side, don’t just focus on creeps!”

Seeing the teammates Silencer only focus on last hit, Zhao Dingguo could not help but scream.

In other words, it’s good to have a voice chat that’s automatically turned on. Zhao Dingguo has saved the effort of typing and could speak directly. At his command, the Silencer also took his attention back from the rhythm of collecting money and began to help Zhao Dingguo suppress the other hero!

Because knowing that it’s hard to beat Rigwarl, therefore, Zhao Dingguo did not care about him, first concentrated firepower to suppress one. And Rigwarl seemed to realize something, regardless of his teammates, he focused on farming. In this way, the two ranged heroes suppressed a melee, making Leoric feel uncomfortable. Especially when the Silencer continuously used the first skill on him, it is even more unbearable!

The first skill of the Silencer was very interesting, it’s called Curse of the Silent.

A hero who be hit by this skill would continue to lose HP and mana over time. Only after using any skill, this extremely disgusting state would disappear. For some Strength heroes who lacked MP, if they didn’t use skill, their MP would soon become empty. But if they hastily use a skill to lift the curse, their MP would be wasted!

Therefore, the heroes who are on the line with the Silencer would quickly fall into the state of no mana.

For Leoric, Curse of the Silent was the skill that he hated the most. Because his ultimate skill required a certain amount of mana to activate. If he ran out of MP, then it couldn’t be used.

Also, in addition to the ultimate, he only had one active skill Hellfire Blast which also needed a lot of mana!

Without MP, the deterrent and combat power were cut down by at least half!

In a few minutes, Zhao Dingguo’s Lion quickly rose to level 3. He raised the skill Impale to level 2 and was able to give good damage while stun his opponent. The HP of Leoric was gradually consumed to half, and Zhao Dingguo moved his mind to kill him.

“Silencer, I will use my Impale first, and then let kill Leoric together!”

In order to avoid the mistakes in coordination, Zhao Dingguo talked. This was also a good habit he has developed since he played DOTA for a few months. He knows how to communicate with his teammates in advance. Although his own level is quite a dish, relying on this, it has also won some ladder players!


The man who controlled the Silencer also had no nonsense, and simply responded with a word.


At this time, the opposite Leoric probably felt the danger. When the next wave of creep came, he was a little afraid and did not dare to go forward. Zhao Dingguo controlled Lion to go back and forth a few steps, feeling no chance, so he decided to take a few steps back.

Leoric was really fooled!

Seeing Zhao Dingguo’s Lion retreating, and then seeing two Ghouls who had been near-death in front of him, he couldn’t help but tempted to go up and decided to take the eighty gold coins.

Waiting for him was Zhao Dingguo’s Impale skill!

Under his control, the demon wizard Ryan stepped forward and raised his hand and a series sharp thorn raised from the ground in the straight line to the front. At this time, Leoric just finished the last hit and wanted to go backward, but unfortunately, it was too late. The thorn that emerged from the ground pushed him into the air and entered the state of Stun!

This was the time of “kick them when they are down”!

Lion and the Silencer came forward and attacked together. The Silencer used his last mana to cast a Curse of the Silent.

Rigwarl, who always farmed by himself, finally realized that the situation was wrong. He turned around in a circle and then slowly walked over to help the teammates solve the problem. It is a pity that Rigwarl did not have any CC skills. Although he was resistant enough, at this moment he can only watch Leoric being killed by Zhao Dingguo!

Leoric hasn’t reached level 6, so he didn’t have the ultimate skill.

First Blood!

Red captions appeared on the screen, which is a reward mechanism for DOTA. The first hero in each game to kill an opponent would receive an additional 200 gold coins on normal money earnings!

It could be said that if you got a First Blood, you would have more than 400 G in an instant, which was quite a profit!

Seeing Leoric fell down under his ordinary attack, Zhao Dingguo turned back and ready to go to the Side Lane Shop to buy equipment. However, when he looked at the top right, he was surprised to find that the extra 200G of First Blood was not added to him.

What was going on?

Zhao Dingguo, who was a bit stunned, looked at the battle record. Only then did he noticed that the moment before he killed Leoric, in the middle of his own way, Lina took the lead in killing Akasha. Just one-second difference, he missed the First Blood and 200G.

This made Zhao Dingguo slightly disappointed, but he quickly put aside this disappointment.

In any case, the First Blood reward was obtained by his side, that’s enough. After all, DOTA is a team winning game!

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  1. — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

    Honestly, even if a voice chat function is there, unless the teammates are willing to work together or are at least not annoying and disturbing, it will be useless. double edged when some people are just insistent on ruining others.


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