DOTA Madness Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Leoric’s Second Death

Less than five minutes since the beginning, the Scourge killed two heroes of the Sentinel. This opening was undoubtedly very beneficial to Zhao Dingguo.

The two lanes were successful so that the heroes on the top lane also gained spirit.

Contrary to the bot lane, the top lane was the dominant lane for Scourge. Although the Prophet and the Dark Ranger were quite normal in the last hitting, they also accumulated some golds, and by the way they harshed the two melee heroes of the Sentinel.

In this random mode, Zhao Dingguo’s side accounted for a lot of advantages in the lineup. Although the heroes were generally fragile, when it is on the line, they could firmly occupy the upper hand. As long as this was done well, it’s not difficult for the Scourge to take the final victory!

Of course, only the two heroes of the Sentinel have been killed now, and it’s too early to talk about the victory.

Knowing this, Zhao Dingguo did not dare to make light of the opponent. After a little excitement in killing the hero, he last hit the soldiers more seriously. At the same time, relying on the money from killing Leoric, coupled with the harvest from creeps, Zhao Dingguo bought Boots of Speed. As the name suggests, the role of these boots was to make the hero run faster. Whether it’s chasing or escaping, the effect was very good!

At this time, Leoric had been resurrected and flew to the tower with a Scroll of Town Portal (TP).

After being killed by Zhao Dingguo, he appeared to be cautious.

Silencer and Zhao Dingguo’s Lion worked hard for a few minutes, but all they could do was try to suppress him. They didn’t find any chance to kill.


However, although Leoric was fine, the situation was quite miserable, as he could hardly get any money. On the contrary, his irresponsible teammate Rigwarl was developing very well. Because Zhao Dingguo did not deliberately target him, this long, bitter-like guy quickly bought a Ring of Health that restored his health by 5 points per second. With this piece of equipment, coupled with the tanker characteristics of the Bristleback, no one wanted to attack him!

“Lion, is your skill Impale done cooldown?”

Just as Zhao Dingguo was concentrating on deny, a young man’s voice was sounded.

Zhao Dingguo recognized this voice, it belonged to the player who controlled Lina. Through the mini map, he was surprised to find that Lina who was originally in the middle lane had passed through the river in the middle of the map and quietly approached the bot lane. Obviously, he’s already at level 6 and has the ultimate, ready to roam and gank!


Zhao Dingguo quickly replied, and at the same time glanced at the position of two enemy heroes.

“Well, then when I rushed over, you first stunned Leoric. Let’s kill together!” said that, Lina rushed out of the dark.

Zhao Dingguo also rushed over without hesitation, using Impale against Leoric.

Because just used a Healing Salve that could restore 400 HP, the HP of Leoric was almost full. Probably he’s thinking that the Scourge heroes could not kill him, Leoric was a little bolder. But this time, the appearance of Lina made his soul come out of his body!

Lina’s ultimate called Laguna Blade, it could instantly burst out 400 damage which was quite high!

Leoric was not stupid, he knew that his life was threatened. But before he could turn around and flee, Zhao Dingguo’s Lion once again stunned him.

Subsequently, Lina stepped forward two steps, also released his stun skill!

Unlike the almost-instant Impale, the stun skill of Lina was called Light Strike Array, and there was a certain delay when it was released. If there was no pre-judgment, it’s likely to be wasted. Now Lion stunned Leoric first, it’s much easier for Lina to stun a target who couldn’t move!

Leoric ate two skills in succession and his HP was instantly lost by half.

Lina didn’t play around but directly thrown his own ultimate against Leoric. A bolt of dazzling lightning slammed down and directly sent the Skeleton King back to the Fountain!

The Scourge Corps, kill another one!

The miserable Leoric was killed twice in a few minutes!

Seeing Lina appeared from the dark, Rigwarl finally got fear. No matter how tough was he, he couldn’t stand the attack of three heroes. Seeing that Leoric was killed, he quickly last hit the last ghoul, then turned around and ran to his own defensive tower!


This was the second skill of the Demon Witch, which could turn the enemy into a sheep. In the state of being changed to a sheep, the hero couldn’t attack or use skills, and the moving speed was greatly slowed down.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the three heroes desperately attacked.

It’s a pity that the level of Lion was not high enough, and the skill level of Voodoo was just one. Rigwarl quickly changed back, and then successfully fled to the defensive tower with a small amount of HP remaining.

This was the advantage of the advantage lane, close enough to your own defensive tower, easy to escape when you encounter danger!

In DOTA, even the outermost defensive tower, the attack power was also amazing. The general Intelligence hero couldn’t resist a few times in the early stage. Therefore, even if Rigwarl’s amount of HP was not much, the three heroes didn’t dare to rush down to the tower, thus they could only see him fleeing.

“Furion, where are you? Teleport and kill him! He has almost no HP!”

Zhao Dingguo suddenly remembered that this side had the hero Furion the Prophet, who had a skill that can teleport to any explored point on the map, much more powerful than the TP. The latter could only go to a place with allied building, but the former could go anywhere at will!

“I can’t! I have not explored the terrain there!”

The voice of the Furion player came from the computer. It reminded Zhao Dingguo that the transmission of the prophet was also a restriction, that is, it could only be transmitted to an explored point. He couldn’t teleport to a place where no one had arrived. Now, the route of Rigwarl was undoubtedly the depth of the Sentinel, which belonged to the relatively safe area. No one has ever been there, and naturally, there’s no way to catch him!

This made a few people feel pity.

“Haiz, I have no mana, otherwise Rigwarl can’t escape!” The young man who controlled Lina sighed with a sigh of disappointment. He just harvested several Treants and then bought a TP from the side lane shop to go back home. Lina was a very powerful wizard hero, but without mana, her role was no better than a normal ghoul soldier!


With the regeneration effect of the Fountain, Lina could quickly replenish the mana and then join the battle again.

Aside from thatt, the battle was still going on.

Although they could not kill the back beast, it would be a victory to force him to go home. Now, the two Sentinel heroes were all gone, and their tower has lost the most reliable barrier. Zhao Dingguo’s Lion and Silencer began to work hard to kill the Sentinel creep, and strive to bring the soldiers to the other side of the tower!

In this way, they could let their own ghoul soldiers act as cannon fodder, absorb the firepower of the tower, and take the opportunity to destroy it!

The only victory condition for DOTA is to destroy the opponent’s Ancient Nexus. To do this, you must first break through the external defensive tower. and. Every time you destroy a defensive tower, you could earn a huge amount of gold. The hero who personally ruined the tower can get about 500 G, and the other four heroes can each 200 G!

Therefore, no matter from which point of view, it is necessary to push off the defensive tower.

Thanks to the help of the three waves of soldiers, Zhao Dingguo’s advancement was smoothly implemented. When the durability of the tower has lost a half, two Sentinel heroes finally came back. It’s still Leoric and Rigwarl, but the Queen of Pain who was originally in the middle of the road also came here. After being killed by Lina once, the Queen of Pain finally reached level 6!

The situation suddenly became three-on-two.

Having a level 6 hero by his side, Leoric finally dared to come out and last hit.

Zhao Dingguo’s Lion has not returned to the base since the start, and his MP value was low. He looked at Silencer and found that he also exhausted mana. In this case, it’s very dangerous to deal with the three heroes on the opposite side. Therefore, he decided to inform Silencer and temporarily withdraw. But before he could even open his mouth, the Queen of Pain on the opposite side din’t want to continue to drag, and with a flash, she suddenly appeared in front of them!

The Sentinel heroes wanted to strike back!

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