DOTA Madness Chapter 5

A mini mass-release.

Chapter 5: Kill Before Being Killed

It had to say that Sentinel’s selection of timing the counterattacks was great.

Lion and Silencer on the road are not much magical, and the strong mage Lina just left the base and heading for the middle lane by foot, as her TP was in cooldown, so in a short time she couldn’t catch up. In this way, the fight was 3-vs-2, and the results of the battle didn’t need to be said. The only uncertainty was how many hero they can kill!

Seeing that level 6 Queen of Pain blinked over, Zhao Dingguo knew that it was not good, and quickly controlled Lion to turn around and rush to his side’s tower.

Silencer was a little distracted and the reaction was slow.

Queen of Pain saw it and hesitated a little. In her opinion, Lion who has less HP was no doubt the better target. However, considering the distance, she still casted her skill on Silencer.

“Shadow Strike!”

A vicious dagger hit Silencer, not only poisoned him, but also slowed him down.

Seeing the opportunity to take the enemy’s head was close at hand, Leoric and Rigwarl also rushed up and attacked the slowed Silencer. When being attacked by three heroes, the fragile flaw of an Intelligence hero was fully showed. Rigwarl could safely escape to the tower at the time, but Silencer couldn’t do it. He coulddn’t insist even two seconds, be sent back to the Fountain for free!

The situation has turned into 3-vs-1.

Zhao Dingguo’s Lion was in a worse situation, but he felt that he may have a chance. The main reason was that Leoric has run out of mana, so his stun skill was not available. Although Queen of Pain has Shadow Strike, it has been used on Silencer. In other words, no one could control him in a short time!


The benefits of having boots were showed at this time.

Lion’s base movement speed was not high, but having Boots of Speed made a bit faster than other three. Although he couldn’t extended the distance, he din’t let the three heroes of the Sentinel catch up. Soon, he safely retreated to one of his own towers.

At this time, a wave of Scourge creep also arrived from the highland barracks.

There was a defensive tower, and there were soldiers on his own side, Zhao Dingguo finally felt a relief.

If no unexpected thing happened, his life was saved.

Leoric and Rigwarl probably also felt that they had no chance, so they turned around and went back. However, Queen of Pain felt a little unwilling. She still had a lot of mana, and the range of her ultimate Sonic Wave was 300. Although it wasn’t as good as Lina’s ultimate, but the range was quite good!

At the very least, Lion’s existing HP couldn’t bear such an amount of damage.

Therefore, Queen of Pain jumped to the front of the Lion without hesitation after her Blink cooldown ended, raising her hand to release Sonic Wave! The power of that dark blue spiral shock wave was terrible, and the HP of Lion instantly fell to the bottom. Queen of Pain only needed to do one or two more normal attacks to get a kill.

I’m so uncareful!

Zhao Dingguo underestimated the determination of the other side and overestimated the HP value of his hero.

Although the defensive tower and passing ghoul creeps began to attack the Queen of Pain, but the opponent had a near full HP bar. Perhaps the HP of the Queen of Pain would drop a lot, but that wasn’t enough to kill her. She could just go home and replenish it.

It seemed that his death is inevitable, but Zhao Dingguo was not willing to give up.

He gave a glance at his MP, a bit more and he was able to use Impale. Suddenly he had an idea and learned the third skill – Mana Drain!

It’s anbility to extract mana of the enemy for your own use.

This skill itself consumed very little mana. Although the extractied amount per second was limited, it’s enough to let him use Impale!

He did not say anything, but firmly pressed the key. His finger has become stiff due to tension.

A series of intensive thorns broke through the ground, piercing the Queen of Pain and lifting her to the sky. At the same time, she also played the last ordinary attack. Lion was killed by this, but Queen of Pain also be Stunned for about two seconds!

Queen of Pain was also an Intelligence hero, and her body was fragile too.

She was struck by a defensive tower and a group of ghoul, thus her health was rapidly decreasing. When she was out of Stun state, it was too late to escape. The attack from the Scourge Tower killed her, and Queen of Pain who just got a Doubl Kill had to pay for it with her life!

Red captions are floating again on the screen:

The Scourge has killed the Queen of Pain!

The Scourge is marching towards victory!

“Lion, well done!”

Lina who rushed from the middle lane to help just saw this scene, but it was quite unexpected. She thought that the Demon Witch was dead, but she didn’t expect him to be able to fight back at the last minute. For Queen of Pain, it was undoubtedly hurt, especially recently she was single-handedly killed by Lina!

This time, the Scourge killed another one, and the score with the Sentinel became four to two.

Although from the score point of view, the Sentinel seemed to be better than the previous situation, in fact, the advantages of the Scourge were even greater. Leoric who was the carry of the Sentinel was killed twice, and Queen of Pain, who was the main mage was also killed twice. The development of their core heroes was greatly affected. On the contrary, the two heroes died on the Scourge side had relatively smaller role. The real late carry Traxex has been developing steadily on the top lane!

Although the farming speed of Traxex was questionable, for the player of this level of Zhao Dingguo, not dead itself was a victory.

Because it was the early stage of the game, the time of the resurrection was not long, and the Demon Witch of Zhao Dingguo was quickly reborn in the Fountain. He looked at his own money and bought a Belt of Giant Strength that increased his strength by 6 points. This equipment and Boots of Speed were one of the accessories for making advanced equipment Power Treads. Not only it’s necessary, but 6 points of strength could also increase his maximum HP limit!


For a hero with a fragile body, it’s understandable to support survivality.

“Lion, after you’re resurrected, TP to the bot lane, let us push their tower completely!”

Lina was once again speaking. Zhao Dingguo thought about it and thought it was correct. So he spent 135 gold coins to buy a TP and then teleported to the bottom first tower. At the moment he landed, two of Sentinel treants died in front of him. With that experience, Lion successfully rose to level 6!

“I have the ultimate skill!”

Zhao Dingguo was a little excited and made a shout in the voice chat automatically provided by the platform.

Lion’s ultimate was called Finger of Death, and it’s very similar to Lina’s Laguna Blade, was also a single-target high output skill. In the later stages, it may not be a big deal with 500 damage. But now, these two high-explosive heroes come together, no matter what Sentinel hero came to defend, they could kill him instantly!

This is exactly the case. Seeing that these two heroes with level 6 appeared, Leoric and Rigwarl had a cold feet. They’re not stupid, knowing that if they dared to stay at this time, the outcome would surely be death. What the two could do now was to hide and farm, wait for their level to be higher, when they would not to be killed by a round of skills!

In this way, Lion and Lina would no longer be blocked, and they can push the tower unscrupulously!

In all fairness, although the durability of the defensive tower is quite high, it couldn’t hold two heroes in a row. Especially after the emergence of a catapult in this wave of creep, the durability of the tower was dropping even faster. The game started less than ten minutes, and one tower of the Sentinel was blown by the attack of Lina, and she enjoyed the reward of 500 gold coins!

The other four Scourge heroes, including Zhao Dingguo, also each received 200 gold.

After using the remaining gold coins to buy Gloves of Haste and combining them into Power Treads, Zhao Dingguo’s Lion walked to the middle lana with Lina. Despite the advent of the Silencer alerted the other party and let them evacuate in advance, but the Scourge also achieved their goals.

The three heroes gathered together and rushed to destroy the Sentinel’s middle lane first tower before other heroes came to reinforce.

Everyone got another 200 gold!

The situation was great!

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