DOTA Madness Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Sentinel’s Total Wipe Out

“Go, go on the top lane!”

After successively pushing down two towers, Lion and Lina were running non-stop, and rushed to extend their advantage. In addition to Furion and Traxex who were originally here, their four heroes gathered together, and then pushed towards the tower of the Sentinel.

If the heroes of the Sentinel did not come to defend, they would lose all three first towers!


Keep or not?

This problem, the heroes of the Sentinel did not hesitate, they chose TP to defend.

They have lost two outer towers and fallen into a quite passive situation. If the Scourge destroyed this tower too, they would be completely inferior to both the momentum and the economy. Moreover, the rhythm of the battle was mastered by the Scourge. Whether it is offensive or defensive, it’s up to them, which was not what the Sentinel hope to see. Therefore, in addition to Rexxar the Beastmaster who had no money to buy TP and burying his head in the jungle, the other four heroes have arrived.

At the tower, eight heroes gather here, and a large-scale team battle may occur at any time!

In terms of strength, Scourge had a slight advantage. In addition to the gold coins rewards of the head and the tower, their multi-mage lineup made them more powerful in the early stage team battle. However, there were many Strength heroes in the Guardian side, which were relatively tough, and they had the tower, it’s also not to be underestimated.

“Should we fight?”

Traxex was a little hesitant.

Among the five heroes of the Scourge, she was the only Agility hero. In the middle and late stages, Traxex was quite a force, but now she was still a little weak.

“Of course, don’t leave!”

Zhao Dingguo and the guy who controlled Lina spoke at the same time.

The Dark Ranger was a bit unclear about the situation, but they both understand. As two high-explosive mage heroes, of course, they should fight whenever they had the ultimate. As long as play well, the possibility of winning was great. This fight not only be able to wipe out the other party once, but also take the opportunity to destroy the next tower and further open the gap!

If continue to drag, as the equipments and levels on the opposite side gradually increase, the advantage of their ultimate was not so obvious.


Furion also spoke. In addition to Teleportation, this hero has a skill to summon Treants. Under his control, several pine forests on the side of the road swayed and turned into three Treants, joining the ghouls to attack the Sentinel.

Seeing that the three heroes of his own side all expressed their attitude, the man who controlled the Dark Ranger also made up his mind.

“First, we’ll kill their Queen of Pain, then Huskar. Once Huskar uses his ultimate, immediately focus him. Then it’s Leoric’s turn, I first use Mana Drain to darin his mana, and then hit him. Without mana, he can’t use his ultimate to reborn. Finally, killing Rigwarl, his output damage is not high enough, don’t worry about him. Silencer stays in the middle lane, listens to my command, when I say silence, immediately activate your ultimate, don’t let them put the skills to use! Do you understand?”

Through the voice, Zhao Dingguo communicated his tactics with his teammates early. This good habit will undoubtedly add a reliable guarantee to their victory.


Several teammates spoke and prepared for the battle. Lina did not reveal any objection, so it was settled.

Taking advantage of a new group of Ghouls rushing over, the four heroes followed each other up and attacked the tower. A big wave of creep, plus four heroes, the momentum of the Scourge was not small!

The heroes of the Sentinel clearly felt the pressure, as they backed a few steps behind the tower, and then let Rigwarl be at the forefront. This was undoubtedly the right thing to do, unless Zhao Dingguo’s side was willing to put all the firepower on this tanker, otherwise they would not be able to advance.

The Treants and the ghouls who played the role of cannon fodder were quickly eliminated. The offensives of the four heroes of the Scourge did not have any obvious effect except for a little consumption of the tower’s HP.

In desperation, they can only temporarily withdraw from the defensive tower’s attack range, waiting for the next wave of ghoul soldiers.

Taking advantage of the gap time, Lina put forward an idea: “When we come again, throw a few small skills to the Bristleback and scare him, maybe it will have a good effect. ”

In the high-end DOTA league, the player would of course not act rashly and calmly judge each step of the opponent’s intention. But Zhao Dingguo’s level was little higher than the rookie at best. Under tension, mistakes were common. Once Rigwarl who acted as a shield was shaken, the remaining three would face the attack of the four heroes of the Scourge!

This method has taken effect!

From the battle of the bot lane, the person who controled Rigwarl didn’t have the view of the whole, otherwise he wouldn’t abandon his teamate twice. When a new round of ghouls comes up, Lion and the other three Scourge heroes pretended to focus the firepower to kill him, he was really scared, turn around and go backwards!

Everyone is equal, why should I rush to the front?

The selfish idea of Rigwarl directly led to the defeat of their team battle. Seeing this inconvenient guy let the way open, the four heroes of the Scourge all rushed over.



Seeing the action of Rigwarl, the heroes of the Sentinel were sinking in the heart. Queen of Pain almost cursed. The Scourge was obviously just pretending. Not only they haven’t used any ultimate, but the main DPS also didn’t attack him. But this idiot actually turned around and retreated, forcing them to fight head-on!

Under the sorrow, Queen of Pain blinked forward and found a good position to use her ultimate. If all the four heroes of the Sentinel were hit, the result of the team battle was hard to say.

However, Zhao Dingguo has been waiting for her.

Seeing Queen of Pain blinked, he immediately yelled: “Silence!”

Because of the a little excitement, the tone was a bit high. However, other people have no intention to care about these, Silencer also pushed the button like a conditioned reflex.

Global Silence!

No damage, no slow, no stun, only silence, and ignoring magic immunity!

It seems to be quite ribbed, but once the timing was good, it’s very powerful. At this moment, all the sounds in DOTA disappeared and became quiet. Only the player’s voice still have the sound. Queen of Pain who had just lifted one hand, tragically discovered that she was Silenced for three seconds!

At the same time, Leoric who was ready to launch Hellfire Blast, Huskar who was ready to launch Life Break, were also forced to stop casting the spell.

Such a good opportunity, if Scourge couldn’t catch it, they’re deserve to lose!

The Queen of Pain, who was at the forefront, became the first target to be killed, Lion and Lina didn’t even have to use their ultimate skill. Just a few skills were thrown away, and the normal attack of the Dark Ranger and the Prophet took her away easily. Subsequently, Zhao Dingguo’s Lion used Impale to stun Leoric.

When the silence effect disappeared, Huskar felt that his chance came, immediately waved a pair of bright silver spears in his hand, and used his ultimate on Lina!

Life Break: Sacrifices 35% of the current HP, leaping at a target within attack range to shatter 50% of that hero’s current health, and slowing them for 5 seconds. While leaping, Huskar is spell immune.

It seemed that this was a “killing one thousand of enemies, self-damaged eight hundred” skill, but the characteristic of Huskar was his skill Berserker’s Blood: the less his HP, the higher the attack power, the faster the attack speed. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it’s very dangerous to fight head-on with Huskar, but after he used his ultimate, it’s a good choice to smash his life instanly!

This is precisely why Zhao Dingguo deliberately let him used his ultimate.

Now, although the HP of Lina has been reduced by half in an instant, the HP of Huskar has fallen a lot. Light Strike Array, the skill Lina intentionally hasn’t used yet, has been used in front of herself. As Huskar was stunned, she threw out her ultimate Laguna Blade!

The super high damage out caused Huskar’s HP to drop directly to the bottom.

Several other heroes took the opportunity to attack the ordinary attack and directly killed the Huskar.

Now, the only Sentinel heroes left on the field were Leoric who was almost intact, and Rigwarl who have been curned by teammates and turned back gain. Because of the cannon fodder, the tower has been attracted to the Scourge heroes only after Akasha was killed. However, facing four heroes, one defensive tower is not enough to watch!

It can be said that the Scourge has nearly put the victory into their pocket!

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