• How does posting on the site work? The site is powered by WordPress, so we’ll send you an invitation to join the group. Then everything will run like any other wordpress site: you will be able to post and edit on the site whenever you want.
  • I don’t think I can commit to a group. Should I still join? Yes! We truly have no requirements on posting schedule. You can join and not post anything for months.
  • I want to join but I don’t know what to translate. No worries. On the team’s discord, we have a list of novels with short chapters and easy translation level that you can consider picking up.
  • I don’t want to commit translating any particular novel / Can I drop my chosen project? We do not require projects to be finished so feel free to drop your project whevever you want. Also feel free to only translate teasers (aka 1-2 chapters of a novel.) That’s what the teaser tab is for on the site hehe.
  • Can I have an editor? At the moment, Foxaholic does not have any editors, but feel free to recruit your own editor. It will also be up to you on how to split ad revenue, but we can handle sending out the payments.
  • Can I post my BL, GL, etc. translations on Foxaholic? We don’t exclude any Asian webnovel translations so yes you can post them here. (Exception: due to the recent crackdown on fan translations by Korean publishers, we will not accept Korean novels.)


  • How is ad revenue calculated? It’s calculated based on the pageviews your posts generates. The more pageviews means more money for you!
  • What if I don’t have a Paypal? Contact us and we will find an alternative method of payment depending on where you are from.
  • How frequently do you pay out earnings?  For translators located in the US, every month through paypal. For international translators, Papay charges a fee (which will be split 50-50 between Foxaholic and the individual translator): •Under $1, PayPal charges a 100% fee •Less than $20, PayPal charges a fee of $.99 •Between $20 and $100, PayPal charges 5% fee Above $100, PayPal charges a fixed fee of $4.99; at the end of every month, Fox23 will contact international translators individually to ask if he/she would like to be paid then or have the month’s earnings roll over to the next month
  • How much money can I make? It really depends on what percent of readers are using ad block and where they are from to know how much you can earn, so it can really vary from month to month. For the month of Aug 2019, 25,000 page views earned $18 USD in ad revenue.

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