Twin Sword – Prologue

Twin Sword – Prologue

In AD XXXX, humanity’s continuous abuse of Earth had led to the rapid decline of the Earth’s environment. In a desperate attempt to find a new planet to inhabit, the Centralized Earthen Government came to an agreement: execute a new project called Operation: New World.

Years later, Planet M, a planet that was habitable has been found. The Centralized Earthen Government immediately sent many mega-sized machines in order to begin massive construction of infrastructure and other various facilities.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, infrastructure construction progressed at a very rapid speed. According to scientists, Planet M was able to withstand abuse from mankind in at least 250 years. The Centralized Earthen Government was quite satisfied with this result, so humanity’s migration to Planet M could finally begin.

Many issues began to rapidly arise. For example, on Earth, you owned many possessions, but after came to Planet M, what would happen to them? Millions of federal money maybe weren’t enough to find a job. Another problem: how would the former financial staff be handled? Planet M needed laborers like architects, farmers, geological experts, etc …, not financial staff. Governing was also a problem: everyone wanted to be a government official, but who was worthy?

Finally, after undergoing many rounds of discussions, the Centralized Earthen Government announced a plan which had appeased the mass public.

First: The priority of migrating was for laborers. Children and elderly people would temporarily be staying on Earth. After all, robots couldn’t completely replace a human’s work; building a colony still required men’s working over the next decade.

Ten years later, the elderly on Earth would mostly be dead due to pollution or suicide, the children have become adults. These new laborers would be moved to Planet M. After another decade more, children of the first migrants would grow up to become new laborers. So, after a total of thirty years, with the aid of robots, it would basically develop into a civilization comparable to modern Earth. From this point of view, it could be said that the Centralized Earthen Government had strong foresight and could plan well for the future.


Second: To avoid people becoming increasingly bored during the journey to Planet M, open a game to entertain people. People could exchange federal money for currency in-game. After arriving at Planet M, they can exchange their money in the game for local currency. Of course, the exchange rate only would only be told after you enter the starship – one hundred million for one dollar on-world was still seen as something despondent.

The game would be controlled by a supercomputer with an intelligent AI. This AI would accumulate all the data of each person’s psychology while they’re playing the game, then it would distribute the most suitable position to each person on Planet M. The computer’s true job was a top-secret plan, be listed as a security segment in “Operation: New World”; except for the Centralized Earthen Government and the main computers, no other person knew of this part of the plan.

* * * * * *

So all people with ages ranging from 15 to 35 were ordered to say their final goodbyes to their families and prepare to leave. Although 35 would normally be considered pretty young, the average lifespan of humans had dropped significantly and living to 45 was already considered incredible, and for those who live to 55, they would be considered useless and would be unable to find a job, so committing suicide was a very common occurrence for the elderly. The corpses of suicides were often thrown into the sea to feed the fish because burning the bodies would cause more air pollution.

Almost all citizens agreed with the Centralized Earthen Government. Mainly because the reason Earth became like this was their ancestor’s fault. “Paying a father’s debt is the son’s responsibility” was an easy-to-understand moral.

Two days before the relocation, the name of the game was published, while game content was chosen by the leaders of their respective areas.

Europe and America voted for the name: Magic and Sword.

Asia voted for the name: Sword and Magic.

Because of its large population, China itself was considered to be an area. China voted for the name: Twin Sword.

The final decision of the government for the game’s name: it called Twin Sword!

Africa? Well, after a continuous drought lasted over 100 years, the lowest air temperature was forty-five degrees, thus no one lived in Africa anymore.

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