[IDDOPA] Chapter 3.1 Being part of the protagonist’s happy encounter


Ling Luo detested the fact that he didn’t restrain the anger in his heart, and hit that shop assistant.

Right now mother couldn’t be saved, and his father and himself would be beaten up.


He closed his eyes in pain, Ling Luo tightly clenched his fists.

Because he wasn’t powerful enough! If he was enough powerful, then this kind of problem, wouldn’t be a problem.



Lin Xiao unhurriedly walked over, the two imperial bodyguards were following behind.

That shop assistant was clearly familiar with Lin Xiao. After he ordered to stop, he eagerly trotted before Lin Xiao with a flattering smile: “Young master Lin, we are honored by your presence in Spiritual Grass Pavilion, I will take a chair for you”

“Wait” Lin Xiao blocked the shop assistant. He looked at Ling Luo getting up, and then asked the shop assistant: “What’s going on?”

Ling Luo helped his kneeling father up, eyes looking down.

“Young master, they don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth and wanted the Xuyu Grass. They even injured me. I was about to drive them away”


Smiling coldly, Ling Luo shot a scornful glance at the shop assistant, and then turned his body to seize Lin Xiao up. He heard the shop assistant’s tone, plus the clothes Lin Xiao was wearing… he conjectured Lin Xiao was precisely the son of Spiritual Grass Pavilion’s Lin family’s master. Looking at Lin Xiao’s plump figure, he didn’t seem someone who was easy to approach. So he felt that Lin Xiao was like the shop assistant, and absolutely won’t give him the Xuyu Grass. He and father would definitely still suffer some humiliation by staying here. Supporting his father, he immediately got ready to leave.

Noticing that Ling Luo was trying to leave, Lin Xiao just thought to let Lin Xiao leave, when he heard the shop assistant shout: “You hit me and still wanna leave! Guard, guard, block them for me!”


Hearing this sentence, the imperial bodyguards simply looked at each other, and didn’t immediately rush.

After all the owner was here.

Ling Luo turned his body and sneered at the shop assistant and Lin Xiao: “What, do you still want to beat me?”

Waving his hand to let the bodyguard stop the shop assistant’s mouth, Lin Xiao said: “You need Xuyu Grass to save your mother, right?”

“How about it?” Ling Luo knitted his eyebrows.

Why drag this matter.

Lin Xiao clenched his teeth. He knew that the shop assistant’s previous actions wouldn’t make Ling Luo believe that Spiritual Grass Pavilion would give him the Xuyu Grass. He directly let the bodyguard fetch the Xuyu Grass, and then handed it over to Ling Luo: “For you, the Xuyu Grass you wanted”

Ling Luo took the Xuyu Grass and didn’t dare believe it. He and Ling Tian glanced at each other. Although their hearts were suspicious of why Lin Xiao would give them the Xuyu Grass, but the ill mother had some hope. Ling Luo and father continuously tried to repress their happiness.

Not saying much, Ling Luo carefully put the Xuyu Grass in his bosom, very afraid of spoiling it. Father and son deeply bowed before Lin Xiao: “I Ling Luo vow, as long as I live, I will surely recompense today’s kindness”

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6 thoughts on “[IDDOPA] Chapter 3.1 Being part of the protagonist’s happy encounter

  1. Seems like LX still can’t completely hold the unexplainable hatred. I wonder if its “the plot god” or something that makes him feel that way.

    Soooo is he going to punish the shopkeeper?

    Thank you for this chapter!

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  2. Just barely made it on time ah! Really good chapter. I can’t wait for more interactions between the ah! Especially the part with the love potion, the one shown in the summary. Thank you once again and take care!

    Liked by 1 person

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