[IDDOPA] Chapter 3.2 Being part of the protagonist’s happy encounter

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Lin Xiao’s mouth twitched. He didn’t care about Ling Luo’s vow at all. Just, don’t make the last transmigration’s things happen again and it’s fine.

“En, I know” Lin Xiao waved his hand and looked at Ling family’s father and son leaving Spiritual Grass Pavilion. He then expressionlessly looked at the shop assistant, of which mouth was covered and was crying ‘wuwu’.

He signaled the imperial bodyguard to let go.

The shop assistant anxiously asked: “Young master, why did you give such a precious Xuyu Grass to those countryside people. Their attitude was extremely disgusting, and even hit me” the shop assistant pointed at the mark on his chin with anger.


Leaving this kind of shop assistant who judged people here in this family industry wasn’t a good thing.

Lin Xiao frowned, he recalled that in the novel there were many masters who would wear tattered clothes and go buy things. Afterwards they were ignored by this shop assistant in any way.

The masters all had bad temper… one could well imagine the ending of that shop assistant and the store.

Recalling this, Lin Xiao right away fired that shop assistant and gave him a handful of money. And then let the bodyguard take the assistant, who was filled of questions, away.

He rubbed his forehead. Strolling tired him, and he also encountered such a thing. Lin Xiao wanted to take a rest and then continue shopping. Gazing at the lights in the distance, he sat in the Spiritual Grass Pavilion for a short while, and then got up to head back in the Lin family.


Lin Yue must have known about today Spiritual Grass Pavilion’s matter, but after Lin Xiao returned in the Lin family, he just rubbed his forehead and let a servant prepare food. He didn’t mention today’s matter at all.

Lin Xiao was moved by Lin Yue’s unconditional forgiveness and pampering {note1}.

{note1: I need it too (╥﹏╥)/}


He quickly finished eating a meal, and refused Lin Yue who wanted to give him more. Lin Xiao exercised in the courtyard for a while, digesting the food in his stomach.

While exercising, he was thinking about the next plot in 《Heavenly Firmament Alteration》.

Not getting the Xuyu Grass, after Ling Luo’s mother died, his willpower lessened. Every day he would climb Nuo Han City’s back mountain alone, and quietly stare at the sunrise… and afterwards, it seemed he has discovered a cave?

What was next…

Lin Xiao rubbed his forehead. Some flashes of memory passed through his brain, he suddenly clasped his hands.

Right! It was the first time he would meet the soul inside his body! With this soul, Ling Luo gradually became extremely powerful that it couldn’t go unnoticed!




5 thoughts on “[IDDOPA] Chapter 3.2 Being part of the protagonist’s happy encounter

  1. I’ve seen this “true masters wear whatever, you can’t casually treat someone poorly, you don’t know who they really are” thing mentioned once or twice before, and I’m kind of fond of it.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so clumsy… I clicked another thing and commented something… uhmm. I wrote: It’s a good pretext to behave well but I think people should really respect from their bottom of their hearts other people, because they are living beings. Deserving it or not, it’s another matter.

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      1. Yeah, but in a cnovel? Common sense is already too much to hope for in these settings.

        I could do an entire rant about the grudge cnovels as a whole have against strong morals


  2. I wonder why he doesn’t just tell the protagonist he’s a fellow transmigrator? I know he’d probably be afraid to but he kind of acts more like that idea had never even crossed his mind, ever… like it was completely unthinkable (either that, or transmigrations are so common where he came from, that it’s no longer considered something worth making friends over?

    Liked by 1 person

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