[IDDOPA] Chapter 9.3 Late at night crisis

Proofreader: Maralynx (KoFi)

Translator: Blue Dreams (KoFi)


Warning: This part contains some intentions of killing. Read at your own danger.

Yun Xi recalled that from the beginning Lin Xiao has resisted her attacks, so his cultivation must have reached Qi Refining Ninth-layer, moreover, Ling Luo was merely twelve to thirteen years old. Killing her would be a matter of seconds, and adding in Lin Xiao to the mix, it was possible that she and Fang Yun would die here tonight. Yun Xi regretted it. Why did she want to come here and try to humiliate them?

Yun Xi looked for help to Fang Yun with a trembling body, but seeing his anxious expression, she trembled even more. She didn’t want to die, she was still young. She suddenly looked at Lin Xiao with a confused gaze…

Lin Xiao knew that Ling Luo didn’t want to kill her, just frighten her, nothing more. But, the friendly brother next-door Ling Luo has disappeared; right now, Ling Luo was really scary and his expression was the same as when he killed Lin Xiao.

Cold and cruel… Right, a literary protagonist’s trait: warm towards friends, not lenient towards enemies.

However, he won’t lose.

Lin Xiao’s gaze was firm. He has rebirthed once again and decided to build a good relationship with Ling Luo so that in the future he would get more benefits. But he won’t slack off! Right now, his cultivation surpassed Ling Luo’s and that probably won’t last for long. Even though his innate gift wasn’t as good as Ling Luo’s, he would put in more effort.

“Ling Luo, look, you frightened this beauty. You don’t even know how to treat the fairer sex…” Lin Xiao semi-joked.

Ling Luo laughed and followed Lin Xiao’s words by loosening the grip. He rubbed Yun Xi’s smooth face with the other hand: “Don’t make it happen again, if not I will kill you, and your beautiful face won’t be preserved.” Ling Luo smiled at Yun Xi, showing his even row of teeth while making Yun Xi tremble again. {PR: I really wanted to put in ‘straight row of teeth’ because of the meaning for straight I found… Def: Erect in posture, Syn: unbent, unbowed, upright TL: erect and unbent huh}

“Get lost!” Pushing Yun Xi away, Ling Luo stopped smiling and coldly warned: “Take care of your woman. If there is a next time, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Fang Yun repeatedly nodded his head. He pulled Yun Xi’s arm and ran away from the bedroom.

The two were tired from this event, and tomorrow they also had to quickly get to the Yunqi Academy.

Lin Xiao reclined on the inner side of the bed, followed by Ling Luo. Lin Xiao naturally put his head on Ling Luo’s chest while Ling Luo proceeded to put his arms on his body. Although they slept together only once, their movements were natural and smooth… {TL: hehe}

…A dreamless night…



Yunqi Academy deserved to be a well-known academy.

The building looked imposing and majestic. Many people were lining up before the entrance.

Lin Xiao had a headache looking at this long line of people. He tugged Ling Luo’s sleeve and pointed at the line: “Ling Luo, how much time do we need to queue up?”

Until dawn?

Ling Luo was also shocked by this amount of people, but even if they came late, they still had to line up. Who made them want to attend Yunqi Academy. Only a few days were left before the deadline of one month. Seeing so many people, Ling Luo looked forward to Yunqi Academy even more.

Yunqi Academy.

Lin Xiao gazed at the four characters {TL: yun qi xue yuan} with eyes full of expectations.

Although this amount of people shocked him, after entering the Yunqi Academy, his life will be more interesting.



3 thoughts on “[IDDOPA] Chapter 9.3 Late at night crisis

  1. I’m kinda…. hm about 12-13 yr old LL flirting (?) with a woman, stroking her face, etc. I’m trying to picture it, but the mental image is just too ridiculous.

    Also, again, he’s 12-13 and a “grown man” when it comes to fitting on the bed lmao.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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