Exile Chapter 68


At this time, the palace was in a mess. With the protection of Jiang Mao’s men, Su Qingbai went in without much effort.

“Lord Wang, there are people rioting to rush in outside.” This was said to Jiang Mao.

Jiang Mao was not seriously injured.

“Arrest, then.” This was said by the Sixth Prince.

The person hesitated as he glanced at the Sixth Prince, then turned to Jiang Mao and said, “But the visitor said that it was the person of Yue Wang Residence and also the personal imperial bodyguard of Yue Wang.”

Jiang Mao thought about it, said something to the people inside, and went out.

After hearing the person said such, Jiang Mao guessed it would be Su Qingbai.

Jiang Mao was slightly injured. Jiang Jun was relieved and also followed him up.

“Jiang Mao ――” Seeing Jiang Mao standing well, Su Qingbai was very surprised, and he pounced over happily.

Jiang Mao quickly hugged the pouncing Su Qingbai.

“Are you alright?” Su Qingbai was on the verge of crying and asked him in a nasal voice.

Jiang Mao held the person tightly in his arms. Upon seeing this person behaving such, he lowered his head and kissed him on the forehead. “I’m alright.”

Not so long ago, such a terrified Su Qingbai dared to enter the palace for him. Although a little worried about him, Jiang Mao was very happy.

Jiang Jun’s eyes widened; didn’t he meet the Gongzi surnamed Su at Fourth Elder Brother’s house that day?

What was this?

Seeing that Jiang Jun was dumbfounded, Jiang Mao lowered his head and kissed Su Qingbai. “I’ll solve the problem here soon. You’ll wait for me at home.”

Su Qingbai nodded his head glumly. Seeing that Jiang Mao was fine, he was relieved.

After watching Su Qinbai leave, only then Jiang Mao turned back.

At the side, Jiang Jun blushed in shame.

It was said that the fourth elder brother was a gentle and courteous gentleman. But when facing him, Jiang Jun thought it was not like that. He thought that the fourth elder brother was an inhuman ice. But today, he felt that the fourth elder brother was a gentle person and really gentle to his lover.

In addition to not know a little of shame, he whispered sweet nothings to his lover in front of his younger brother.

In the end, without Jiang Mao saying anything more, Fifth Prince and Sixth Prince were so impatient that they ordered people to arrest Third Prince and Du Cheng.

Jiang Mao turned out to be the irrelevant people.

In this way, Jiang Mao also didn’t need to be involved in this incident, and left with Jiang Jun.


“Qingbai――”As soon as he got home, Su Qingbai, who was waiting earlier, rushed over. Jiang Mao smiled and took the person into his arms.

“Qingbai?” Next to him, Jiang Jun seemed to think of something. He looked at Su Qinbai and said, “You are Su Qingbai?”

Su Qingbai came out of Jiang Mao’s arms and nodded.

After grinding his teeth, Jiang Jun looked at him in benevolence. “Fourth elder brother, how can you fancy a person with such a bad personality?”

Su Qinbai was not happy about it, “what’s wrong with me? Where did I provoke you?”

Jiang Jun frowned at him. “Do you remember your friend Zhou Chang?”

Su Qingbai of course remembered; that guy still owed him a thousand taels of silver. He was just thinking if there was a chance, he wanted to ask for it.

Jiang Mao also heard it from Su Qingbai.

Both looked over.

“At the beginning, Zhou Chang borrowed five hundred taels from you, but after a year, you made him pay you a thousand taels; five hundred taels of interest ah. Humph, Zhou Chang is such a naïve person. If I was there, I would not let him be cheated by you.”

Su Qingbai rolled up his sleeves and couldn’t help swearing, “That guy still had good thing to say. Don’t mention a thousand taels, he hasn’t returned five hundred taels I lent him.” Then he added, “I still have the bill signed in acknowledgement of debt.”

Cough, at that time, it was because he lost all his money that he lent Zhou Chang the money at such a high interest rate. Now that he thought about it, he was really a little dark hearted.

However, he didn’t say he wants a thousand taels. If Zhou Chang could have returned his five hundred taels, his family would be much better.

Jiang Jun immediately didn’t know what to say. Zhou Chang complained to him about Su Qingbai’s heart blackness at the beginning, but he didn’t say that the money owed to the other person had not been returned.

For Su Qingbai’s past, Jiang Mao didn’t ask about it deliberately, but he also heard about it.

Now listening to it, Su Qingbai and Zhou Chang were rogues playing with rogues to see who was more shameless.

Jiang Mao was a little speechless.

“Don’t block the door, go inside. We’ll talk about it later.”

Su Qingbai looked after Jiang Mao, but he didn’t care much and with a cold snort, he went in.

Things were cleared up, so was Su Lingchuan’s case.

Over the next few days, Jiang Mao had been urging the Ministry of Criminal Justice to deal with the matter as soon as possible.

Jiang Mao was quite relaxed when Fifth Prince and Sixth Prince had taken over the political affairs.

Jiang Mao suffered a little injury before, and so he took the opportunity to ask for leave and didn’t go to court for several days. He stayed at home to accompany Su Qingbai and his son; how very at ease.

Who would have known, in these few days Du Cheng unexpectedly escaped from prison.


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