[IDDOPA] Chapter 15.3 Still living is good

Proofreader: Big Sister Maralynx (KoFi)

Translator: bluedreamsfairy💙 (KoFi)

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Warning: This part contains some interesting human interactions. Read it alone.

While sighing, Lin Xiao moved away from Ling Luo’s lips and wiped his own moist mouth. Now he had to wait for the medicine to work. Fortunately, he didn’t wait for long before Ling Luo’s body and skin became red, showing that the medicine was actually effective and that Ling Luo wasn’t in danger anymore, so he finally let go of his anxiousness. Lin Xiao believed that the Dan Pill was a profit by misfortune, and today’s happy encounter could be said to be a great stepping-stone for Ling Luo’s journey of becoming powerful.

If someone asked Lin Xiao if he regretted it since he could clearly not look for Ling Luo and keep the Spiritual Xudan Grass for himself, Lin Xiao would firmly shake his head and reply that no, he didn’t regret.

When Ling Luo turned his head back and cast his own life aside to save Lin Xiao, Lin Xiao felt that Ling Luo was definitely a good and loyal person, so why wouldn’t he care about Ling Luo just because of a Spiritual Xudan Grass?

Besides, Lin Xiao has already let go of his past life’s resentment, vowing that if Ling Luo really survived, then he would treat him well. Not much time was left from when Ling Luo would wake up, and Lin Xiao was actually very tired, so he reclined by Ling Luo’s side, sinking into sleep.



Ling Luo opened his eyes, not believing that he has really survived. When fighting with that monster in the tunnel, he had borrowed Xuan Ye’s strength, barely managing to defeat it. But that split second when he was about to leave the tunnel, he didn’t expect that the monster would choose to self-detonate. So, while hearing Xuan Ye’s curses in his head, which made him dizzy, he was being impacted by a violent explosion, entering a coma.

He was extremely sure that he would be unable to live, but now he didn’t feel the wounds on his body anymore, on the contrary, he felt extremely well. He suddenly reached Huang stage High-level? So fast!

Ling Luo frowned, and then tried to call Xuan Ye’s name, but didn’t receive any answers. Xuan Ye must have exhausted his energy and also fell in coma.

Ling Luo sat up, ready to examine the surroundings. As soon as he got up, he noticed a tired Lin Xiao laying on his side, who has lost weight compared to before. In fact, his body wasn’t that fat anymore, but just a little plump. His clothes were tattered, exposing his pale skin as well as some of his wounds, letting Ling Luo instantly understand what happened.

First of all, Xuan Ye must have used a secret method to save him from the monster’s explosion, finishing his own strength, and sinking into the coma.

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