Quick Transmigration: The Villain is delicate and soft – Chapter 021.3

Counterattack of the short and fat comedian: Chapter 21 (Part 3)


As soon as it involves the XinYue CP, the CP fans begins to appear and comment, crushing Nan Fei Yu as worthless.

Nan Fei Yu’s fans are not to be outdone, says that Shen Yuewen is beneath her. As for forming CP, the target can be Big Director Wen Qian Yuan or possibly, the perfect manager, Owen.

The battle is on the rise. Nan Fei Yu’s Weibo is in foul wind and bloody rain. She can only pacify her own fans but unable to make the other side CP fans calm down.

Afterward, Shen Yuewen and Jiang Xinru both sent out the publicity poster of the male and female lead of <God’s Biography> hugging on Weibo. The CP fans seeing that both of them in tacit understanding finally have their heart comforted that the smoke stops. However, some would still swear at each other occasionally.

It is worth celebrating as <God’s Biography> internet broadcast rating has risen sharply crushing other big IP which is also broadcast in other TV station in the same period.

Nan Fei Yu who is the female supporting role receives acknowledgement on her acting skill by everyone.

This is during the shooting <Mountain Road> which practically give its a wave of publicity making Chen Director laughs happily and beaming with joy as if he has gather treasures.

However, good thing doesn’t last forever. A series of photo suddenly appears on the internet.

The female lead in the photo is her with all sort of men.

She was hugged by Luo Ying, she is ambiguously touching a muscular man and she was carried in Owen’s embrace…

When Nan Fei Yu sees the photo, right away she knows what is going on.

It’s Luo Ying.

He has been looking for her to reconcile but she has lazily ignores him. Now that he has gone angry at her, he probably releases the photos.


This photo unexpectedly reminds everyone that she once kept Luo Ying and this naturally creates an image of her as someone who is loose in moral and vulgar.

The comment sections on the Weibo which releases the photos are filled with negatives comments.

Owen already did the public relation crisis, clarifying that it is due to the shooting angle problem but the outcome is still lacking.

He suspects that there is someone behind the scene who hires water army who is maneuvering the flow.

However, he is rushing trying to put out the fire and has no time to investigate. After reporting this matter to Wen Qian Yuan, he receives a vague answer.

Owen is not stupid. He goes to Nan Fei Yu, asking her to personally speak with Wen Qian Yuan about this.

Nan Fei Yu naturally understand his meaning but she only replies with, “Owen, I can handle it.”

Owen frowns, “Now is not the time to be brave.”

“Wait for a while.” Nan Fei Yu refuses to concede.

Perhaps Luo Ying has been secretly spying on her for a period of time so he must has more photos of her in his hand.

She is waiting for him to come looking for her.

Half month later, <Mountain Road> has finish shooting. Nan Fei Yu returns to her hotel to pack her luggage. However, as it is already late night, she plans to stay for another night and leave the next day.

She hears the doorbell rings and goes to open the door but did not expect to see immaculately dressed Luo Ying.

“Luo Ying?” Nan Fei Yu frowns and stare at him. “How come you are here?”

It may be considered that she has been waiting for him.

Luo Ying face is fills with a gentle smile. Right when she closes her door, he forces himself inside before slamming the door close.


Nan Fei Yu folds her arm and coldly looks at him.

He reaches out wanting to hold her shoulder but she quickly dodges.

“Qian Qian, we reconcile ok?” Luo Ying gazes at her lovingly. “This past few months, I miss you. Qian Qian, why are you ignoring me…”

Nan Fei Yu’s temples pounding, interrupting him speaking, “What is your purpose coming here looking for me?”

Luo Ying coughs a bit, trying to restrain the eagerness on his face. He opens his mouth with anticipation, “Qian Qian, the photos that exposed previously is simply a child’s play.  You don’t suppose I will exposes other photos right?”

Nan Fei Yu’s expression is full with suspicions. In order to convince her, Luo Ying specially take out his phone and show it to her.

One photo is of her and Shen Yuewen forcefully kissed her and another photo the picture of her and Wen Qian Yuan inside a car and the two posture is very intimate.

“Qian Qian, you don’t worry. As long as you listen to me, I will not sent out the photos to reporters.” Luo Ying said but his expression is somewhat cocky.

She has just washed herself up and her fame has risen. Although she has fans but she cannot bear to have any scandal.

The few photos that has been exposed has already damages her reputation so she should already learns her lesson.

He is very confident that Lee Qian Qian will yield.

Nan Fei Yu looks at the two photos and did not panic. She asks quietly, “Is the photo given to you by Jiang Xinru?”

Shen Yuewen forced her while they were still in the production team. At that time, Jiang Xinru seems to be on the scene.

“What Jiang Xinru. Now, I’m the only one who have this photo.” Luo Ying answers evasively.

Seeing the surprise in his eyes, Nan Fei Yu already has the answer in her heart. Did not expect that both of them to gang up together.


“Qian Qian…”Luo Ying begins to grope her. I will not let the photos to be exposed. As long as you promise to come back to me…”

“Luo Ying, you let go of me!” The gap in strength makes Nan Fei Yun unable to thwart.

Luo Ying directly carries her on his shoulder and throws her on the bed.

His face appears abnormally red and his hand tearing the clothes on her body, his eyes burning with heat.

He has waited for so long. Looking at her face getting increasingly charming everyday on television, he has imagine to be able to do this kind of thing to her.

The night is dark and the black Bentley is travelling smoothly on the road.

The phones suddenly vibrates and when Wen Qian Yuan sees the line of numbers with no remarks on it, his eyes emits a glimmer of light.

His finger stays on the connect button for a while before connecting it through and put it on his ear. The voice is indifferent just as in the past. “What?”

Lee Qian Qian flirting with numerous man scandal is plagued by the water army. He has been waiting for her to show weaknesses but it has already been half a month.

Has she finally come to him…

However, when his voice drop, no one said anything on the phone.

He asks again but there is faint voice of two people speaking. However, clearly they are not speaking to him.

More likely that they accidentally dial his number.

His heart chaotic, subconsciously stepping on the accelerator, his impatiently shouts, “Lee Qian Qian?”

Still no response. He frowns and already driving exceeding the speed limit.

After a while, a woman’s panicked cry come through the telephone receiver, “Luo Ying, you let go of me!”

He clenches the steering wheel. Cursing, he wants to say something but the call is instantly cut off.

He take his phone and call Owen, “Owen, where are you? Qian Qian is in danger!”

“Director Wen, Qian Qian is resting at hotel tonight. Xiao Jie and I are not staying there.” Owen questioningly answers and at the same time, his heart start to be alert.


There is undercurrent in Wen Qian Yuan’s dark eyes. He ferociously hang the phone and suddenly presses the accelerator, wishing he can hurries to her side.

“Lee Qian Qian, you better be smart…” He whispers, his hand clenching tightly the steering wheel. The veins on his hand stretch taut.

Fortunately, Wen Qian Yuan is not far from the hotel where she stays. He arrived at the entrance of the hotel and discovers a reporter. He frowns but did not pay attention to him, walking inside quickly.

He seizes a waiter and uses his master key to open Nan Fei Yu’s room. Inside, it is horribly quiet.

T/n note: Next chapter is a long one also which will be cut into 4 parts.

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  1. And thus starts the road to director Wen and Qian Qian getting together….. (Probably)

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