Quick Transmigration: The Villain is delicate and soft – Chapter 022.1

T/n note: Changes Director Wen to President Wen.

Counterattack of the short and fat comedian: Chapter 22 (Part 1)


Wen Qian Yuan looks at the waiter and coldly instructs, “Go out. Close the door and keep out everyone.”

The waiter hesitates but nevertheless still retreats and closes the door.

Wen Qian Yuan walks through the narrow hallway, entering the room. Soon, he sees Luo Ying unconsciously lying on the floor with blood flowing from his head. There is broken glass everywhere.

At the corner, a woman in dishevel clothing is seems to be in panic, hugging her knees and trembling.

Wen Qian Yuan walks over and kneeling down facing her. He reaches out to hold her in his arms.

She seems to be even smaller. Her body is ice cold and the whole body is trembling.

His adam’s apple bobbed up and down and his throat dries up not knowing how to comfort her. His voice is hoarse, “Don’t be afraid. Everything is alright…”

His eyes swept over Luo Ying who is lying on the floor and there is burning anger in his eyes.

Nan Fei Yu heard his voice and trembles in his embrace. Sobbing silently as if scared that he will sees her crying. All along, she buried herself in his embrace that the scalding tears permeate into his cloth, burning into his heart.

After a while, her shaky voice calls out “Wen Qian Yuan…”

“En, I’m here.” Wen Qian Yuan’s hand gently rubbing her back, trying to remove the chill in her body.


She always call him boss. Sometimes she will unconsciously call his name while on bed and he will be even more excited.

However at this moment, the tremor in his heart is telling him that he is in love with her.

Nan Fei Yu is still cowering. Her beautiful face is turning pale and there is red finger mark on her jaw.

Her forehead is presses against his chest and her eyelashes trembling. “Luo Ying…There is a lot of blood on him. Is he dead?”

Luo Ying seems to have been prescribed with drugs. Just now, he was getting more and more hysterical. She thought she could handle it, but afterward she was intimidated by him. She couldn’t handle it.

She smashed the vase at him in a panic and now the whole room is reeking of blood smell.

She intends to use him to bring in Wen Qian Yuan, but never thought that it would be resulting in his death.

Wen Qian Yuan glanced at the unconscious man and whispered softly in her ear, “He will not die, I’ll take you home first, Okay?”

At this moment, he seemed to have put down all arrogance and there is only her in his eyes.

Nan Fei Yu looked out from his embrace,her small hand is ice cold. Holding his arm tightly, her tense face nodded “En.”

Wen Qian Yuan took off his coat and wrapped her tightly. He strongly carries her to stand up.

Walking out of the room, Owen is running over from a distance. There is sweat on his forehead even though the weather is cold. He looks at the two people while slightly panting, “President Wen …”


Nan Fei Yu is held by Wen Qian Yuan in his embrace. Her body is wraps in his coat. Only half of her pale face can be seen.

Seeing Wen Qian Yuan’s expression is still not bad, Owen’s anxiety eased a little.

Wen Qian Yuan steps didn’t stop, asking, “What’s going on with the reporters outside?”

Owen pushes up his glasses, and his voice is slightly cold. “It has been checked. There is an anonymous report that there will be a big news about Qian Qian. Even her room number has been leaked out. Fortunately, they could not enter for the time being.”

Wen Qian Yuan nodded. “I’ll take her back first. Luo Ying is in the room. You take care of it. Don’t alarm the media for the time being.”

Hearing Luo Ying’s name, Owen’s face became grave and he nodded.

Watching Wen Qian Yuan hugging the woman and walking away, Owen stands for a while and exhaled deeply.

When he received a call from Wen Qian Yuan just now, he was so scared that his heart was hanging in his throat. Fortunately, she is fine.

Wen Qian Yuan holds Nan Fei Yu to the first floor and suddenly let her go. His handsome faces has restored to its usual unsmiling face.

He helps her arranges her jacket so that she wouldn’t be too embarrassed and whispered, “Can you walk by yourself?”

Nan Fei Yu nodded but her eyes are red and swollen and her expression is somewhat confused.

Wen Qian Yuan didn’t give much explanation. He reaches out, holding her waist and led her out.

As he was about to leave the lounge, Nan Fei Yu stop and lowers her head. Her eyes evading him and she softly reminds him, “There are paparazzi…”


Her voice raspy sounds adorable yet pitiful to Wen Qian Yuan.

He took her cold hand and with a large strode leads her back to the car.

A few paparazzi crouching at the hotel door shot at them excitedly.

Mother, there is no loss that they have to come out to squat in the middle of the night. There is really an exclusive!

It’s a pity that they couldn’t sneak into the hotel just now. Otherwise there is probably even bigger news!

However, the male lead of the sex scandal with Lee Qian Qian is the Boss of Lecho Entertainment. He did not dare to write it without any evidence or just collect information first and put a discussion about it later. He still want to mix in this line.


Back at the small villa, Nan Fei Yu originally want to get off the car by herself but Wen Qian Yuan carries her again without saying a word.

“I can go by myself …” She struggles a bit but when she sees his expression, she obediently does not moves.

Alas, has he resumes to tyrant president mode?

She lowers her gaze and whispers, “President Wen, thank you just now.”

“Don’t call me President Wen.” He carries her into the hall and walks upstairs step by step.

Nan Fei Yu looked up at him and call out, “Boss?”

Seeing that the tyrant president is playing the role of saving the beauty today, she follows him.

Wen Qian Yuan pursed his lips and says nothing when the phone rang.


The bedroom is silent so Nan Fei Yu could still hear a faint voice from the other side.

It should have been a call from the editor-in-chief of a gossip news website. Since Wen Qian Yuan was photographed so he has called to ask for his opinion.

“Just expose the relationship. Nothing that cannot be written.” Wen Qian Yuan hung up the phone after replying.

He put down his phone and looks at Nan Fei Yu’s blank expression, resembling a little fool.

She bit her lower lip, reminding weakly, “Boss, we have no relationship …”

“I said there is.” His voice is serious..

Nan Fei Yu unable to say anything, her eyes turned red, and her pupils are covered with a mist of water which made people feel pity.

He reaches out and hugs her. The moment she leans on his chest, it is as if she has also fills a space in his heart. He covers her ears, as if sighing he says, “I surrendered, Lee Qian Qian.”

Wen Qian Yuan has been devising battle plan in a tent for more than 30 years and this time he has completely lost.

However, he is perfectly happy to do so.

His innate superiority and arrogance are crushed into dust before her.

Nan Fei Yu reaches for his hands, holding it and blankly asks, “Boss, what are you talking about?”

She is a little surprised at the bottom of her heart. She thought she would need to work harder for a while. However, she didn’t expect him to bend down first.

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5 thoughts on “Quick Transmigration: The Villain is delicate and soft – Chapter 022.1

  1. Ai guess the couple is set then. That too bad.. I liked the manager more, hope he does fine without her and doesn’t get too upset over not getting her. Thank you for the chapter!💕🙏

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  2. He may have been useful today, but I still don’t want to see these two together. Just because an abuser isn’t abusive all the time doesn’t mean he’s a good match. Furthermore, since he’s been cheating on his fiancee, who says he won’t cheat on the MC? A cheater is always a cheater. He already has that habit ingrained and doesn’t respect fidelity.

    I’m kinda surprised the MC isn’t more pumped out about knocking out a would-be rapist. That seems more inline with her personality.

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