Warm Marriage: Honourable Wife is a Little Cute

Chapter 1.4

Translated By AL13N at Foxaholic

Ruan Xiaomian immediately stopped looking and took a deep breath to dispel the sizzling warmth from her face. 

Then she asked, “Do you know me?”


Ruan Xiaomian’s classmate shouted outside once again, and the footsteps were getting closer and closer.

Nan Jue glanced at the doorway, took a long step, stepped a few steps forward, raised his hand and closed the door behind Ruan Xiaomian, making a “bang”.

Ruan Xiaomian is smart. Looking at the door closed by Nan Jue, she immediately wants to open the door, but he stopped her. He spins her body and presses her to the wall beside the door.

She instinctively uses her three-footed kung fu [1]

As expected, her moves were truly half-baked.

She didn’t even get through one move she was defeated.

Ruan Xiaomian was not convinced but could do nothing. She looked at Nan Jue, who was right next to her, defensively, and asked angrily, “What are you doing?”

Nanjue lowered his eyes, glanced at her angry little face, and chuckled, “Are you Ruan Xiaomian?”

Ruan Xiaomian once again heard her name from the mouth of this unfamiliar man in front of her, and her curiosity became deeper.

Did this man really know her?

[1] Half baked skills

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