Warm Marriage: Honourable Wife is a Little Cute

Chapter 1.5

Translated By AL13N at Foxaholic

“Is this still fake? What about you? Do you know me? “

At the doorway, suddenly there was a knock on the door. Then, the voice of the student’s raised again, “Xiao Mian, what are you doing in there? Come out! “

“Coming.” Ruan Xiaomian responded and stopped wondering whether the man knew her or not. She pushed him away and was ready to go out.

Her intuition tells her that it was best to get out of here quickly.

Who would have thought, before she got to the doorway, he tightened her wrists yet again, next second, she was pressed on the wall by him again.

Being repeatedly kabedon-ed by the handsome man did not make Ruan Xiao Mian’s heart beat wildly. Instead, it enraged her from the bottom of her heart.

“What are you doing? Let go of me”

Nan Jue looked down at the little woman in his arms, and his deep eyes were shining with a faint light. “You came to propose to me?”

Ruan Xiaomian couldn’t help but roll her eyes exaggeratedly, “Didn’t my classmate already say? I walked into the wrong room. Who wants to propose to you? Let go!”

When Nan Jue heard those words, his brows furrowed together. Anger rose on his devilishly handsome face, “You weren’t proposing to me? Then who were you proposing to?”

Ruan Xiaomian thinks this man is insane.

What does, who she propose to have anything to do with him?

Or was he angry because she suddenly disturbed him?

Well, she is a good person. She will apologize. [1]

“It doesn’t matter who I propose to. It’s my fault that I went to the wrong room to disturb you. I apologize to you now. I’m sorry. Please let me go. My classmates are waiting for me outside.”

Nan Jue didn’t let her go, but laughed lightly, “let him go, or else I will open the door and let him see you with a naked man. Anyways, I don’t mind being seen by them.”

He laughed, and Ruan Xiaomian also laughed, “Okay, then you open the door. You don’t mind being seen. Do you mind a piece of wool? [2] You look great and have a great figure. I’m sure you want to take a picture with your naked body, 100 yuan and we divided the money. What do you think?”

[1] Good person my as… She entered a stranger’s room, looked at his body…. Karma muahahaha

[2] I don’t know. I looked up online- no result, I asked everyone in the foxaholic discord and the closet someone gave me was: ‘They can’t see properly’… (Thank you, Uncle Kat)
If anyone has any idea is comment below. Thank you

Chapter finish… 🙂 Try other novels in Foxaholic- There are wide variety of them. Also Thank you for reading and being patient with me ❤ Chapter 1 finished

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