Ch 32: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 32: Realistic instance (part 4 of 4)

“Then we should still head to the private study first.” Gu Wuji finally came to the conclusion, “Does anyone have any suggestions?”

The other shook their head.

The third master and his wife were no longer willing to go out again to face the other ghosts that could possibly appear in this villa. Moreover, it would also be difficult for them to move so they intended to stay inside this storeroom.

Gu Wuji had originally planned on just going with the steward. The steward was after all the person who had a clear understanding of the matters at that time, and he was the only one who knew what that item looked like.

Cheng jia and Fang Huihui did not have the intention to stay behind as well, so they went out together with them.

After the other people had left, the room suddenly fell into silence, that fear suddenly rushed into the hearts of the third master and his wife. When had they ever encountered this kind of thing in the several years of their lives?


An almost inaudible sigh suddenly sounded.

“Did you hear that sound?”

“You must’ve heard wrong! There is obviously nothing in here……wait a minute?!”

The two people turned their heads and noticed in an unsettling manner, that the originally empty wall, suddenly had two mirrors.

The mirrors were able to clearly reflect both of their appearances, but the expression turned to have a sinister expression.


The four people headed to the place where the private study room was located. Fortunately, the location of the study room was not far from the second floor, so there was no need to go that far, otherwise, who knows what would still happen along the way.

Seeing the mirrors that were placed all around them while walking, made everyone’s heart somewhat unsettled.

“I really want to break this mirrors directly.” Cheng Jia couldn’t help but sullenly say, “It obviously gives a troubling feeling, yet we can’t do anything.”

“Second young master, you mustn’t be anxious. This may make the situation become more troublesome.” The steward hastily said.

“I am well aware of that.” Cheng Jia let out a sigh and immediately kept pace with Gu Wuji who was ahead.

After that, the process of several people going to the study was unexpectedly smooth, which made them feel somewhat unscientific.

But after pushing the door open, they instantly realized why things just now went so smoothly. As it turns out, the troublesome things had been waiting in this place.

The interior of the study room was actually filled with mirrors. Each angle were slightly different, which enabled it to reflect a person innumerable times, that caused people to have a kind of creepy feeling.

The rows of bookshelves at the side also made people realize, how difficult it was for them to find their objective in this place. There were also a lot of information in this place and the information they needed to search for was from several years ago.

“We have to hurry.” Gu Wuji immediately went in, as he already knew that there was not much time. It was already noon now. If they waited until dark, I’m afraid something very terrible would happen.

The others braced themselves as they also went in. According to what the steward had said, that item was from such a long time ago that it would no longer be placed outside, and should be searched in the boxes at the corner.

Everyone quickly proceeded to the corner, removing the box’s contents and quickly spread it out after finding it.

Maybe because this place was inside the mirror’s realm, the written information was in reverse order, adding quite a lot of trouble in their quest. Even if they find something they believe is their objective, it would still take quite a while for them to be able to recognize the written words.

At this time, the figure of everyone’s reflection in the surrounding mirrors seemed to become increasingly strange, making them extremely vigilant. But not finding any obvious problems, made their spirits more taut.

At this time, a hand had shockingly emerged from the surface of the mirror at the side, and was about to come in contact with the steward who was the closest to the mirror.

Gu Wuji sensed a bad feeling, so he turned his head and quickly caught sight of it. He pulled the steward away at once, the hand that fell into the empty space immediately drew back.

The steward who had just seen that hand’s withdrawing movement, immediately looked pale as the body subconsciously took several steps away.

“Be careful, these mirrors can be dangerous.”

They didn’t dare to think what would actually happen if a person had been pulled inside the mirror.

“We don’t have much time left.” Gu Wuji continued to look at the information on the ground, “The mirrors in this room should have a bit of limitation, but the restriction will also disappear with the passage of time. At that time, the things inside the mirror would no longer be restrained……”

When that time arrives, if they still hadn’t found any information, then they would have no choice but to escape.

At this moment, Gu Wuji suddenly noticed something from the corner of his eyes, crouching/lowering his body down he quickly took out a few sheets of paper from the a pile of information.

This seems to be some written notes, there were even letters that were wedged underneath, the drawings of several mirrors on top was what had really drew in Gu Wuji’s attention.   

The steward immediately said: “Yes, that’s it, I still remember this.”

“Since it was found, we have to hurry and move.” Gu Wuji said this and had just wanted to turn around when his sight suddenly fell upon a certain area on the mirror.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing Gu Wuji’s words, and got up from the floor.

Perhaps due to the numbness of the legs, Fang Huihui stumbled upon standing up, Cheng Jia who was beside her subconsciously wanted to help, but was immediately blocked by Gu Wuji.

“Gu-dashi?” Cheng Jia looked at Gu Wuji in confusion. He certainly wasn’t questioning why Gu Wuji was doing this at all, but just wondered why he would do this kind of thing.

“She isn’t Fang Huihui at all, so you mustn’t come in contact with her.” Gu Wuji said while letting the people back away at the same time.

During the time he had just wanted to turn around, his sight had fallen on the mirror and was able to clearly see the things written on the piece of note.

Written on that piece of paper was, if there were any untoward incident, the person who had been pulled inside the mirror would be replaced by the ghost.

Not only will that ghost pretend to be human, it would even be able to recall the portion of that person’s memory, identifying the disguise would be very difficult……the only mean’s was, that ghost’s image would be the flipped side of the actual person because it had come out from the mirror.

Even though Fang Huihui who was before him did not seem to have any problem at all with a single glance. But Gu Wuji was Gu Wuji after all, and would subconsciously pay close attention to the other people, so he immediately noticed that the particulars of the other person’s items and clothing were completely on the opposite side of what it were before.

“What do you mean?” Fang Huihui said with a shock and an unbelievable expression. The other person seemed to have suffered a huge blow, as the rim of her eyes suddenly reddened, “I haven’t, I didn’t do anything ah, I am Fang Huihui……”

Her words seemed to have a kind of unspeakably vague charm that was able to confuse others, that as long as a bit of doubt existed in their hearts, the mind would be completely affected.

The steward looked somewhat discomfited and said words that exceedingly lacked wisdom, “Is this really a problem? She seems to look just like an ordinary person……”

‘Fang Huihui’ had also looked at Cheng Jia who was standing behind Gu Wuji with a pitiful gaze, she was after all, able to faintly feel that the owner of this body was very close with Cheng Jia. There would certainly be no problems if she started with this person, “Jia-ge, are you also unable to recognize me? I am Huihui, ah.”

Impossible, since Gu-dashi said so, then you definitely wouldn’t be Huihui! Still wanting to mislead me!” Cheng Jia said with a voice full of indignation.

‘Fang Huihui’: “……”

This person is definitely gay!

Raw word count: 7580

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