Game of Gods – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Searching

Said goodbye to Han Feiyu, Yuan Chenfei went to the trading platform area.

It’s been half a day since he made the message, and some people have chosen to sell Blood Orb.

Yuan Chenfei’s money reward on the platform has only 3000 White Crystal Coins left, 1200 has been exchanged for four precious Blood Orbs.

Compared to the later stage, this kind of price was simply as cheap as air.

It didn’t take too long, just a few days later, there would be competitors because the person with the fastest leveling up speed would be able to reach level 5 in five or six days.

At the fifth level, the gamer would have three more skills.

Five skills needed of a hundred skill points, and gamers would realize the importance of Blood Orb, which would lead to price increases.

Having four Blood Orbs, this time Yuan Chenfei did not choose to add skill points into Duel Space. With Elite monsters, adding a Common monster wasn’t worth it.

What he needs now was to improve his own strength so that he could conquer a stronger pet in the future.

Yuan Chenfei used two Blood Orbs to raise Master of All to level 3, and the remaining two were stored.

In this way, his own strength has increased a lot.

Waving the blade, Yuan Chenfei clearly felt that he was more skilled in the use of it.

He also felt more familiarity with the crossbow.

Although Master of All level 3 did not allow him to become a sharpshooter, at least close-range shooting would not happen again.

Not bad!

Yuan Chen Fei nodded with satisfaction and then left.

Leaving the tower, Yuan Chenfei to a nearby store to buy a tablet computer and a monocular.

Yes, there are also computers sold in the Tower of God.

It was placed in the system store as an item, and the price was not cheap: 3000 White Crystal Coin. It had only one function, the map.

This tablet came with a map of the sale area and can be used to download local maps after the owner has come to other places.

Yes, other maps would need to be paid for.

As for the provision of computing services, in short, “please pay for the upgrade”.

Buying these two things, Yuan Chenfei went toward a tall building in the suburbs.

The advent of the Gods has made the once-prosperous shops a desolate place.

To be precise, they, like supermarkets, lost their supply after selling all the goods. There were smart businessmen who closed the mall without waiting for the goods to run out, which also causes anger and noisiness of countless people.

The first cause of the fights on the streets was related to this.

Noisy, awkward, hateful of the business’s blackmail, greed, and anger at the government’s inaction, but never think about what they did. When they are angry with the government’s inaction, who actually listens to the government’s words?

Of course, saying this is undoubtedly against the public.

And the public is always right!

So people who went to the streets to make trouble were also full of justice. At least they thought so.

Yuan Chenfei was too lazy to interact with these troubles, the most important thing for the advance is to not be slowed down by the people behind.

Bypassing the noisy area, Yuan Chenfei came to a building.

The mall here has been closed and the iron gate has been lowered.

However, this couldn’t trouble Yuan Chenfei.

He jumped gently and landed into the hall above the mall door, punching the window and climbing in from the window.

The mall was empty.

There was no goods, and even if there was, they’re also hidden.

Yuan Chenfei was not interested in the goods, he just wanted to go upstairs.

Because of the power failure, the elevator was useless.

He walked upstairs all the way.

There were more than 30 layers in this building, but with the endurance of Yuan Chenfei it wasn’t a problem.

Came to the top of the building, Yuan Chenfei directly jumped to the rooftop.

From here to the four sides, he could observe the city.

At this time, Yuan Chenfei took out Glasses of Insight, monoculars and tablets.

First open the tablet, connect the data cable at the end of the monocular to the tablet, and then Yuan Chenfei inserted the Glasses of Insight into the monocular as a single piece of the mirror. Next, Yuan Chenfei began to search around with this telescopes.

In a monocular, one target passes over his line of sight. Every time the cross focal length is aligned with a target, a corresponding introduction appears next to it.

Name, level, class.

It’s that simple.

But this kind of information was already very useful.

The monoculars swept through the targets and looked patiently.

The reason why he wants to go to the suburbs is because the number of monsters here was significantly higher.

Soon, a target entered the field of view of Yuan Chenfei.

It was a stray dog ​​near the suburbs. It looked like it was harmless. It was so motionless in the grass, but in a monocular, its display is:

Hound, level 2 Elite monster.

Just then there was a person passing by, just as he passed, the hound had jumped out and bi his throat.

That man was an ordinary person who had not yet become a gamer. So he was quickly killed by this bite. The body of the man had been dragged into the grass and swallowed up by the hound.

“Sure enough, they have learned how to hide.” Yuan Chenfei whispered.

Pressing the small button next to the monocular, a red dot appears on the map that comes with the docked tablet.

From this moment on, the target was locked in the map, no matter where the target was, as long as it’s still alive and within the map, the map would be displayed its location, valid for 24 hours.

Yes, this was one of the function of this map, otherwise who would spend 1000 White Crystal Coins to buy it?

After marking the hound, Yuan Chenfei began to search for new targets.

This was a long day.

When the night came, because of the shortage of electricity, everything was quiet and dark. Only a few places cought illuminate the light.

Night was also the time when monsters were active. There were quite a lot of monsters whose vision was not affected by the night, such as cats, owls, bats, mice, and so on.

These creatures became extraordinarily fierce after evolution, and there was no movement during the day and they began to make noise at night.

Some daring people would choose to go hunting at this time.

The efficiency of the night was obviously higher than during the day, and of course, the danger was also greater.

It didn’t matter if they couldn’t see the road, the gamers have already found a way: Look for a miner’s cap and then put a White Crystal Coin into it. Crystal Coins were universal energy, they could be used for everything.

After nightfall, most of the area fell into the darkness, and only a few stars shined around, and those who were interested in the future and bravely embraced the new future were exploring.

However, Yuan Chenfei did not rush to fight monsters but continued to search. Monoculars also had night vision functions.

Time unknowingly flew.

Finally, it was the midnight.

As the bell rang, Yuan Chenfei heard a familiar voice.

Mystra: “The day is over. Number of participants: 1, number of winning duel: 1. The 1st place: Yuan Chenfei.”

When hearing this voice, Yuan Chenfei smiled slyly.

There was only one duel in total. If he’s not the first place, who else?

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