The Whole Tribe Wants To Have Baby With Me Chapter 11

☆Chapter 11: I’m very useful

In the whole tribe, the one who could manage Liang Yue was only his father, Liang Chuan.

However, Liang Chuan had long entrusted the tribal affairs to Liang Yue. In other words, whatever Liang Yue did would not be censured by others. Except for the tribal affairs of life and death, Liang Yue could do no matter what, regardless of the law and of natural morality.

It’s not worth mentioning if Liang Yue put the beastmen who came for the blind date at home to play, because he liked them. Anyway, it would be fine after a little Azure Dragon was born.

Perhaps it was because Tai Chen saw Liang Yue hesitated and didn’t immediately agree with him, he thought that Liang Yue couldn’t refuse him face to face and was thinking hard about the wording, therefore Tai Chen said thoughtfully: “Forgive me, Your Highness. I know that I’m too impetuous, but I really want to be close to Your Highness. I hope Your Highness doesn’t dislike me.”

Although Tai Chen said so, his eyes were full of depressed emotion, which made Liang Yue could not bear to watch.

Liang Yue put down his iron spoon and said, “Not disliking, you’re very good.”

 Tai Chen was surprised to hear that and looked up in somewhat bewildered.

Liang Yue touched Tai Chen’s soft white short hair and said to Tai Chen with a little regret, “I just don’t want to take you in the palace all day and play with your beast form while I still have to meet many other beastmen in blind dates.”

It would be too unfair for Tai Chen if Liang Yue was to look at the pot while eating in the bowl. Even if Tai Chen was willing to, the other beastmen were also looking forward to getting close to him sooner than planned.

Ah Bao was also listening on the side. At this time, he chimed in and said, “Your Highness, don’t worry about this. If Your Highness likes me, I’ll be happily willing too!”


Tai Chen shook his head gently as he looked at Liang Yue with emotion, pulled down Liang Yue’s hand which was touching his hair and held it in his hand. Then he lowered his head and pursed his lips before he said softly, “Your Highness is so good… It’s me, who is too bad. I’m sorry, Your Highness. “

Liang Yue took out his hand, put it back on his knee, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Ah Bao also looked at Tai Chen incomprehensibly.

Tai Chen’s head was lowered as he said softly, “In fact, although I really want to have children with Your Highness, but I know that I am too old.”

Liang Yue was even puzzled: “You look all right.”

It was not just all right, he was just in the prime.

It was unknown if it was because Tai Chen liked to catch fish and swim that his skin was very good; it was smooth and delicate, and his complexion was white. If it were not for his strong facial features, just by looking at his skin, if he said he was a teenager, Liang Yue would believe it.

Liang Yue then said with a smile, “If you are considered old at thirty years old, then won’t I be older than old when I only turned to adulthood at a hundred years old?”

Azure Dragon turned into adulthood at one hundred years old, where other beastmen’s lifespans were one hundred years old. For Liang Yue, no matter who he chose, the partner must be ahead of him (in terms of adulthood).

Tai Chen shook his head gently, with deep apology in his tone, he said: “Your Highness is different… The average beastmen turn into adults are at 20 years old, and sterile at 50 years old. I am already 30 years old, I have ten years shorter than the other beastmen to bear children. My chance of bearing Your Highness a little Azure Dragon is only two-thirds of the other beastmen. So I should not be too impetuous, taking the opportunity to seduce and get close to Your Highness… Your Highness is so good. If I am Your Highness’s  first one, and let’s say that I can’t give birth to a little Azure Dragon, then I’ve let the whole tribe down.”

After Liang Yue listened, he sighed softly.

What Tai Chen liked was the Little Azure Dragon that he looked up to all the time and was deified. Meanwhile, Tai Chen put himself in a very low position, and even made the pairing as sacred meaning. If Liang Yue chose Tai Chen as the first choice to pair with because of his successful seduction, then Tai Chen would feel guilty and blaming himself for a lifetime.

If possible, Liang Yue still hoped that he and his partner could treat each other equally, rather than one of them was responsible for looking up to and dedicating, even bearing children should consider age and the whole tribe.

However, Tai Chen had been preparing for so long, but he felt inferior to his age. Because of his age, he shrunk away, which made Liang Yue feel a little heartache.

Tai Chen’s soft hair felt good. Liang Yue reached out and stroked Tai Chen’s fluffy white ears. He asked, “If you are the first, what would you do?” 

“It’s better not to be the first.” Tai Chen replied immediately, “But if Your Highness still likes me, my heart will always be like this, and Your Highness can do anything.” Tai Chen rubbed against Liang Yue’s hand, took the iron cover of the food box into his hand, and said, “This is for Your Highness.”

Liang Yue looked down and saw Tai Chen’s fingers gently caressed and stroked on the surface of the iron box. Soon, on the cover of the iron box appeared a front picture of big cat. The big cat sat crouched down with his front paws extended straight and closed to its belly on the ground, while the eyes stared at Liang Yue with matchless admiration.


Tai Chen asked expectantly, “Your Highness is still too thin, can I keep delivering food to Your Highness? I had inquired about it to the beastmen who came to attend the blind date, and they are all happy to cook for Your Highness. I will check everything from ingredients to cooking methods.”

Liang Yue nodded.

Although the people could not really be touched, but gifts could still be received.

Breakfast was finished in a little melancholy. Liang Yue put the lid of the food box engraved with the beast form of Tai Chen in his hand as he said goodbye to Tai Chen and Ah Bao. He was going to the next blind date’s site to meet the fourth beastman.

It was a while before the appointed time, so Liang Yue walked on the mountain road at the back of the mountain. He slowed down and spread out his hands. He unconsciously looked at the gift given by Tai Chen in his hand, at that palpable form of a big cat on the iron cover and his thoughts went away.

Suddenly a thick voice sounded in Liang Yue’s ear. Liang Yue could recognize it; it was Ah Xiong’s voice.

Then, he heard Ah Xiong’s voice with a slight tone of resentment asked: “It’s such a long breakfast, you like that hairless old cat?”

“Nn, a little.” Liang Yue answered without thinking through and continued to walk with his head down.

Ah Xiong’s angry voice followed, as if following Liang Yue: “there is nothing beautiful about being hairless. Turn your head and look at me.”

Liang Yue finally realized the two points of wrongness. Wasn’t Ah Xiong tied to the pillar of the pavilion in the garden? Could it be he was going to break the oath and come out by himself?

Liang Yue turned head to look back. He was surprised to see Ah Xiong looking like he was carrying a super light big pillow on his back; his left hand was backhanded in the back, carrying the stone pillar of the pavilion on his back. His ankle was still tied to the rope while the other end of the rope continued to be tied to the pillar.

Ah Xiong said: “You said that my ankle tied to the pillar is the range of my activity, right? Now it’s not against your rules.”

Liang Yue: “…..”

Liang Yue didn’t expect that Ah Xiong would tear down the pavilion and walk around with the pillar on his back, so that right now he caught the loophole.

Seeing that Liang Yue didn’t say no, Ah Xiong confidently stuck out his chest and said with a smile, “Look at my chest, let you know of the advantages of hairiness. Their ordinary beastmen’s hairiness are useless except for its beauty, but I’m different!”

Liang Yue looked at Ah Xiong’s face levelly, glanced at his chest full of thick chest hair, then turned away his eyes, and answered with a light voice: “Not pleasing to look at.”

Ah Xiong: “…..”

“What’s your appreciation of the beauty?” Ah Xiong complained: “My chest hair is obviously very beautiful and even very useful!”

“Oh?” Liang Yue really couldn’t even think of any use for his chest hair.

Seeing that Liang Yue was finally a little curious, Ah Xiong put his chest up again and said with a smile, “My chest hair can spray fire! You take a look.”

As soon as Ah Xiong’s voice fell, the hairs on his chest gradually changed from black to bright red. As a result of the high heat, the roots were raised, and a little bit of spark foam burst out, and then a cluster of high flames rose!

The flame was so strong that it could even go straight to the sky. The red flame had been rising all the time, which had dyed the clouds on top of Ah Xiong’s head red! The rising heat in the air also made Liang Yue step back. Ah Xiong saw that the performance was enough, so he let his chest hair burnt off, and his chest hair changed from red to black.

“Isn’t it powerful, much more useful than theirs?” Taking credit for it, Ah Xiong said with a smile: “Not only will my chest hair spray fire, but also the hair on my hands, feet and head can too, oh!”

Liang Yue: “Oh.”

Ah Xiong: “…..”

After seeing it, Liang Yue turned around and walked on exasperatedly slow.

Seeing that Liang Yue’s reaction was too weak, Ah Xiong had to carry the pillar on his back and follow Liang Yue’s exasperatingly slow pace, reluctantly excited himself as he said: “so that’s to say, the hairless old cat was cocky with some clothes and even asked me to shave without knowing that he would burn to death if I moved my chest hair. It’s all for your sake, you know, make your people not be too cocky….. You also don’t be too cocky, you know? You touched those little white cats yet not once you touch me. If I move my chest hair again, they will die % * % *… % *… Anyway, take notice of me properly, what are you thinking now?”

Liang Yue stopped his footsteps, looked at the iron box cover with big cat pattern given by Tai Chen, sighed as he said, “I’m thinking, if I can’t have a little Azure Dragon, what to do?”

Tai Chen’s worry about his age reminded Liang Yue that if they couldn’t bear the offspring of Azure Dragon, there would be no Azure Dragon that could control the water in the tribe in case of another flood and drought, or if the Western Tribe invaded and set fire, and with the Eastern Tribe’s backward technology while living and surviving under the protection of Azure Dragon, would not the entire Eastern Tribe suffer?

Even if he could have the offspring of Azure Dragon, what to do if his offspring couldn’t reproduce?

In case his offspring was infertile, in case his offspring’s spouse died prematurely, in case…

It’s too dangerous to rely on the offspring of Azure Dragon for the safety of the whole tribe. Liang Yue himself had great pressure.

Ah Xiong clicked his tongue and said: “How can you not have offspring, your ancestors had never thought about this problem.” After a pause, Ah Xiong cried out in disbelief and exaggeratedly asked: “Don’t tell me you can’t?!”


Liang Yue shook his head and thought of the ancestors of Azure Dragon, in which each generation had many Azure Dragons. But by Liang Chuan’s generation, it had been a few generations of single descendent, in that case…

Liang Yue could not help worrying.

Looking up at the fleeting clouds in the sky, he only felt that the future of the Eastern Tribe was just like the fleeting clouds.

Ah Xiong said laden with grief and unbelievable, “Heavens ah, you actually can’t do it. No wonder we seduced you and you didn’t respond. Sigh, my life is so hard. It’s so hard for me to react to males, how can you not able &%…&%…&%……”

Liang Yue turned his head and supervised Ah Xiong. Ah Xiong suddenly stopped his voice, as if he was afraid to touch Liang Yue’s sore spot.

Liang Yue said: “I’m going to meet the fourth blind date beastman. You wait here, don’t move.”

Ah Xiong mumbled: “Aren’t you not able to, why still need the blind date? I had to take the onerous task to follow you, so as you don’t hurt other beastmen.”

Being said so a few times, a man had to deny it, so Liang Yue said, “It’s not that I can’t do it. If you follow me, you can only follow up to here.”

“Oh, well.” Ah Xiong scratched his hair awkwardly, cracked his mouth in a smile, and sat on the ground with the pillar on his back.

Xah: I’m so bored that I did this chapter using my phone. It was hard though… the technical of it… wish I had brought my laptop…

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