Announcement for 3M, YCY & JHitH

Dear readers of 3M, YCY and JHitH, it’s your friendly (and lazy) translator Akiha (or Solace) here~
I have 2 news to share – a good one and a bad one. And so, let’s start off with the good one:

1. The site will be moving (though for my case I’m not sure when since I have yet to begin to move my novels) to a new site~

It’s still Foxaholic, but with a new theme, site URL, interface and system~ (You can get notified directly of the novel you’re following, so you will not be notified for every single updated project of Foxaholic)

Until the migration is done, the updates will still be on this site~ And for my case, once again, I’m not sure my next update will be on this or the new site as you can see below which:

2 The bad news would be – I will be on hiatus until around after Christmas or New Year as I will be sitting for my finals tomorrow (5 Dec) until 16/12 (Monday). Why Christmas or New Year? Right after my finals, I’m rushing to and fro my hometown right after the paper ends, and on the weekend I’m rushing back to the capital to attend CF (Comic Fiesta) 2019. After the 2 day of CF, I will be going on a vacation for a week (23/12 Monday -27/12 Friday)


2.5 With that said, I will still try to translate the chapters during this time period before my papers are done so that I can release around 1 chapter/novel as aChristmas gift and another for New Year release. (Will try my best to, but I really can’t guarentee too much)

And so, that’s all from me. I will not be dropping any of the projects on hand, so no worries~ But since my final year are coming after next semester, all I can still say is, I will try my best to cope with all the things on hand~ The last part is just a heads up just in case my updates became less frequent than it is now……

One thought on “Announcement for 3M, YCY & JHitH

  1. 1.) 👍👍👍👍💓 +1
    coz now I would only be notified of only those few books I follow and not the entire library of updates here and not get swamped with notifs *lol.
    2.) Good luck with the finals and do enjoy your vacation. 💓


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