New ch: The yakuza's love towards the kitchenmaid is too heavy ch 35

Heyaaa~ happy new year everyone!

new ch new month new year 😀 if you remember, its ‘punishment’ time >///< Ch officially out on Saturday (with straight link)

Here’s ch 35 (curvy link) — click on curvy link to view in advance~

[Curvy steps: 1. click on box beside ‘i’m not a robot’ 2. Close ads & click continue 3. wait & get link]

or here (straight link)


p.s. it seems the curvy link from clksh has changed and some have trouble with it. Previously, it was 2,3 popups when u follow the steps with no other issue.. So, if u have trouble with it, you don’t have to use it. Its there for people who have no issues with it, & for me, extra motivation to translate (like maybe a cuppa bubble tea, i’m not even there yet, it generates really little, less than a third of a cent for a click LOL(„ಡωಡ„)) But looking at it now, i’ll stop with clksh & change to smth else when i hit min withdrawal… Soo, dont worry! I’m also def not doing away with the straight link, it’ll be put up, in a while, so u can just ignore the curvy & wait for the straight link if u have troubles with it.

On a side note, those who can’t stand ads, but would like to support me anyway or wants to read more chapters, you can consider to give me that extra shot of motivation/coffee/ bubble tea below heh ( ´ ▽ ` ) ♡ cheersss~


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