DOTA Madness Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Let It Go

Di Feiping only hesitated for a moment, then drew out his sword and rushed toward Zhao Dingguo!

“Don’t attack! This is a misunderstanding!”

Zhao Dingguo just passed by here by accident. Moreover, witnessing the fierceness of Di Feiping before, he knew that even if the other party was already extremely weak, he was still weaker. However, Di Feiping, who had already taken the lead, ignored it. Seeing Zhao Dingguo dodged his attack, he continued to chase down without a word!

This guy clearly wants to kill me!

Although his action was distorted due to the fatigue, Di Feiping’s attributes were indeed much higher than Zhao Dingguo. Zhao Dingguo was trying his best to avoid, but he was still hit a few times!

The severe pain instantly detonated Zhao Dingguo’s anger and warfare!

“Want to kill me?”

The flames in Zhao Dingguo’s heart burned, he roared aloud, didn’t retreat but bumped into Di Feiping!

Although he did not take the initiative to kill people, if he was threatened, he would never stand still!

Normally, facing such an attack, Di Feiping has a hundred ways to evade and counterattack. But now, without waiting for his sword to stab, the wounds on his body made him involuntarily slow down. Before the big sword stabbed at Zhao Dingguo, Zhao Dingguo had rushed into his arms first, and hit the hand which held his weapon!

The big sword was sent fly!

Under the disparity of attribute suppression, Zhao Dingguo felt that each punch was like hitting a steel plate. Although his body also had a hero physique, thus he was able to exert his maximum power by 100%, at this moment, he still had a deep feeling of weak.

On the contrary, every stroke of Di Feiping could bring great damage to Zhao Dingguo!

After only being hit with three punches, Zhao Dingguo felt a burst of pain in his body and the pain of tearing made his eyes darkening. He has a feeling that he will surely die if he takes so many punches!

However, he could not retreat now!

Once he gave the enemy even a little time, then the veteran Di Feiping would recover and swallow him like the cruelest hungry wolf. Moreover, he knew that Di Feiping’s condition must be worse than him!

One shall stand, one shall fall!

Zhao Dingguo knew that his only advantage was that he was in good shape. If he couldn’t bring down Di Feiping before that guy recovered enough to use skill, the dead one would be him. Therefore, he used almost every means to kill the man who was clearly on the verge of death but was not falling!

At this moment, in the dark alley, two BG users were fighting silently. The policemen on the back street haven’t left yet. Neither of them wanted to attract their attention. They could only silently enduring the pain, changed it into power!

Zhao Dingguo was sure that he had never been so crazy in his life!

However, now he has to fight for his own life. Stimulated by the smell of blood and severe pain, Zhao Dingguo took his heart, grabbed the crumbling Di Feiping’s shoulders, and hit his face directly with his head three times!


Di Feiping gasped and snarled. Later, he tried his best to break Zhao Dingguo’s grab, then turned around and fled.

“Thinking you can run?”

Zhao Dingguo knew that since he had this feud with the other party, he must kill the opponent. Otherwise, offending such a High Noon expert, the other party would definitely come to revenge in the future.

This was different from the threat of the veteran in the Death Match. At that time, Soul Keeper’s word was mostly unwillingness. In fact, it was unlikely that he would spend a lot of effort and time to find him. But today was a battle of life and death, how could this Di Feiping stop and forgive him?

I must kill him!

Therefore, Zhao Dingguo picked up the big sword, forcing the biting pain on his body to catch up.

The weapon looked big and heavy in Di Feiping’s hands, but in his hands, it turned into an ordinary long sword. Although it was cold and shiny, its texture was good, it was far less intimidating than the big sword at that time!

However, this doubt was thrown away instantly. Right now, the most important thing was to kill the man in front of him!

Between chasing and fleeing, the two soon reached the end of the alley, about to rush to the streets of the city.

Based on the blood and appearance of the two people, they would definitely be noticed by the police once they leave. At that time, no one could run!

Precisely because of this fear, that Zhao Dingguo and Di Feiping stopped involuntarily. Di Feiping’s body in front of him was half in the dark, but his back was already exposed under the street light. With the dim light, Zhao Dingguo noticed Di Feiping’s look. He really has only one last breath now. If Di Feiping didn’t have a hero physique, maybe he would faint or die right on the spot!

“Hey, hey, can we have a deal? Sign a BG contract, you will let me go, and I will give you the Oath of Inheritance card!”

Di Feiping leaned halfway on the wall, even trying to say these words, he really planned to be soft.

“No need to!”

Facing this proposal, Zhao Dingguo refused without hesitation. The card was precious, but an enemy of High Noon rank was even more terrible. Zhao Dingguo would rather not, nor would he want to be approached by such an enemy in the future! Therefore, he didn’t hesitate for a moment, drew his sword and went up, thrusting it into his chest!

Maybe it was the light, Di Feiping’s eyes flashed with resentment and viciousness. He screamed with his last strength and then fell down like a lifeless doll.

The next moment, the nameplate emerged from his chest. The silver ID above flashed a bit, and eventually turned into a light point dissipated. On his body, a green key came out of thin air!

This was the True Name Key obtained by killing Di Feiping!

“Someone over there!”

The screams stunned the police outside. Because this case involved several deaths, so they did not leave even at night. Hearing another screaming here, the police subconsciously drew the pistol out and rushed over to Zhao Dingguo’s location.

“Not good!”

Di Feiping’s deliberate screams really troubled Zhao Dingguo. In a hurry, he picked up the key and put it in the nameplate space, then turned around and tried to escape.

However, the police came much faster than he thought. Before he ran dozens of steps, four or five policemen chased him. Under the bright light of a flashlight, they saw the body on the ground, and Zhao Dingguo, who was covered with blood, was turning away!


“Stop right now, or we’ll fire!”

Several police officers immediately chased after him, called for surrender and fired warning shots at the sky.

After killing Di Feiping, Zhao Dingguo’s current state was also very poor. He has not experienced any reinforcement and has no equipment, so he couldn’t resist the continuous shooting of such a few policemen. In desperation, he could only stand still obediently, raising his hand to surrender.

If I continue to escape, it is likely that I will be shot directly. And if I surrender temporarily, maybe I can ask Old Li for help!

With his influence, Old Li could probably get him out, at most he only had to pay a little more for it. Earning WP so easy, presumably no BG user would refuse!

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