DOTA Madness Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Your Heart Is Not Cruel Enough

With a harsh rattle, the metal door of the interrogation room was pushed open.

A police station leader that Zhao Dingguo had seen on TV walked in. His brow frowned, and he seemed to be in serious trouble. If Zhao Dingguo remembered correctly, this one should be a deputy director of the Public Security Bureau.

“Already awake?”

Found that Zhao Dingguo was watching him, the deputy director smiled reluctantly and came over.

Zhao Dingguo didn’t know how to answer him, so he nodded.

Although his attitude was a little rude, the deputy director was not angry, he just pulled a chair and sat in front of him, looking at him carefully. After a while, he said with a meaningful tone: “Little brother, your family has quite a background. It only took a few hours after you come in, and there are several phone calls come to here and the city’s mayor!”

“Ah, it’s fine.”

Zhao Dingguo felt his spirit refreshed, knowing that the influence of Old Li in the real world came into effect. From the attitude of this deputy director, he was sure that this case should be fine.

The deputy director saw that Zhao Ding’s state, only thinking that his mind was stimulated when he killed a person, so he stopped questioning. He didn’t get up until the clock on the wall rang three times, took a few steps in the interrogation room, and determined: “I want to ask a question, if you can tell me, I will let you go now. Otherwise, even if you have relationships with powerful people, I can drag on for two days! ”

Zhao Dingguo asked, “What’s the problem?”

The deputy director looked back at him and said, “What’s wrong with City K in recent days? Some strange things were suppressed by the newspaper as soon as it was published. Moreover, some of the high-level officials did not even investigate in secret. Jean, this is very abnormal. You are also very backgrounded. Do you know anything? ”

Is this still asking?

Zhao Dingguo knew that everyone who tried to cover up had BG users behind, and there was likely to be more than one organization in this matter. Divine Rapier Society, Arcana Party, and other forces participated in it. However, these words cannot be told to him.

After a deep groan, he asked, “What do you want to do? Check it out?”

The deputy director nodded and said, “So many accidents and disasters have occurred in City K in succession. Someone must be pushed out as a scapegoat. The director has relationships with officers in high positions, and some people have stated that he will not be investigated. So I, the deputy, am likely to take off the hat! The main problem is, I don’t even know what is going on, and I can’t accept to lose my position for such unclear things! ”

Having said that, he took a serious tone and asked, “Who the hell is it that has caused so many things in the eastern part of City K? What is his purpose? Also, the murder scene that related to you has been abnormal. There are burning and explosion, but our staff did not find any traces of gunpowder or fuel on the scene. What is going on? ”

Facing his questioning, Zhao Dingguo shrugged and said, “Don’t people said that ‘the curiosity killed the cat’? The real cause of recent incidents is different from what you think. Knowing nothing is good for you! ”

“You do know something!”

The deputy director stared at him with a burning look, apparently not willing to give up.

Zhao Dingguo was helpless and said, “Some things cannot be said. If you know, you will be dead! In short, I can tell you that such incidents will not last for a long time, maybe it will stop in the next day or two.”

“Is it?”

The deputy director saw Zhao Dingguo refused to say that he was slightly annoyed. However, several previous phone calls have proved that this ordinary-looking youth had an extraordinary background. Torture was definitely not good, he had no choice but to put Zhao Dingguo here first, intend to close for two days to air.

Only after more than an hour and the night was still dark, the deputy director came in again.

He looked at Zhao Dingguo angrily, and finally waved helplessly: “You can go!”


Zhao Dingguo was a bit surprised and got up and followed him out.

In the reception room of the Public Security Bureau, he saw Old Li and a big-bellied official beside him. Outside the door of the reception room, two rows of heavily armed soldiers were faintly visible. Although there were sparse police officers confronting them, they were obviously lacking in anger, and they turned around and fled when they heard the sound of gunfire.

“Dingguo, are you okay?”

Seeing Zhao Dingguo coming out, Old Li strode over and patted him on the shoulder. After looking up and down, he nodded with satisfaction: “I’m relieved to see that you’re fine.”

“Thank you very much!”

Zhao Dingguo shook hands with him vigorously, and the gratefulness came from his heart.

Old Li smiled freely and said, “It’s nothing, anyone can still have a difficult time. Just remember my good in the future!”

As he said, he turned his head and said to the official again, “Director Zhang, I’m sorry to trouble you this time! If you have time to come to Pearl City, I’ll treat you!”

Hearing Old Li’s promise, the officer’s face showed a false smile, hehe said, “Boss Li is polite. Since he is Yang Shao’s friend, he is naturally also my friend. This little help is nothing! The investigators found out that the murder had nothing to do with your relative, he was passing by purely! ”

“That’s good!”

Old Li nodded, and finally shook hands with the heads of several people who came to hear the news, and then took Zhao Dingguo out of the city bureau. Seeing Old Li coming out, the two rows of soldiers also closed. The action was quick, and there was almost no noise during the action. This well-trained performance make the policemen around shocked for a while.

“Get on the plane first!”

Old Li said to Zhao Dingguo and took him on a small private helicopter. Escort by several other military gunships, they flew out of dozens of kilometers, and randomly found a building roof that could take off and land the helicopter and fell.

“It should be safe enough here. Come and talk.”

Talking, Old Li jumped down from the helicopter and walked to the rooftop.

The night breeze on the top of the building was so strong that they blew their shirts up and down. Zhao Dingguo breathed a sigh of relief, stood tall and looked down, his heart widened inexplicably. Until now, he was completely put aside the troubles caused by the battle between the two BG organizations.

“It’s like this …”

Under the inquiries of Old Li, he said something about the story. However, when it came to the Oath of Inheritance, he still made concealment with reservation. Even Twilight rank users would fight for it, that treasure could even provoke two BG organizations to go to war!

Although Old Li was very kind to him, there were times when the necessary defense was needed.

“So it is!”

After listening to Zhao Dingguo’s words, Old Li thought for a while, but did not blame him, only said a comment: “Your heart is not cruel enough! If you want to live well in the circle of BG users, you must first learn cruelty!”

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