DOTA Madness Chapter 60

Chapter 60: The Unlucky Dragon Knight

The three heroes rushed ahead were hit hard by the stun of Scourge. Earthshaker was also moving forward, and would soon release his ultimate in the middle of the crowd!

However, how could the Drow Ranger and Rylai let their teammates be attacked by the Scourge heroes?

The intention of this formation was to let three teammates absorb the first round of skills. Now that the goal was achieved, the two naturally entered the battlefield in time. Before that, Scourge had the advantage in number and occupying the high slope, naturally, they could suppress three enemy heroes. But after the five Sentinel heroes got together, the situation immediately began to change. Seeing Earthshaker was about to cast Echo Slam, the Drow Ranger directly released her Silence skill!

Compared to the single-targeted skill of Bloodseeker and Night Stalker, Drow Ranger’s Silence was an AoE skill. All the units centered on Earthshaker were Silenced, and one more time his ultimate could not be released!

Now, the Drow Ranger could use her powerful DPS ability freely!

Rylai was not to be outdone, she first slowed down all enemy heroes with Crystal Nova, and then frozen Night Stalker with Frostbite in an attempt to save Bloodseeker!

“Dragon Knight, kill Bloodseeker, he’s running out of HP!”

Night Stalker yelled aloud on the voice channel, reminding Zhao Dingguo to kill the one with least HP first.


Zhao Dingguo followed and joined the attack on Bloodseeker. When Rylai’s Frostbite ended, the tragic Bloodseeker was also sent back to the base. From start to finish, he failed to release his skills. However, although Bloodseeker died first, Zhao Dingguo’s face didn’t mean much ease.

By now, the skills of the heroes of the Scourge have basically been vacated, and they were all cooling down!

Out of the Stunned state, Pandaren Brewmaster and Sven have begun to fight back!

Despite being hit by Nerubian Assassin’s Mana Burn, Pandaren Brewmaster deliberately held back and did not release Thunder Clap. Therefore, his remaining MP was still enough. After analyzing the situation, Pandaren activated the ultimate without waiting.

The appearance of three full-blooded elemental pandas immediately disrupted the battlefield!

Sven also released the Warcry, added defense and movement speed to his own allies, then activated God ‘s Strength, and finally hit both Jakiro and Earthshaker with the hammer of the storm!

The Sentinel’s counterattack was quite sharp, and the skills were released smoothly in one go!

Although Jakiro was not too brittle, he was only an Intelligence hero after all. After the Drow Ranger turned Frost Arrow and focus on him, his HP quickly dropped to the bottom, and finally was killed by Sven. Immediately afterwards, the Drow Ranger set her eyes on Earthshaker!

This disabler was always the biggest threat to them.

Sentinel’s current advantage had a lot to do with the fact that they have effectively restricted the performance of Earthshaker.

Although Bloodseeker overestimated his strength and died first, Sentinel still had quite a lot of CC skills. Although the effect of Silence was over, the Earth panda used Hurl Boulder to stun him. Under the command of the Drow Ranger, Sven also turned his firepower toward Earthshaker, thus he was forced to release his ultimate in hurry!

However, the property of Echo Slam was that the more enemies nearby, the higher the damage. If only two or three units were affected, the damage was very ordinary. What’s more, the element pandas were just clone. Once the duration of the ultimate was reached, they would combined into Pandaren again. Unless all of them are killed, no matter how much damage they took, it would be nothing!

Earthshaker was the next to die!

Although the Scourge side defended the high ground, also killed one person first, but after being counterattacked by Sentinel, they began to be in a disadvantage. Moreover, Traxex, the core of Sentinel side, was still in full heath, which was the biggest threat!

After killed Jakiro and Earthshaker, the Drow Ranger placed the third target on Nerubian Assassin.

Being hit by her Frost Arrow, the action of Nerubian Assassin was also much slower. Seeing that the situation was not good, Zhao Dingguo quickly hurled his second Dragon Tail to the Drow Ranger and temporarily Stunned her.

This only temporarily eased the bad situation.

However, Sven who opened the big still cooperated with the Drow Ranger wanton output. Night Stalker was entangled by three panda and Rylai. The latter even found a chance to open her ultimate Freezing Field. Although quickly interrupted by Nerubian assassin, it made the situation even worse!

At this time, the key lied on the battle between two late carries!

While Drow Ranger was stunned, Dragon Knight rushed close and began to attack. Drow Ranger also turned off Frost Arrow and let the Lifesteal effect of Helm of Dominator play a role. At this time, almost all tactic or strategy were useless, whoever had higher level and more well-equipped would win!

Head to head duel!

Compared to Drow Ranger, Dragon Knight with the Vanguard was undoubtedly too tough. But the Drow Ranger’s attack was high, she also had . The HP of the two sides has alternately decreased, and it’s really hard to say who would win or lose until the end!

Twin Head Dragon has revived (buyback)!

At the critical moment, Jakiro spent almost all of the reserved money, skipped the countdown stage waiting for resurrection, and was reborn directly in the Fountain! Seeing the urgency of the battle, he couldn’t wait for the short stretch of road from the Fountain to the high ground, but directly TP over!

His buyback also made the heroes of Sentinel began to consider retreating.

A hero who joined the battle in the full state was still very deterrent, and after landingthe first thing Jakiro did was to release Dual Breath + Ice Path.

This combo combined with the ordinary attack of Jakiro, directly killed the Sven, but before his death, he also killed the Night Stalker.

At the same time, Rylai also killed Nerubian Assassin!

The successive deaths of the heroes put up subtitles on the screen, making the battlefield at this moment seem extremely chaotic.

“Should I buyback?”

Nerubian Assassin has money to buyback, but he felt that after Jakiro buyback, the battle should be able to draw. Even if they had a bit inferior, the state of Sentinel was already very poor, mostly unable to continue to push into the high ground. With a little hesitation, Nerubian Assassin reluctantly asked Dragon Knight who was fighting with the Drow Ranger.

“Don’t hesitate, buyback immediately! We must wipe Sentinel out!” Zhao Dingguo shouted hard.

Although buyback even once really hurted the econiomy, but if they could wipe out Sentinel once, it was worth the money!

“I’m coming!”

Nerubian Assassin looked at the number of the gold coins in the upper right corner of the screen. Although he was a little bit reluctant, he still pressed the button of immediate resurrection. Subsequently, he also quickly TP, joined the battle with the full state!

At this time, the HP of the two late carries were running low.

Jakiro entangled with three pandas and Rylai, thus had no time to take care of Zhao Dingguo. At this time, the only one he could rely on was Nerubian Assassin. He had thought that Nerubian Assassin would come to the Drow Ranger as soon as possible, so he chose to fight head-on. In fact, Drow Ranger could turn on Frost arrow at any time, so he couldn’t escape even if he wanted. Hovewer, when Nerubian Assassin landed, not far from there Pandaren’s ultimate was finally ended. Nerubian Assassin chose to kill Pandaren first, and then rushed over here!

In such a short time, Zhao Dingguo was firstly killed by the Drow Ranger!

This loss was a bit too much!

Zhao Dingguo didn’t know if his teammate wanted to earn a kill, or he didn’t really notice it, so despite his dissatisfaction, he didn’t immediately say something. Fortunately, the Drow Ranger eventually failed to escape, and was killed by Nerubian Assassin!

Nerubian Assassin just got a Double Kill!

On the other side, Jakiro began to chase after Rylai. Although Jakiro was not in the full health now, Rylai only had a bit of HP. Probably feeling it’s hopeless to escape, under panic mentality, Rylai actually TP directly on the spot.

Seeing this scene, Jakiro was happy.

“Lie to yourself? It’s futile!”

It took three seconds to Scroll of Town Portal to paly effect. That amount of time was more than enough for Jakiro to catch up and kill her! Not only Rylai couldn’t escape, she also wasted 135 G!

This battle ended tragically!

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