DOTA Madness Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Heart-Broken Earthshaker

The five heroes of Sentinel who were actively attacking all died, none of them escaped!

For Sentinel, which had dominated from the beginning, this result was naturally unacceptable. The defensive side Scourge was also not good. They were also killed five times, and both Jakiro and Nerubian Assassin had to buyback. Economically speaking, the Scourge side is undoubtedly losing money. However, strategically speaking, they had successfully completed the task explained by Zhao Dingguo.

Although buyback twice, they successfully held the high ground!

Being wiped out was a big blow to the morale of Sentinel. They needed a while to make a comeback.

“We did it?”

“We did it!”

In the voice channel, the BG users who manipulated Jakiro and Nerubian Assassin began to celebrate.

Before facing the battle, they saw that Sentinel was aggressive and pushed to the high ground. But the result was good, they kept it safe and sound. Although both of them spent money to buyback, Nerubian Assassin immediately got a Double Kill and an Assist, including the Drow Ranger who killed several people in succession. These additional killing rewards made the money to buy back mostly repaid!

If counting the EXP gained, this buyback has made a profit!

In contrast, Jakiro also killed Rylai and got several Assists, thus his loss was not as great as expected.

This made them trust more in Zhao Dingguo and more confident for victory! The only pity was that Dragon Knight died. If he did not die, then this team battle would really make a profit. For this reason, Jakiro has criticized Nerubian Assassin.

“That’s my fault!”

Nerubian Assassin acknowledged it simply, but the real reason was that he really didn’t pay attention or wanted to get a kill, no one knew.

Anyway, the morale was high. Seeing that Nerubian Assassin apologized, Zhao Dingguo decided to let it go.

After all, a civil war was not good for anyone!

After a brief excitement, Jakiro calmed down and asked, “Dragon Knight, what should we do next?”

Zhao Dingguo thought about it, and assigned the task in the voice channel: “You two, go to the lane to push, remember to be careful against Bloodseeker. Jakiro, you take the chance to make a Mekansm. Night Stalker, you can buy any equipment at will, Sange and Yasha, Black King Bar, Blade Mail… do as you wish! It’s mainly you, Earthshaker. Before the next team battle, no matter what situation, you must have a Blink Dagger! If you have a Blink Dagger, I can guarantee that we will win the team battle! ”

“Ok, I’ll try my best!”

The middle-aged man who manipulated Earthshaker answered in a tone sounded a bit guilty. Of course, he knew that his constant restriction was an important reason for the Scourge’s disadvantage in fighting group battles. He did want to make a Blink Dagger, but the amount of 2150 gold coins were not so easy to reach!

Fortunately, Zhao Dingguo didn’t expect much from him.

After the resurrection, he quickly came to the bottom lane, ready to continue to farm money during this golden time. His plan was that before the next team battle, he has reached level 16 and also made a Black King Bar.

In addition to farming creeps, he also secretly went to the jungle to kill some monsters, and quickly accumulated money.

Sentinel’s actions did not exceed Zhao Dingguo’s expectations. After being wiped out once, they did exercise a lot of caution. Large-scale pushing was absent for a while. Drow Ranger was making money under the protection of two heroes. It seemed that she wanted to make Manta Style. However, Bloodseeker on their side were quite active. When he saw Earthshaker was making money, he sneaked around and killed Earthshaker once more!

“It’s impossible to fight!”

Earthshaker almost threw the keyboard out of the window. He finally had more than a thousand gold coins. Being killed, it fell below 1000 in an instant, and Blink Dagger became more far away!

In this regard, Zhao Dingguo was quite helpless. But if Earthshaker could have a Blink Dagger, it would be a great significance to them. If he could play the initiation role perfectly, they could definitely destroy Sentinel. Therefore, Zhao Dingguo had to help him make this Blink Dagger, no matter how hard it was!

“Jakiro and Night Stalker, when Earthshaker is resurrected, go and squat for him!”

Zhao Dingguo spoke again and sent two bodyguards to Earthshaker. If his plan succeeded, before the next team battle, the contrast between the strengths of the two sides would change dramatically!

“Earthshaker, isn’t your money enough to buy?”

“It’s more than 1600, only 500 more!”


After a minute.

“Earthshaker, do you have enough money now?”

“Almost 1800. Hey hey, don’t take my money!”

“You missed that creep. Don’t blame me if you can’t make up for yourself …”

In the deadlock, time passed five minutes. Neither of the two sides took the initiative to provoke a battle, thus their respective developments had no restraint. Although the atmosphere was still calm, over time, Zhao Dingguo felt the danger in the calmness surging more and more!

On the Sentinel side, it’s almost certain that Traxex already had Manta Style. Once given her a chance, that powerful DPS ability would definitely give Scourge a headache.

Pandaren Brewmaster felt that he was not tough enough, so he bought a Vanguard, now it was even harder to kill him.

On the Scourge side, under the protection of Night Stalker and Jakiro, Earthshaker was struggling to farm money. Unfortunately, his farming ability was very poor and he often missed. This made Night Stalker and Jakiro felt anxious, and it’s inevitable for them to try to kill the creeps that Earthshaker missed. This undoubtedly caused the dissatisfaction of Earthshaker, and the three complained in the voice channel.

Zhao Dingguo had no method to solve this problem, he could only try to appease and comfort his teammate.

As for Zhao Dingguo himself, he was also seizing the opportunity to work hard to make money. In the meantime, he has bought the Mithril Hammer which worth 1,600 gold coins. Its stat was to increase 24 points of attack, which was not a small increase for Dragon Knight. Next, Zhao Dingguo only needed to buy the recipe to successfully make BKB.

What he lacked the most now was time, he’s hoping that Sentinel would launch the next offensive as late as possible!

However, Sentinel’s Drow Ranger was not planning to drag anymore. She knew that once Dragon Knight reached level 16, his strength would get a qualitative improvement. By then, even if she had some advantages in the equipment, it would be difficult to win. So, she initiated a gathering order with her teammates again!

“Earthshaker is probably about to buy Blink Dagger!”

Bloodseeker said with an uneasy tone. He has stared at Earthshaker for a while but didn’t dare to attack. An Earthshaker who had Blink Dagger, his threatening was difficult to estimate.

“Then gank him first!”

Sven whispered, and followed Bloodseeker.

Probably felt that his side was in an advantage, Sven decided to make Mask of Madness. This equipment was similar to Helm of the Dominator, also had the Lifesteal effect. The difference was that it has an active skill – Berserk, which gave +100 attack speed and +20% movement speed. However, the skill had a fatal shortcoming – the user would take an additional 30% damage!

This was a piece of equipment that could greatly increase the output, but also made yourself die faster, that’s why it was also called “Mask of Suicide”!

Although Rylai and Pandaren couldn’t arrive for a while, Traxex decided it was not a problem for the three of them to kill Earthshaker. Even if there were one or two heroes squatting next to him, they could easily kill him. Therefore, watching Earthshaker turn back, the three Sentinel heroes rushed straight up!

Another three-to-three team battle!

Because they still wanted to push the high ground, Sven saved his ultimate for later. He just threw out his Storm Hammer, and then cooperated with Bloodseeker’s Bloodrage and the ordinary attack of Drow Ranger to try to kill Earthshaker. However, Jakiro and Night Stalker were not idiots. The cooperation of the two people directly limited the attack of the Drow Ranger.

At this time, Nerubian Assassin, who lacked bright playing, came to support in time.

Bloodseeker knew that it’s impossible to keep his skills. He quickly put Rupture on Earthshaker who was about to escape, and Sven also opened up God’s Strength and focused the firepower on Earthshaker!

Although Earthshaker was a Strength hero and looked so bulk, he was actually relatively easy to kill. Under the attack of Sven, he was quickly killed. Originally, he already had 2150G, but now the Blink Dagger suddenly left him!

“It’s really impossible to play like that!”

The middle-aged man who manipulated Earthshaker felt his heart was broken!

Spending a lot of effort to make enough money, but under the protection of two teammates, he was still killed before he could buy it. That feeling was really hard to bear!

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