DOTA Madness Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Ambush Pandaren


“Go back, quick!”

Seeing that Earthshaker was dead, Night Stalker and Jakiro were no longer hesitated, and quickly retreated.

Drow Ranger was Silenced by Night Stalker’s skill, so he cannot release the Frostbolt to stay. Coupled with Rylai and Pandaren Brewmaster’s late arrival, the three only chased a few steps before let the Scourge heroes return to the high ground. Anyway, their only goal was to kill Earthshaker, and now he died once more, it’s estimated that he couldn’t buy Blink Dagger for a while.

Taking advantage of this time, they just pushed to the high ground!

Because Earthshaker had farmed money in the middle lane, they simply pushed it.

After seeing the assembly of Sentinel, Nerubian Assassin, Jakiro, and Night Stalker all replenished and came to stand next to the defense tower in the middle lane’s high ground. Due to the death of Earthshaker, they were now four people left, and the pressure of keeping the high ground was undoubtedly greater!

“Dragon Knight, go back to defend!” Jakiro signaled for the second time.

However, Zhao Dingguo did not return to defense immediately as they thought, but continued to push Sentinel’s top lane. Because of his control, two waves of ghoul soldiers gathered together and pushed towards the high ground.

“Try to delay as much as you can, use your skills to clear creeps. I’ll take the line!”

Zhao Dingguo pushed to Sentinel’s high ground alone while commanding.

He knew very well that if he went back to fight Sentinel directly, the chance of be able to defend was low. Zhao Dingguo was now using “Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao” stratagem, while taking advantage of the fact all five Sentinel heroes gathered in the middle lane, he secretly pushed to threaten their top lane! Of course, if this method was used well, it could naturally resolve this crisis. But if the other party was strong enough, immediately broke the high ground, and then return to help after demolishing the building, the result would be devastate!

After all, Sentinel side had five people, their speed of pushing was much faster than him alone!

If this was a high-end battle, perhaps Sentinel would be able to make the right decision immediately. However, in this Unranked-nameplate match, they were somewhat divided.

Drow Ranger was also a little erratic. Although she tried to kill the high ground, Sven and Bloodseeker were a little hesitant.

Although Earthshaker has not yet been resurrected, Bloodseeker’s ultimate has already been used, and the ultimate of Sven was about to end. Even if they attacked, it would take a long time to win this battle. In that time, maybe Zhao Dingguo would break one of their lanes!

It’s not cost-effective for the Sentinel, who had the advantage, to trade one lane for one lane!

“Sven, you shouldn’t use your ultimate just now, it’s just a waste!” Traxex blamed Sven, then said: “Give it a try. If they don’t dare to fight, we will demolish the building! If their defense is good, we’ll retreat.”

“Look like we have no other method.”

Pandaren replied in a sullen mood, and rushed behind the treant soldier.

At the request of Zhao Dingguo, Scourge side’s determination to defend was indeed very great. Jakiro and Nerubian Assassin each threw out their AoE skills, killing the treant soldiers who acted as cannon fodder. Seeing the heroes of the Sentinel side was still wanting to move, Jakiro even released an Ice Path. Although no heroes were hit, they timidly dared not to charge.

In such a short time, the treant soldiers who served as cannon fodder were cleared.

If Sentinel still wanted to fight, they must wait for the next wave of soldiers, or risk being attacked by the tower of the high ground. Drow Ranger considered it in her heart, and then reluctantly announced the retreat order!

The light of several TP lit up one after another, the landing point was the high ground tower which was under attacks of Zhao Dingguo and a group of ghouls.

“Dragon Knight, they are about to go home!”

Seeing that, Nerubian Assassin immediately issued a warning.

In fact, even without his reminder, Zhao Dingguo noticed. The moment the opponent’s TP light up, Zhao Dingguo quickly retreated to the shadow and TP back to the base. When the heroes of the Sentinel side rushed out, all they saw was that Dragon Knight disappearing. In addition, he also left a high ground defense tower that has been demolished by half!

“The line of creep was not good just now, so the opposite Dragon Knight caught the chance!” Bloodseeker who came out first regretted it. He looked at Drow Ranger, Rylai, and Sven who appeared one after another, and suddenly felt something missing. “What about Pandaren Brewmaster?”

Only after Bloodseeker shouted, Sentinel side has noticed that one person was missing!

Where was Pandaren Brewmaster?

It turned out that Pandaren Brewmaster was the last one to TP, thus naturally ended slower than others. Nerubian Assassin, while in the invisible state, saw the chance directly released Implae to interrupt his TP!

The eyes of other Scourge’s heroes suddenly lighted up!

Facing a lonely Pandaren, the heroes on the high ground rushed down. Zhao Dingguo, who had just returned, also controlled the Dragon Knight and began to pursue, intending to kill Pandaren while other Sentinel heroes were not here.

“F*** you Nerubian Assassin!”

Realizing his situation, Pandaren’s eyes went red. He didn’t expect others to accidentally left him behind. Facing five enemies, Pandaren could only think of running away!

However, how could the heroes of the Scourge let him escape?

First, Night Stalker caught up, slowed him down with Void, and then Silenced him with Crippling Fear; the next was Jakiro’s Dual Breath plus Ice Path, and then Nerubian Assassin’s Mana Burn…

Even if Pandaren Brewmaster had Vanguard and passive Evasion ability, the siege of so many Scourge heroes still quickly overwhelmed him. However, when the second Mana Burn of Nerubian Assassin was about to come out, Zhao Dingguo suddenly stopped him!

“Stop, let Pandaren use his ultimate!”

Fearing that others would kill Pandaren directly, Zhao Dingguo even shouted several times.

Although they didn’t understand what was going on, the late carry has spoken, so the other four heroes reluctantly stopped. By this time, the poor Pandaren had only forty points of HP left. One more attack and he would die!


Pandaren, who had already given up, waited for two seconds, and found that for some reason, the Scourge hero who surrounded him suddenly stopped. Although he was full of puzzles and doubts, he cheerfully activated his ultimate. But as soon as three pandas came out, the Scourge hero immediately reacted normally. Various skills were instantly thrown out, and the DPS was all played out in just a few seconds!

The element pandas were indeed powerful as each one has its own unique skills, but that depended on the circumstances.

If there were four teammates around, then the sudden appearing of three elemental pandas could indeed disrupt Scourge. But now Pandaren Brewmaster was alone, even if there were three of him, there was still no chance. Earthshaker, who just resurrected, released a Fissure from far away, and then three pandas were controlled till death.

Dragon Knight killed Pandaren Brewmaster!

Perhaps because of luck, Zhao Dingguo got the kill. Afterward, he did not turn back but roared: “Push!”

“Ah? Should we take the initiative?”

Night Stalker was shocked but quickly asked.

Earthshaker was also puzzled, “Even if the opposite side lacks one person, the other four are not easy to deal with, and the second tower of the middle lane is almost intact. When we push it, they only need to obstruct us a little bit, wait for the resurrection of Panda! ”

Jakiro was thoughtful and took the lead: “Dragon Knight, you are a genius! No wonder you want to let Pandaren use his ultimate!”

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