DOTA Madness Chapter 63

Chapter 63: The Mighty Blue Dragon Form


After Jakiro pointed out so plainly, Scourge heroes also realized.

Night Stalker patted his thigh, he was a little excited and said, “Yes, Pandaren has no ultimate now, even if he is resurrected, the threat is greatly reduced. Also, Sven has just opened his ultimate, it must be in cooldown now. Bloodseeker’s ultimate cool down fast, but it can only be used on one of us, and he is afraid to fight us! In other words, we can steadily break the second tower in the middle lane! ”

Earthshaker also patted his chin, echoing: “That’s right!”

Seeing that his teammates were all feeling good, Zhao Dingguo nodded and said, “Let’s take the initiative and take away the second tower. They will likely retreat. First, they won’t have a big chance to victory. In case they lose, we can push directly to their high ground. Drow Ranger on the opposite side is smart, so she will probably not take this risk! ”

“Okay, let’s push!”

Several heroes agreed in unison on the voice channel, inspiring morale and pushing back towards each other’s middle, and Nerubian Assassin took the lead!

To be honest, Nerubian Assassin performed very averagely in this game.

In Zhao Dingguo’s view, his role should be similar to that of Night Stalker and Bloodseeker: After level 6, roaming around and ganking. However, this Nerubian Assassin behaved like an ordinary hero. He knew to TP to help when they were in danger, but other times he performed very ordinarily. But this time alone, he opened up his ultimate, sneaked over and kept the Panda Brewmaster, his performance was bright!

Zhao Ding has a strong feeling that killing Panda Brewmaster would become the key point to change the situation of the whole war!

In the subsequent battle, the reaction of the defender was similar to what Zhao Dingguo expected.

Lacking two important ultimates, Sentinel, led by Drow Ranger, did not dare to fight the Scourge. After all, the two sides were fighting in front of the second tower, which was not far from the high ground. In case of failure, the other party may rush directly to their high ground!

And that’s a price Drow Ranger could not afford.

Therefore, under her command, the defenders only blocked for a moment, then retreated to the middle lane high ground. This laissez-faire behavior was equivalent to giving up the second tower in the middle to Scourge!

The five heroes of the Scourge gathered and besieged a defense tower very quickly. I saw that the durability of the tower dropped rapidly and was destroyed in an instant. Because of the good communication in advance, the Scourge heroes gave up the last attack invariably, and let Earthshaker destroy the tower!

“Blink Dagger at last!”

Seeing that his number of gold coins suddenly rose by more than 400, the middle-aged man who manipulated Earthshaker could not help but scream. He learned the lesson just now, and quickly bought the Blink Dagger through the Animal Courier, which made him feel relieved.

“Continue pushing up to the high ground?”

Nerubian Assassin asked a little eagerly, seeing that the defender retreated, his confidence rose a lot.

Zhao Dingguo was not as optimistic as Nerubian Assassin, he was still very clear about the strength comparison between the two sides. Even though Earthshaker has Blink Dagger, as the core, he has not yet reached level 16, and didn’t have BKB. Defensively, it’s stable, but it’s a little worse to take the initiative to hit other people’s high ground, so he said: “Don’t push, let’s withdraw together!”

The carry took the lead to withdraw, thus Nerubian Assassins and Night Stalker could only return obediently, and did not rush to attack the high ground.

This made Drow Ranger of Sentinel side regret.

She didn’t know that Earthshaker already has Blink Dagger, she just consciously felt that she had Manta Style, and her equipment was in the lead. If the Scourge dared to attack just now, even if Sven and Pandaren did not have an ultimate, she would be able to hold the high ground and even kill the Scourge!

But the other party has taken the initiative to withdraw, then there was no way.

However, despite the fact that their own high ground was as stable as Mount Tai, the counterattack of the Scourges still made Drow Ranger feel an incoming crisis. In particular, Dragon Knight has been level 16, which was the highest level among every heroes presented. If they couldn’t break the high ground before that guy reached level 16, the scale of victory would quickly tilt to the other side!

This was undoubtedly unacceptable to Drow Ranger who desperately needed victory!

“Pandaren, Sven, when your ultimate has cooled down, let’s push right away! This time, we must build our strengths anyway, and we must not drag on!”


While Sentinel was preparing for a round of pushing, Zhao Dingguo was also struggling to use the money to level up!

The recipe of Black King Bar roughly cost 1,300 gold coins. After the pushing just now, the difference was actually not so much. At most one minute, Zhao Dingguo could make a BKB. Reaching level 16 was a bit more difficult. In this period, even one level of EXP was not so easy to rise. To this end, Zhao Dingguo did not hesitate to change lane and farm soldiers, striving to reach the level 16 before the next wave of group battles.

He was very clear that the next team battle would directly determine the outcome of the game!

“Dragon Knight, Sentinel’s will push again!”

Seeing that the Sentinel side gathered again, the other four heroes of the Scourge gathered in the middle, preparing to meet the attack of Sentinel.

Zhao Dingguo was unmoved. He took a look at the experience bar and glanced at Sentinel’s heroes who still had a way to the middle of the highland, and did not immediately return to the city. He just asked his teammates to try harder to delay, and he continued to lead the line. Going back now, he has not been able to exert his strongest combat power. Level 15 and level 16 were only one level gap, but for Dragon Knight, it’s a qualitative change!

Knowing this, Zhao Dingguo tried his best to improve his level.

When a new wave of treant soldiers arrived, each of his soldiers cut two swords, and then all the flames were taken away. With the experience of these soldiers, Zhao Dingguo rose to level 16 as he wished. At this time, the situation in the middle lane has become very critical. The previous defeat stimulated Drow Ranger, making her unconsciously a little impatient. Coupled with two unsuccessful trials, the defender finally lost his patience and decided to attack the highland tower!

“Dragon Knight bro, come back to defense!”

Night Stalker standing at the forefront of the high ground and roared in the voice channel.

Although he already had Blade Mail on his body, looking at Sentinel troops, his heart had no confidence! If there was the late carry here, it would be more secure!

“I’m coming!”

The situation was indeed critical, but Zhao Dingguo was not worried much. Just one more wave of creep and his money could be enough for BKB. Before this team fight, Zhao Dingguo has already determined that Sentinel has lost! This was “victory through preparations” as stated in the Art of War!

The silver rays of the TP lit up.

At almost the same moment, Sentinel took the initiative!

However, before they rushed forward, Dragon Knight of Zhao Dingguo landed in the base. he activated Elder Dragon Form, his body instantly became a Blue Dragon. At the same time, under the BKB’s debut show, the Blue Dragon’s body became larger and entered a long Magic immunity for ten seconds!

Level 3 Elder Dragon Form!

After becoming the Blue Dragon, Dragon Knight’s dragon breath not only had 100% splash damage but also came with a powerful freeze slow effect. Even compared to Drow Ranger’s Frost Arrow, the slowdown effect was not bad! Think about it. A late hero with a ranged attack and a deceleration has a tanker’s resistance. What kind of pervert?

What’s more, Zhao Dingguo was still in Avatar state!

In DOTA, with the exception of a few, most of the heroes’ skills was rent ineffective against magic immunity. At this moment, the Dragon Knight seemed like a rock that could not be shaken. In the face of the impact of the waves, it stood still!

Whether it’s a Bloodseeker or Sven, they still relied on skills, let alone Rylai. Seeing that their limiting skills couldn’t help Dragon Knight, they could not help falling into a short-term chaos. At this moment, found the right opportunity, Earthshaker, who hid from behind the building, blinked in, and release his own ultimate in the center of Sentinel!

Along with the fierce trembling of the earth, a series of earth-colored shock waves splashed, bringing devastating damage to Sentinel!

Echo Slam!

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