DOTA Madness Chapter 64

Chapter 64: The Dawn Rank Nameplate

Why was the ultimate of Earthshaker called Echo Slam?

Because its damage was not fixed, but related to the number of enemies around. In addition to base damage that was not high, every additional enemy around could bounce an additional 40 to 70 points of damage. If the other sides had abilities to create illusions or summon units, it was possible to be directly killed by the god ox!

“Haha! Who can Silence me now? Who?”

Since the beginning of this battle, Earthshaker was so poor, now he could finally erupt once! The middle-aged man who manipulated Earthshaker talked fiercely to himself while pressing the mouse hard, releasing Fissure, Enchant Totem one after another!

This was “the Blink Full Combo” that an excellent Earthshaker should do!

Regardless of the hero, they must fear in the face of such a combo!

Zhao Dingguo forgot where he read it, but he had seen one line: “The main difference between an Earthshaker and an Earth Shaker is that the latter has Blink Dagger. (1)” With such a piece of equipment, Earthshaker who was restricted for a whole round of battle finally played its role. Seeing him raised the huge totem, everyone in Sentinel knew that it was over!

The three consecutive skills of Earthshaker sounded the horn of victory for the Scourge!

At the same time as he blinked, Jakiro followed closely with Dual Breath and Macropyre. These two near-perfect moves brought the HP of all Sentinel heroes to the bottom. Although Night Stalker gave his Silence skill to the wrong target, it would not matter.

The Scourge rushed down the high ground and began to hunt down Sentinel!

We are defeated!

Probably because of her position, Drow Ranger, fortunately, did not die after being hit by two ultimates.

Until now, she had recovered from the sudden shock.

Earthshaker has Blink Dagger, she already mentally prepared for it. When rushing to the high ground, the positions of Sentinel heroes were still scattered. However, the sudden appearance of the level 16 Dragon Knight was beyond her expectations. The dragon breath of Blue Dragon came with a powerful deceleration effect, which seriously delayed the charge of Sentinel and congested them together. As for the Black King Bar, it made Sentinel heroes who were preparing to release skills fell into a panic!

It’s in this case that Earthshaker’s combo succeeded easily!

Two ultimates have completely destroyed the attacking Sentinel. When the Echo Slam just started, Drow Ranger’s heart even shook violently with the screen. But now, she knew that the failure of this team fight was unavoidable. If they withdrew immediately, they may still have a chance to make a comeback!

With this in mind, Traxex turned around and ran away.

At this time, staying meant death. Not only she couldn’t save teammates, but she also put herself in danger!

However, Zhao Dingguo has been paying attention to this late carry of Sentinel, how could he let her evacuate easily? Seeing that the situation on the high ground was in their hand, he rushed down and began to hunt her down. In the dragon form, the basic movement speed of the Dragon Knight has increased to some extent. It’s only a matter of time to catch up with Traxex.

“So many people behind, why not chase me without killing them?”

While Drow Ranger fled, she scolded the Dragon Knight in her heart. Seeing that the distance between the two was getting closer and closer, Traxex, who had little HP left, could only activate Manta Style, relying on the two illusions to confuse Zhao Dingguo. However, there was only a little HP left in her body, and the two illusions had the same HP as her real body. With a Breathe Fire, both illusions disappeared!

Her plan became a joke at this moment!

Although the real body was far more resistant than illusions, after such a skill, Drow Ranger’s health has still become black. Dragon Knight just needed to add another breath of cold to kill her!

Dragon Knight has killed Drow Ranger!

At the same time as her death, the other four heroes were also in a very bad situation.

Rylai and Bloodseeker were directly killed by the two ultimates of the Scourge. Although the Pandaren activated his ultimate, they had little effect. As for Sven, when his side had the upper hand, Mask of Madness’ increased attack speed was of course great. But now when he was under siege, after turning it on, the additional 30% damage made his body fragile like paper!

This “Mask of Suicide” did not help him to win, but accelerated his death!

The Scourge Army defeated Sentinel on their own high ground with a glorious result of zero death and reversed the game!

The moment Earthshaker bought Blink Dagger, Sentinel’s advantage was infinitely narrowed. As for Dragon Knight reaching level 16 at the most critical moment, in addition to having BKB, the strength of the Scourge had overcome Sentinel’s one!

In this case, Drow Ranger dared to take the initiative to attack the high ground, thus the result naturally goes without saying!

“Sentinel is gone!”

When the battle completely calmed down, the Scourge heroes cheered loudly on the voice channel.

The impact of this team fight was incalculable for Scourge. To a lesser degree, it changed the situation of attack and defense of the two sides. Going forward, it directly determined the final outcome of this match!

“Keep pushing back!”

Under the command of Zhao Dingguo, the morale-stricken Scourge began to push in the middle lane.

As the five Sentinel heroes were gone, Zhao Dingguo rushed to the high ground of Sentinel in a wave. When all the heroes of Sentinel were resurrected and gathered together to prepare for the battle, the Scourge had already destroyed the middle lane’s defense tower and barracks, and then quickly evacuated.

“We lost!”

Drow Ranger looked at the Mega Creeps of the middle lane and sadly said.

Scourge has wiped them out, coupled with breaking all the way to the high ground, their economy was greatly improved. Compared to equipment, not only the Scourge side was not only bad, but also has a little advantage. Coupled with the strong rise of the late carry, and the Blink Dagger of Earthshaker, Sentinel has lost their best opportunity!

If at this time they can give them a field-control hero comparable to Earthshaker, such as the Tidehunter or Enigma, maybe they still had a chance!

However, there was no such thing as “what if” on the BG platform!

“Stall as long as possible, I’ll to make a BKB, otherwise, there is no way to fight Earthshaker!” Although the hope was no longer in the heart, Drow Ranger was still making final efforts.

At this moment, the situation on the match was reversed completely!

If Drow Ranger could make BKB, they may still be able to defend the high ground in the next wave. However, Zhao Dingguo did not give her so many opportunities!

Two minutes later, the Scourge gathered on the top lane and determined the victory with a team battle!

On the Scourge side, Zhao Dingguo rushed to the first. Subsequently, Earthshaker followed with the full combo. Although Sentinel was scattered this time, they still suffered a lot, and Fissure also successfully separated them. The Scourge finally killed three Sentinel heroes, but four of them were killed, including Drow Ranger! Although the remaining one escaped returning to the base, he was unable to stop Zhao Dingguo from demolishing the high ground tower!

The pushing speed of Dragon Knight was quite fiercely.

He has the passive ability Dragon Blood and the Vanguard, thus be able to tank against the attack of the defense tower for a while. Soon, Sentinel’s top lane has also fallen!

Two high grounds were broken successively, allowing the match to enter boring time.

In the low-end game, losing two lanes almost equal to losing the game. Drow Ranger could only sigh, complaining that she failed to seize the opportunity. After all, at least two times Sentinel might rush into the Scourge high ground, but they were eventually blocked and repelled!

A short while later, the World Tree was destroyed!

“The regular match E06592 is over, the game mode: All Random, Random Side!”

“The Scourge has acquired the final victory!”

“Because it is a normal battle, after the defeat, the WP reward will be reduced by 10%, a certain amount of AP will be deduced. The victory players will get 100 WP (basic amount based on the current rank). Detected that the Beyond Godlike (BG) user with ID 037205 belonged to the Scourge side, you will receive the basic reward 100 WP.”

“Congratulations to the BG user with ID 037205, you get 48 Accumulate Points. Your current AP is 838 points.”

“The BG user with ID 037205 has been detected to have more than 800 AP. Congratulations, you’re officially received the Dawn rank nameplate!”

TL’s note:
1. The original pun is like this: 大意就是牛和牛逼之间,就差了一把跳刀
“The main difference between 牛 (ox, the short name for Earthshaker) and 牛逼 (strong, awesome) is the later have a Blink Dagger.”

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