DOTA Madness Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Buy Enhancement

“Since you ask, it doesn’t hurt to tell you.”

After a little hesitation, Old Li decided to tell what he knew. If it’s some confidential information, he might consider asking for some fee. But every BG users would encounter this when ranked up. Naturally, this was not a secret, so Old Li decided to continue to sell a favor.

“The best reward, of course, is to reduce the duration of the abnormal state! Of all the eighteen rewards, this is almost the best recognized. As for the damage reduction you choose, the effect is also very significant. Its priority level is very high. It is calculated after deducting armor and magic resistance. It is especially effective when facing some heroes with fast attack speed but low attack damage! ”

Sure enough, as I guessed!

After hearing Old Li’s explanation, Zhao Dingguo was relieved and somewhat surprised. Although he didn’t meet the best one, he was content to have one of the top three.

Just then, Old Li suddenly thought: “Yes, how many WP do you have now?”

Zhao Dingguo froze and said, “There are 624 points!”

Old Li could also guess this number more or less, so concealing it not only was meaningless but also made the other party unhappy.

Old Li waved his hand and said, “Don’t get me wrong, I just remind you that you can exchange and strengthen. According to my experience, most Death Matches are played at the end of the month. Now your Regular Match in the third week of October has passed, thus this month’s Death Match may come at any time. You’ll have a week at most. So you can consider buying enhancements! ”

“I want to buy a Bracer!”

Zhao Dingguo didn’t conceal, stated his intentions. The stat of Bracer was to increase all attributes by 3 points, attack power by 3 points, and can increase 3 additional Strength. As for its price: only 525 WP!

Whether it’s used to enhance attributes or enhance HP, it’s a good item!

Old Li gave no opinion to his thoughts, but after a while, he asked: “Aren’t you going to save some WP? After you buy Bracer, only more than 100 WP is left. It ’s not enough to deduct. In the case you lose, you will be directly obliterated! Are you sure that you will win in the Death Match? ”

This was of course impossible!

Old Li’s mention surprised Zhao Dingguo. He realized that his thought was too simple.

Old Li had a set of ideas in his heart, but instead of telling Zhao Dingguo bluntly, he suggested the tone: “You are now at Dawn rank. Once you fail the Death Match, the basic WP deduction will rise to 200 points. You have participated in one Death Match, so a total of 250 WP must be reserved to deduct victory points. The remaining WP can be used to strengthen yourself. As for what should be strengthened, it depends on what path you choose, I am not good enough to intervene! ”

Zhao Dingguo smiled and said, “Just as I decided in the first Death Match, I want to take the route of Intelligence hero.”

Old Li also expected this possibility in his heart, so he said: “Intelligence heroes are generally too brittle. It is understandable to make a Bracer to increase HP in the early stage. After all, nothing is too much to ensure that you do not die. But your WP is not enough to make Bracer now, at least not in the next Death Match! ”

Zhao Dingguo asked, “So, what do you mean?”

Old Li gave a mysterious smile and gave him a hint: “In DOTA, there was cost-effective but extremely cheap stuff. It can be said that it is a must-have when you go out, and it is also known as the legendary prop for the novice BG user!”

The most cost-effective but extremely cheap thing?

Zhao Dingguo thought for a moment, and asked uncertainly, “Do you mean Ironwood Branch?”

This item was extremely cheap, with 53 WP each, and its stat was all attributes + 1 point. In terms of cost-effective, there was nothing higher than this in DOTA!

Old Li nodded and said: “For the newly joined BG users, don’t need to pursue skills or high-tier equipment too soon. The first thing you should do is to raise the basic attributes. Attributes are the base! So I highly recommend this to you in the early days! ”

This was true.

On the BG platform, it would cost 185 WP to exchange a Circlet of Nobility with stat +2 points for all attributes, and 150 WP for a Mantle of Intelligence with +3 Intelligence. But three Ironwood Branches could add 3 points to all attributes, and the price was only 159!

The term “good and cheap” was born to describe this item.

However, Zhao Dingguo had another concern in his heart: “Each branch occupies an equipment slot. Moreover, the item always must be brought to reality. Could it be that I won the Death Match, but can only bring out an Ironwood Branch? ”

“Of course not!”

Hearing Zhao Dingguo’s scruples, Old Li explained: “In the early days, you have only Boots of Speed on your body. What’s the use of the remaining five empty slots? When you have other equipment, you can sell these Ironwood Branches. And you don’t know this: although it’s true that each Death Match can only bring one piece of equipment/skill to the real world, if it is the same kind of item and the number meets the limit of being able to synthesize more advanced equipment, you can bring out several pieces at a time! ”

To give Zhao Dingguo a more intuitive understanding, he also gave an example.

Phase Boots required a Boots of Speed and two Blades of Attack. So after winning a Death Match, he could bring up to two Blades of Attack into reality. The same was true of the Ironwood Branches. Because three Ironwood Branches could be combined into a Magic Wand, Zhao Dingguo could bring up to three branches at a time!

This rule undoubtedly avoids the embarrassment of Zhao Dingguo’s guess.

Of course, he could choose to bring out the entire item after combined. But he didn’t have enough WP, so bringing out three branches first became the best choice!

“Well, first you need to save 250 WP as a reserve, and then the three Ironwood Branches cost a total of 159 WP. That leaves 215 WP. Even if you win the Death Match this month, you can only bring out three branches, but the remaining WP should play a role. And it’s better to buy the equipment. Even if it can’t be brought out, it can still be used in the Death Match. So this 215 victory points can’t be wasted, just exchange for a Circlet of Nobility! In this case, count ingBoots of speed, you had five pieces of equipment and all attributes increased by 5 points, that’s very good! ”

In this way, Zhao Dingguo borrowed the laptop in Old Li’s room and entered the BG platform to start the exchange.

Seeing Zhao Dingguo saying something there, Old Li smiled and suggested: “In addition to the reserved deduction points, or you are prepared to save money and large equipment, otherwise the extra WP must be converted into combat power before each Death Match! ”

This was naturally his experience!

After receiving the approval of Old Li, Zhao Dingguo confirmed the purchase on the webpage of BG platform-a total of three Ironwood Branches, plus a Circlet of Nobility! Honestly, in addition to the gold bar last time, this was the first time that Zhao Dingguo strengthened himself on the BG platform.

After Zhao Dingguo’s choice was confirmed, the BG platform deducted the winning points immediately.

Almost instantly, there were more items in his nameplate space. But before experiencing the Death Match, these magical equipments with mysterious energy were all sealed. They couldn’t be worn and can’t be taken out, could only be seen in the nameplate space. Only that Boots of Speed had a “real” description on the attribute, indicating that it could be equipped in the real world.

This made Zhao Dingguo a bit excited and depressed!

Obviously, Old Li also had the experience of having equipment that was unavailable. He smiled and said, “Although the Death Match is cruel, the value is here. Without experiencing the Death Match, the strengthening you spend WP to buy is unreal! Come on, wait for your victory in October’s Death Match, and you will have three more Ironwood Branches! ”

Zhao Dingguo nodded!

Although compared with four or five pieces of equipment for Old Li, he was still shabby, but Zhao Dingguo clearly felt his progress. Improved step-by-step, he believed that one day he could also be mighty!

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