DOTA Madness Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Outer Member of the Order of Light


With the help of Old Li, the matter was temporarily brought to an end.

In the next few days, in addition to continuing to study the DOTA strategy, Zhao Ding waited for the arrival of the next Death Match. However, three days after the last meeting, Lao gave him a voucher in the size of A4 paper folded in half.

“Do you want to join the Order of Light?”

Old Li’s expression was a bit like a dirty old man holding a lollipop to bait a little girl.

Zhao Dingguo looked at him and looked at the exquisite workmanship certificate. He asked skeptically, “Isn’t the Order of Light one of the largest BG organizations in the country? I just entered the Dawn rank, can I join in? Will they accept it? ”

Old Li gave him a glance and said: “You think too much, even I can’t join the Order of Light! I am referring to the outer branch of the Order of Light. Through my relationship, I obtained some membership application vouchers. If you want to join, you can fill it out, and I will hand it over to you! Luckily you have already entered the Dawn rank, otherwise, you do not even have the qualifications to become an outer member! ”

“A branch of the Order of Light?”

Zhao Dingguo glanced at the application certificate and asked, “Is there any benefit to joining it?”

“The benefits are great!”

Old Li stared at him with meaningful eyes, saying, “Everyone who joins the outer division of the Order of Light and performs well or meets certain conditions can directly join the headquarters of the Order of Light. In addition, outer members of the Order of Light Members enjoy the same benefits as inner members of the headquarters in many treatments. For example, they can enter the internal trading platform of the Order of Light, they can share some rare DOTA strategies and tips, and they have the opportunity to communicate with High Noon users or even Twilight experts at close range … ”

For a long time, Old Li talked a lot about the benefits of joining the Order of Light.

Zhao Dingguo knew in his heart that for him now, becoming an outer member of the Order of Light was really good. Not to mention other benefits, at least one more layer of security is guaranteed. Moreover, Old Li was also recruiting him in disguise. First let him join the Order of Light, then borrow the relationship between the members of the same organization, and gradually pull him into the team he was going to form in the future!

Old Li was not simple, he definitely had his own idea, but this was not bad for Zhao Dingguo.

After looking at the voucher for a while, Zhao Dingguo made up his mind and smiled, “Since you said so, I shouldn’t refuse, so I have to join the Order of Light!”

Seeing Zhao Dingguo pick up the pen to fill in the application voucher, Old Li said aloud, “Don’t be dissatisfied! You have to know how many other users want to join a BG organization but have no way to do so! This voucher is not common stuff, and the Order of Light also restricted the number of new members every year! If there is no relationship, it is not so easy to get it! ”

“I know. Thank you, Mr. Li!”

As Zhao Dingguo said, he filled out the voucher quickly, and gave it to him after checking.

Old Li looked at it in detail, nodded with satisfaction, and put away: “Be prepared, and follow me to the outer division of the Order of Light!”

Order of Light, the outer division.

Compared with the headquarters of the Order of Light, which exclusively occupied the Huangpu International Finance Building in Pearl City, the branch was not so elegant. Although it also occupied a building specifically, it was in a remote location in the suburbs of Pearl City. As for the defensive strength and decoration, they were not the same. In Old Li’s words, it’s a world of difference!

When Zhao Dingguo followed Old Li to the reception hall on the first floor, he was still surprised.

“Is this what you mean ‘not so elegant’?”

Zhao Dingguo couldn’t help but be shocked as he looked at the decorated and magnificent hall. Black and white marble flooring, carved luxuriant lintels, gorgeous crystal chandeliers, silver-trimmed European-style luxury sofas … even compared with some five-star hotels, it’s better. As for the ladies who come and go, they are all handsome and charming, and there is no long difference!

Although he had never seen the headquarters of the Order of Light, he could imagine how luxurious the headquarters of the Order of Light could be!

“You wait here for a while!”

Old Li told Zhao Dingguo and walked to the front desk and showed his emblem. Probably the receptionist at the front desk knew him, Old Li soon checked in and got into the elevator.

Zhao Dingguo knew he was doing his own business, so he was not in a hurry. He turned around in the lobby on the first floor, found a sofa and sat down, looking at the branch of the Order of Light by the way. Because the branch was located on the outskirts of the Pearl City, and there were strict security measures outside, ordinary people could not enter. Only members with the emblem can enter. The concealment was still guaranteed!

In the eyes of the security and reception ladies, most of them were well-organized private clubs. But only those who wear the emblem know that the real guests inside were all BG users with extraordinary strength!


Maybe something happened, after almost half an hour, Old Li came down in a hurry. He beckoned to Zhao Dingguo and apologized, “I’m sorry, I’ve met an acquaintance.”

Zhao Dingguo took the processed voucher from him and laughed, “It doesn’t matter!”

“Come with me!”

Then, Old Li took him upstairs. After seeing the voucher with the laser identification code in Zhao Dingguo’s hand, several men in uniforms wearing moon white uniforms obediently let go. When passing by, Zhao Dingguo clearly felt the hidden power in their bodies.

There was no doubt that these guards were not ordinary people!

“Curious?” Old Li looked at Zhao Dingguo and laughed: “They are members of the Guards of the Order of Light Division, and their strength is basically Dawn rank. Of course, some of them are also ordinary members who can serve as guards for the salary of 10 WP/week! ”

“Just 10 WP?”

Zhao Dingguo surprised. This number was not much, only 40 WP per month. For some newcomer users, it’s also a safe channel to earn extra WP. However, if they spent that time improving their DOTA level, they may make more money. After all, one more win, that was at least 100-200 WP!

The Order of Light was indeed a first-class BG organization in China, all procedures were very formal.

Under the leading of Old Li, Zhao Dingguo finally walked up to the third floor and accepted the final procedure before joining the division – interview in a small conference room.

Perhaps it’s more appropriate to use the term cutscenes.

Sitting on top are three backbones of the Order of Light, two in suits, looking serious. The other senior was in his early thirties. He didn’t say anything, just looked at the pile of information on the table.

Zhao Dingguo didn’t need to look to know, it must be that the Order of Light would send someone to investigate him.

However, with the exception of the card, everything else in Zhao Dingguo was normal, and the Order of Light certainly couldn’t find any problems.

The three probably contacted Old Li before, so now they are just following the procedure. After Zhao Dingguo proved his Dawn rank and expressed his longing for and admiration for the Order of Light, his decision to join the Order of Light branch was finalized. In the end, he just needed to show the nameplate and let the other party enter the corresponding ID number on the special emblem.

Everything was made on-site.

Anyway, the efficiency of the Order of Light was still very high. Five minutes later, Zhao Dingguo got his exclusive emblem. The chip inside contained his personal information and ID number on the BG platform. Although it is the emblem of the branch, it does not look much different from the headquarters. They were two crossed golden scepters. The only difference is that there was a small “GM” under the emblem of the members of the headquarters, but not of the branch!

GM, this was a condensed abbreviation.

This showed the hope of the Order of Light: control everything like GM in the game!

“Mr. Zhao, welcome to the Order of Light!”

Seeing Zhao Dingguo wearing the emblem, the three immediately stood up and shook hands with him one by one: “From now on, all resources of the Order of Light branch will be open to you. Of course, I also hope that you can bear your own responsibilities, maintain the honor of the Order of Light! ”

“I am very honored!”

Seeing that the three were very solemn, Zhao Dingguo also cooperated with two sentences with interest. As for the next thing, Old Li would tell him, so these people did not need to explain to him in detail.

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