DOTA Madness Chapter 69

Chapter 69: The Value of The Card


Is there any other way to bypass this permission restriction?

Zhao Dingguo really wanted to know the value of his Oath of Inheritance card. There was no doubt that the current trading platform is the best way. After taking a close look at the ring, Zhao Dingguo noticed that there was an accompanying communication forum at the top right of the trading platform.

Maybe something can be found here?

Zhao Dingguo entered the forum with “trying once does no harm” mentality, and then searched for posts containing the words “Oath of Inheritance”.

There were not too many posts in the forum, but there were also restrictions on permissions. But just when Zhao Dingguo was about to give up, he found a post he could read. The news that an advanced BG user left unintentionally made him ecstatic!

“Isn’t it just Rylai’s Oath of Inheritance card? You even lacked the Token of Vowing! I took out Soul Booster, Plate Mail plus 7000 WP, why do you still refuse to exchange?”

It could be seen that this is a high-level user complaining casually.

Things that were leaked in this message really made Zhao Dingguo know the value of the card in his hand. Although it’s hard to say which was better, the two were the same kind of prop, even if there was a price difference, they should be of the same level!

I’m rich!

Soul Booster cost 3300 gold coins in DOTA, it’s high-tier equipment!

On the BG platform, anything which was worth more than 750 gold coins was basically not sold. High-tier items must be obtained through Death Matches. According to Zhao Dingguo’s previous browsing on the platform, the true value of this Soul Booster was definitely several times higher than 3300 this number!

As for Plate Mail, it’s also worth 1,400 gold coins. Although relatively easy to obtain, the market value was doubled, 2800 WP on average!

This person offered two pieces of equipment plus 7000 WP, yet the other party was still not willing to sell, which made Zhao Dingguo excited and difficult to restrain himself! A few hundred WP was a big number for him now. As for 7000 WP?

He never thought about it!

What’s more, there were two pieces of equipment whose value was difficult to estimate!

For a moment, Zhao Dingguo even thought about selling his own card. He could definitely change his equipment and instantly armed himself. By then, his strength would be equal to High Noon user or even higher. But this idea only turned around in the mind of Zhao Dingguo for a moment, as it was instantly thrown away by him!

The value of this thing ould make the two BG organizations fight, it’s simply unmeasurable!

It’s easy to sell it, but what about leaving it to myself?

These days, Zhao Dingguo has repeatedly studied that card. He determined that it must be related to Bloodline, most likely Invoker. Although he has not touched it because of the complicated and extremely difficult to use, Invoker was one of the most powerful Intelligence heroes!

The value of such a bloodline was beyond any equipment, was definitely the most precious thing in the BG platform!

Selling it was definitely short-sighted!

Moreover, Zhao Dingguo did not dare to sell!

Such valuable things must be traded in person. With his strength, as long as the buyer had greedy …

The boss of the Arcana Party dared to kill him at the risk of offending the Order of Light because of a little possibility. How could that buyer be unwilling? If the thought flashed through their mind even a bit, Zhao Dingguo wouldn’t be able to protect his own life!

Taking a step back, even if the other party signed a BG contract to protect him for insurance, this card was longer his!

Therefore, this thing must not be exposed to light!

Leaving aside the value of the card, Zhao Dingguo also noticed the words “Token of Vowing” said by the other party. The night he died fighting for Di Feiping, the two people at the Holy Sword Society did say that name! It seems that the two should be complementary and indispensable. He only acquired the card, and didn’t know if it would have any impact!

But anyway, this time the harvest was too big!

Zhao Dingguo had to say that the benefits of joining a BG organization were real. Besides, for the time being, this information alone was much better. Without Old Li’s guidance, where did Zhao Dingguo get in touch with the news? Not to mention personally searching relevant information on the trading platform!

After a long time of excitement, Zhao Dingguo barely calmed down.

Now, he was anxiously waiting for the Death Match of this month to come, so he could activate the card and trigger the mission!

After a few minutes, Old Li returned. He glanced at Zhao Dingguo. Although he felt something abnormal, he didn’t think much about it, only when he was stimulated by the colorful equipment on the trading platform. He smiled and motioned for Zhao Dingguo to get up: “Here is the largest trading platform in the country, in order to facilitate the sharing of resources between major organizations. In fact, except for this trading platform, all major BG organizations basically have their own inner trading platform. It ’s just that the contents of those trading platforms are much worse in quality and quantity, but the advantage is that the prices are cheap and sometimes you don’t need to compete to buy good things! ”

Zhao Dingguo quickly walked out of the single room following Old Li and asked, “Does the Order of Light…?”

“Of course we have!”

As he walked outside the building, Old Li explained: “This trading platform is not free. For each transaction we complete, the Order of Light can collect a few WP as fees. Although it’s not much, the total is quite considerable. And if there is anything cheap to pick up, isn’t that an advantage? You can know that BG users on the trading floor are generally not a novice, but sometimes they are stupid or making mistake. Basically, there are one or two lucky people every month! ”

“If that is the case, let’s take a look!”

Zhao Dingguo knew that Old Li specifically brought him to contact the BG user circle today. So, whenever Old Li mentioned, he would follow.

As a BG user, it would be necessary to deal with these people and forces in the future. Learning more did no harm!

The trading platform opened by the Order of Light was not far from the outer division.

After coming out of the building, the two walked to the external trading floor in less than ten minutes. Compared to the intranet trading platform, which is led by more than a dozen large organizations, it’s undoubtedly much simpler here. Each BG user had a booth, with an electronic bulletin board showing what he bought and sold.

This scene looked like a vegetable market in earlier years.

However, despite the conditions, there were many people here. As Zhao Dingguo saw, there were about 400-500 people here. Unlike the Order of Light, which required an emblem to enter, in here, regardless of faction and organization, anyone could enter as long as having a nameplate. Even members of BG organizations that had a bad relationship with the Order of Light could trade safely here and would not be attacked.

“Hello, two friends from the Order of Light!”

“Good morning, you two!”

Walked in all the way, from time to time, many BG users said hello to the two of them, and then greeted with a smile.

In the beginning, Zhao Dingguo felt a bit strange, thinking they knew Old Li. Later he learned that the behavior came to the emblem on his chest. This exchange was opened by the Order of Light, and it’s their own territory. These foreign BG users would naturally be very polite.

“It’s enlightenment!”

Zhao Dingguo walked a half circle and consciously gained a lot of insights. What he saw today gave him a real understanding of the BG user’s circle. These things seemed useless, but they were actually very valuable. If no one brought him he, who knew how long it would take to reach him?

“That is…?”

While he was thinking, Zhao Dingguo noticed a small group of well-dressed members walking towards this side. After a few glances he reacted, most of them were the guards of Order of Light.

“In order to attract BG users from all over the world to come here to trade, our Order of Light set rules, as long as you enter this trading place, you are not allowed to fight, otherwise you will be killed! Although the rules are a bit overbearing, by virtue of our strength, no one dares to oppose it. ”

Zhao Dingguo suddenly felt that with such a guarantee, the excitement here was justified.

As for getting out of the trading floor, BG users had to rely on their own power!

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