A Necromancer’s Journey Table of Contents

A Necromancer’s Journey 

Author: Necromancer


Coming from a poor family living in the suburbs, Seth never got to experience the finer things in life.

Up until his death at the hands of an overeager scientist at 23, he lived a life not enviable by even the poorest of society, where he was homeless since his parents kicked him out at 16 and only managed to survive by offering himself to the government for genetic testing.

How will he survive in a new world of magic, and what happened to the mysterious chip injected into his brain by the strange scientist before his death? Stay tuned to find out.

Loosely based on Warlock of the Magus World, Age of Adepts, and The Wizard World.


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: A New World

Chapter 2: The Gathering (1) (unedited)

Chapter 3: The Gathering (2) (unedited)

Chapter 4: Choosing a Sect (unedited)

Chapter 5: Necromancy!? (unedited)

Chapter 6: The Art of Seeing (unedited)

Chapter 7: The Dream (unedited)

Chapter 8: Raising the Dead (1) (unedited)

Chapter 9: Raising the Dead (2) (unedited)

Chapter 10: Mission Hall (unedited)

Chapter 11: The Three Branches of Spirit Controlling (unedited)

Chapter 12: A Rabbit’s Life (unedited)

Chapter 13: The Truth About Spirit Devouring (unedited)

Chapter 14: Ritual Circle (unedited)

Chapter 15: Failures and Simulation (unedited)

Chapter 16: First Spell Model (unedited)

2 thoughts on “A Necromancer’s Journey Table of Contents

  1. Is this story completed or are you still working on it? Sorry just asking before I begin. Don’t want to skip to the last chapter and spoil things for myself.


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