A NEET’s Guide to the Parallel World: Healer, the Strongest Cheat?Chapter 3

Arc 1: The oppressed Chapter 3: the weakest job


In the twenty-one students summoned there was a hero, a sage, a high grade knight, even a priest. Most of them received high grade fighting classes. However out of all the possible jobs, I got….. healer.

Healer is a so-called recovery class. If I’m not mistaken then…

Wait, no.

In this world there is still the possibility that ‘healer’ could be a high ranking job like ‘hero’. First things first, I should have someone check my status.

“Uhm, excuse me.”

“How can I help you?”

I called out to Aries. 

“You haven’t confirmed my status yet, would you mind taking a look at it?”

“Is that so? Well then if you’ll allow me.”


However, when she looked at the status her expression began to distort.

“This is….”

“What’s the matter Aries?”

Saeki came up beside her. 

“Hey if it isn’t Hidaka. What’s your occupation? Here let the Saeki the sage have a look.”

He seems very excited to have been chosen as a sage. And so, he too moved to take a look at my status. However upon doing so, he erupted.

“Seriously! Hahahahahahaha! What is this Hidaka? No matter what you’ll always be like this huh. You’re a healer! Even Majima is a priest!” 

Saeki pointed to the girl clinging to Ichijo’s arm as he said this.

“Hey, Aries what exactly is a healer?”

“A healer is a class that uses recovery magic. In other words, it’s the weakest.”


I was at a loss for words, there’s no way that’s right. Didn’t everyone receive high class occupations? Why am I the weakest? It’s impossible. Even if you think about it, isn’t it strange? Aries’ voice seemed cold as she spoke.

“For now let’s take a look at your skill values.”

_ _ _ _ _

Hidaka Masamune


Occupation: Healer

Race: Human

Vitality: 60

Magic Power: 50

Attack: 10

Defense: 10

Magic Attack: 10

Magic Defense: 10

Stamina: 10



Condition: foreign world syndrome

Title: reincarnated

Inherent skill: Goddess’s divine protection.

Magic: Heal

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 


“Hidaka, I thought you were a screw up. As it turns out, when it comes to being incompetent, you are a true genius.”

“What’s going on Saeki? Why are you laughing so hard?”

“Kida! Come here this is great! You’ve got to take a look at Hidaka’s status.”

“Hidaka’s status? Let’s see.”

Interested in the reason for all the laughter Kida came over and dropped his hand on my shoulder. 

“Saeki! Are you bullying Hidaka again?!”


Honestly, I don’t like this person. All they do is encourage Saeki’s anger and thanks to them he’s always even more frustrated. 

“Oh come on, he’s a healer! Why did we come to this world? This guy, what did we come to heal someone? No, we came here to fight a war right?! How can you look at this and not laugh?”

“Why don’t you stop there.” Ichijo chimed in.

“You again?” 

“Making fun of someone to this extent is unpleasant.”

“Unpleasant? You’re the one who’s unpleasant. Do you even know how unpleasant you are? Bring girls with you everywhere and pretending like you’re some kind of saint! THAT, is unpleasant.” 

“A saint huh?”

I want him to shut up.

“If that’s how you see it, then I apologise. However this and that are too different things, you’re going to far and doing too much to Hidaka.”

“Oh you apologise?!”

Majima butted in, followed by Kihara.

“Hey, why are you snapping at Ichijo!?” 

“Yeah! All he said was it’s not right to bully Hidaka!” 

“Get those women out of here!!”

Saeki seemed to fly off the handle and the girls hid from him behind Ichijo. 

That’s when Albert came over to take a look at my status for himself.

“What is it Albert?”

“I’m curious, why is it that only he has the title of ‘reincarnated’?”


Aries’ voice was filled with doubt.

“Yes, everyone else has hero. Why is it that only this boy is reincarnated? Perhaps, we should ask the one in possession of the title.”

With this everyone looked directly at me.

“Well, the truth is…..”

The truth is I jumped from the roof. But I couldn’t say that, I didn’t want to tell them that.

“I say, so it’s difficult for you to say. Well, I think I more or less understand the circumstances, we shall continue the conversation later. Your majesty,” 

He body to face the king.

“May I proceed?”

“I leave it to you.”

With a bow, he turned back around to face us once again. 

“Now that we have confirmed everyone’s status we should talk about what comes next. First you will enter the academy, there you will gain the power to oppose the demons by training in magic, swordsmanship, and more. Now we will use teleportation magic to move you all to the dorms, after this please listen to Aries’ instructions.” 

“Now then everyone we are going to teleport so please gather around.”

As the teleportation process began, Saeki moved in closer to me.

“As I thought, the only thing you’re a genius at is buying me juice.”  He laughed wickedly. “Well, do your best. I mean, it’s not like you can do anything but, aren’t you glad you God blessed with a job? I mean even if you graduated high school the only path you could have taken was to become a NEET. Aren’t you happy?”

Even if we change world’s he continues to bully me. 

“Saeki, that’s enough! Cut it out!”

“Shut up!”

Ichijo again.

I’m sick of this.

Saeki, Ichijo, kawachi, all of them.


“Ichijo” his name seemed to slip out of my mouth. The expression on his face seemed to say ‘ What’s going on, Hidaka doesn’t ever talk to me?’

And that’s why he’s the same in the end. 

“Can you stop it?”

“S- stop it? What are you talking about suddenly?”

“Pretending to be some kind of white knight. Honestly, looking at you makes me what to throw up.” 

This guy, all he does is pretend to help to raise his own worth. 

I heard Saeki laugh behind me. 


“You’re so right Hidaka. He’s creepy isn’t he, I totally understand.”

“You too. Is bullying me really that fun?”

Saeki, the root of all evil.

If Saeki wasn’t here, my life would have been great. 

“Now you’re saying it.” Saeki glared at me, wrinkling his nose. “What do you know!”

“I don’t want to know, I don’t care about you.”

He had the same expression as always but maybe due to my new rebellious attitude I could see him shaking just a little.

“Kawachi. Thanks for always coming to my rescue, it was annoying wasn’t it.”

“That’s not….”

“It’s ok you don’t have to lie.”

She’s basically the same as Ichijo. Essentially, she had to keep up her act as the class representative. In other words, she was drunk on her own sense of Justice. 

Ichijo and Kawachi, which one is worse I wonder? Not that it matters, they’re all the same and it’s not like Saeki will ever change.

“All of you pretended not to notice that I was being bullied right?” Everyone turned. “It’s not like I wanted you to help me, what I said to Ichijo was my true feelings. That doesn’t mean you’re not guilty though. Even those left behind by the summoning, all of you are guilty.” 

I mean there were probably a few who didn’t know, but that doesn’t mean I want to believe they aren’t guilty.

“Albert, when you saw my status you asked about the ‘reincarnated’ notation right?”


“Well, truthfully, it’s not strange that it’s there or anything. You see, I’ve already died once.”

“That’s what I thought, that is after all the meaning of reincarnated. It’s unfortunate, but looking into your eyes I believe I know what happened.”

“I committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the school.”

My classmates didn’t react as much as I thought they would. They are probably so surprised that it’s difficult for them to express how they feel about it. 

It’s not really surprising though, after all, they killed me. All of them bystanders to what killed me. They could offer no apology for it.

“When I fell, right before I lost consciousness I say a bright light. I think that was probably the light of the summon.” 

“That’s quite the interesting story young man.”

What’s up with this old man, isn’t that reaction a little too indifferent? It’s kind of creepy.


“So, is that it?” Saeki asked.

“Eh?” He was grinning as usual.

“Not ‘eh’ I think you mean to say yes. You committed suicide, we don’t have any involvement in that.” 

“What?” I can’t seem to organize my thoughts.

“Did you think I would cry? Are you some kind of idiot? If you regret something just start over. You’re the one at fault for being incompetent!”

I’m the one at fault?

What is this guy saying?

I committed suicide.

He effectively killed someone. 

Why is he saying things like that?

“Lay off him Saeki!” Ichijo again huh.

“Ichijo, you heard him didn’t you? Even if you try to help him you make him want to throw up. In other words, that’s just the kind of guy he is, the kind of trash who just rants and thinks of only himself.”

Shut up.

Shut up!

Die. All of you should just die.

“If you want to die then go die. We have no idea of what’s to come, are you just going to give up and die because it’s difficult? I don’t have any sympathy for you.”

What is going on?

Everyone is looking at me.

Those eyes.

Don’t look……Don’t look at me!

“Hidaka, just forget what Saeki said. Come on, let’s go to the magic circle.”


Don’t talk to me.

You’re a bystander so you’re innocent, bystanders aren’t related?

Is that what you want to say?

“Hidaka, we are about to move so please come over here.”

“I’m not going.”

“Huh?” Don’t make me say it twice.

“I said I’m not going.” 

“Is that so?” Aries sighs. “Your majesty, with your permission.”

“I leave it to you.”

I didn’t see it. These guys have a heart. I believed that, but I was mistaken. I should have noticed, they are monsters in human skin.

“Hidaka, to tell you the truth when I found out you were a healer I had planned to send you to a different location than everyone else.”

“What do you mean by a different location?”

“You would be sent to a random location. This is our bailout system.”

“Bailout? ….You mean you’re saving me? Something like even a healer gets salvation?”

It seems there is still hope for me. 

“I think you misunderstood something.” Her voice was low and icy. “We are bailing ourselves out!”

“………..huh?” I was stunned.

“What did you think this summoning only cost time and magic to accomplish!? That wasn’t all it took! This magic costs the lives of several as sacrifices! Even then, one of the people summoned was a healer of all things! Who could have even imagined that! How could I explain that to those who gave their lives for this!?”

What is this person saying?

Why am I being blamed?

“Ha….ha….hahahahahahaha” I’d began laughing before I noticed. 

“I’m talking to you! Why are you laughing!? I can’t believe we summoned someone as incompetent as you! This country doesn’t protect the incompetent!”

As I thought.

It doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to continue living.

“Albert! Prepare to teleport, throw out this trash!”

“Understood princess.”


“I see, so you’re this countries princess huh.” 

“I’m not going to tell someone incompetent who I am.”

I see so that’s who she really is huh.

What this country really is. 

A blue circle of light surrounded me. It seems they are going to throw me out now. Everyone was laughing as they looked at me. Was this the kind of parallel world I’d dreamed about? 

“You really are am incompetent aren’t you.” Saeki laughed. 

“Atone for the wasted lives of those who cooperated in the summoning!”


At that moment.

Deep inside me a disgusting feeling rose up. Why is it always me who gets looked at like this? Why am I always the loser? 

Everyone one is laughing, from here on out their going to be having fun. Their going to enjoy the life in another world that I always wanted, magic, swords, etcetera. 

However, I’m being thrown out. They’re ridiculing me, they’re making fun of me. 

“Wherever you go, there’s no chance of you making it here! You’re going to die! That’s how harsh this world is! Know shame!”

I’m going to kill them.

No, I have to kill them.

“This good for nothing country, I’ll erase it. “

It’s almost certain that I can’t do it, however I’m going to rebel as much as possible. 

“What, is that like your last request? Can incompetent idiots even understand shame!?”

“I mean it’s not very Buddhist of me but.”

Aries glared at me, however my gaze was fixed on Saeki. 

“If you want to laugh, go ahead and laugh.”


“I will come to kill you, all of you, without fail.”

I glared at them, keeping my eyes open until the end, engraving their faces onto my heart. 

I won’t leave any of them behind, I’ll kill them all. 

The last thing I saw was Aries’ laughing face as she looked down at me.


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