Disclaimer: Foxaholic does not own any of the copyright to the novels we translate. All rights are reserved to the original author. That said, we also don’t give permission for anyone to post our translation on ANY website other than Foxaholic on wordpress.

A pair of sisters translating random Chinese novels that we find for fun (and to practice our Chinese.) Updates will be irregular thanks to school.

If you would like to join Foxaholic as a translator/ editor or just translate your own novel without having to deal creating and maintaining a website, just contact us! We’ll get you started right away!

Support us here: ko-fi.com/foxaholic


Fox (@mangafox23): The older sister (and smarter sister). The better artist of the two. Hobbies include bullying teasing Lobster and sleeping. Can be found lurking in NU Forum under the name of Fox23.

Lobster (@fuzzylobster): The younger sister. The better pianist. Hobbies include obsessing over her stuffed lobsters and NOT getting bullied by Fox.



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