Welcome to Foxaholic! We are a group of translators bringing you some of our favorite webnovels.


Disclaimer: Foxaholic does not own any of the copyright to the novels we translate. All rights are reserved to the original author. Should the authors wish for their work to be taken from the site, please contact us and the work will be removed.

These translations are brought to you by non-professional translators and therefore may contain mistranslated phrases or grammatical errors.

Please ask for permission through either the comment section or the contact form before translating any of these projects into another language.



_M_ (@adoseoflove4me): An avid reader for Chinese romance novels. 

Aanas Arbi (@aanasarbi)

ALI3N (@alien7612): Quoting Boss: “Short and sweet”. Doesn’t have time but loves reading romance novel so yay procrastination.

Alliephant (@alliephantsays): An avid reader and Chinese translator who’s also mostly a homebody~   ( ´ ▽ ` )

Angu611 (@angu611): A working adult who spends too much time reading webnovels. I just started picking up translation for Chinese Novels recently. Hope everyone can give me your support. 🙂 

Anon (@anonymous972wp): Secondary student that has been procrastinating therefore has too much time on their hands. My life revolves around BL

Anne Grimwood (@annygrime): A high school little hermit girl who waste her time daydreaming! A Japanese and Chinese translator!  

Astraea (@notahappytree)

Avis (@akumaxakuma)

Aytise (@aytise): Likes Chinese Romance Novels both modern and historical, Quick transmigration, and also fun Isekai japanese novels X). I read a lot and translate too few though… 

Bluedreamsfairy (@bluedreamsfairy): a complicated living being who has too many projects but little time and freedom (chinese translator, gamer, self-maker, amateur photographer, youtuber, unknown writer, little singer and small artist)

Chinalightnovel (@chinalightnovel): A Chinese novel reader who turned into a translator

Cnoveltranslate (@cnoveltranslate)

CUNNING FOX (@slycunningfox)

Daed (@itsanotherreader): College student who procrastinates 80% of the time and is too addicted to reading online webnovels. Reading motto: “To read or not to read – that is not the question. Just read.”

Dana (@cheerydandan) – Uni student trying to get her life organised. Reads a lot of Asian novels. Hopes to make mtl readable for everyone!

Darkness7913 (@limronnel7913)

Dhetz19 (@dhetz19)

Evilpecko (@evilpecko)

Fox23 (@mangafox23): College student who spends too much time reading webnovels. Chinese translator.

Foxswuxia (@foxswuxia): an engineer and a wuxia lover doing wuxia translation for fun since 2006

Frozenmirage (@desipfragrant): a young lady who’s so in love with Chinese novel, I’m new in this so don’t be hard on me yo (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Funz2 (@funz2): An ordinary student who loves reading and now wants to translate.

Fuyuzuki Akiha 冬月秋葉 (@jyuusen12): Translates Chinese novels, a native of somewhere and nowhere~

Fuzzylobster (@fuzzylobster): Lobsters are the best pets. No hot pot lobsters allowed.

GenXel (@gentpixel): A broke Senior High school student. 

ILoveToProcrastinate (@ilovetoprocrastinate5)

Jacey 😀 (@jaceyowo): Hates Chinese but Chinese Translator. Likes Chocola and Vanilla

Jblacktranslations (@jblacktranslations)

Kieraholic (@kieraholic): I should be working but instead I read novels

Kuze_Rokuro (@kuzerokuro)

LazyCat (@lazilygrinningcat): Lazy Filipino Cat. Avid reader of light and web novels. Japanese translator wannabe~

LnReads (@reagenragn)

Lunarycanaryy (@lunarycanaryy): Procrastinator extraordinaire. Has a habit of sleeping forever. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

JS (@jstranslations1):  Fellow reader of translated novels who wants to complete/finish abandoned novels. Chinese translator

Me123chan (@me123chan)

Michi (@mich13sther9): Is a yuri addict. Does TLs of yuri novels. Is a humanoid sloth from Yuri Sloth Translations who later migrated to Foxaholic. Favorite genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Action, Supernatural, and, of course, Yuri.

Midweekvermin (@midweekvermin)

Mii-chan (@undermoonlightisme)

MomoCatt (@MomoCatt): I’m an avid reader,writer and wannabe Chinese translator. 🐱 Twitter

OnionsRing (@nolapashie)

Peachyneko (@peachyneko)

Pizza (@pizza4brekkie): A bibliophile. I read more than I translate

Princesskaur1203 (@princesskaur1203)

Qxbluish (@qxbluish)

Roia (@Roia18 )

Sonrisa t.n.t (@8tnhungt8): A full-time working employee with two other PRN jobs and a half-time graduate student who is very prone to procrastination. Believes in hefty amounts of ‘ME’ time before being able to interact with the outside world. Am a Chinese novel translator. Speaks English, Mandarin Chinese (Chinglish), some Spanish (Spanglish), and Vietnamese (Vietglish).

TigraFr (@Tigrasev): French Native, Student in languages. Chinese Translator

Thefinalcinderella (@torchandkeytranslation): A Japanese novel translator. Will read almost anything with ikemens

Thinqu (@thinqu)

Xah Xiaoran (@xahxiaoran)



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, it’s amazing how translations bring so many people together!
    I want to be part of this team one day ❤
    Thank you for all the work you guys have done so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey anulaksh! Have you joined the Foxaholic discord? That’s where translators will reach out to find an editor to work with, so it would be best if you will join ASAP.


  2. Hello !!!! Thanks for your translations. Can you guys plz translate “I Woke Up Pregnant With An Undead’s Child” novel. This novel has translated before but not continued since october. It is a good novel and we want to know what happen next next chapters. So, If it is possible, we want to ask u guys to finish the whole story.


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