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Hi guys~ here’s more about me and my translations (*¯︶¯*)

  • I’m Chinese but my first language is English, and I’ve learnt some Japanese as well. Started reading web novels (mostly chinese) this year and decided to try a hand at translating to share the wonderful novels~
  • I translate in my free AND motivated time, and I also try to be as close to the author’s intended meaning as possible, checking dictionaries whenever needed, so please be kind and patient c:
  • Any amount of support and donation is greatly appreciated
  • Disclaimer:
    • Not a professional translator or editor
  • Terms of use:
    • No use and posting of these translations anywhere else (such as wattpad, novel aggregation sites). Although I say this, I know that there are thieves out there stealing my work and others’ work -_- I try to thwart their bots sometimes, with teasers and passwords, but get lazy sometimes too. If you see such sites, please don’t support them QAQ
    • All projects below translated by yours truly, posted on and some on alliephantsfootprint – my original site; you can check that out for some random posts and recommendations haha
    • Kindly remove adblock for the maintenance of this site

Projects & Schedule:

Note: Schedule might be delayed or put on hiatus depending on life circumstances.

Note 2: Extra chapters will be released, on top of the scheduled ones, when goals on ko-fi are met 🙂

  • Here’s some explanations of Chinese terms, titles, designations, addressing and self-addressing
  • P.S. if anyone can’t stand grammar/web mistakes or would like to improve it for the project, feel free to volunteer to be a web editor/proofreader (edit in those previous/next buttons, editing some grammar mistakes etc) for any of my projects. You’ll have access to all advance draft chapters, go onto discord if interested. o3o


  • If you like the novel/ translations, feel free to support me at Ko-fi and fuel me with a cuppa coffee, thank you づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • Gimme a coffee for extra shot of motivation ; ) AKA for appreciation of the coffees, bonus chapters will be posted when goals are met.
  • Kindly assess the chapters through the ‘curvy‘ links with ads instead of the ‘straight’ link on my new chapter posts if you’re not in a rush : )
    • Curvy steps: 1. click on box beside “I’m not a robot”, 2. click on continue 3. wait and get link


Enjoy reading~



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