Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation 13.4

Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation 13.4

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Ziche LiangXing just nodded. “En. Very hardworking.” And nothing else.

The atmosphere suddenly turned cold.

Ziche DuanYuan raised an eyebrow. In his previous life, Ziche LiangXing heaped lots of praise and loudly lauded Zhong Yanqing in front of XuRan Zhenren, so the latter had some impression of Zhong Yanqing. But this world and his previous lifetime were already very different. At this time in his previous life, his and Zhong Yanqing’s relationship was clear-cut, he did not have the black cat in his arms, and Zhanyan Ge’s people did not come to visit…

Although Ziche LiangXing’s attitude to Zhong Yanqing changed, compared to everything, it wasn’t a big change.

Zhong Yanqing was unhappy when Ziche LiangXing’s praise did not come. His eyes flash a trace of sullenness.


XuRan Zhenren ignored Zhong Yanqing’s change in expression and took a sip of wine, staying silent.

This child had no heart to repay kindness, but instead wanted to bite the hand that fed it.

But the Ziche elder brought this child to him because he wanted XuRan to accept him into Youran Sect. If he took away the double roots children and even the triple roots children, then he would also need to take this person away…

But… XuRan really didn’t want to bring such a person back.

This was tough…

If he knew, he wouldn’t have come here so fast. It was the Sect Master who was very anxious and wanted XuRan to be here early to choose disciples. Those who wanted to come would naturally come. Those who didn’t couldn’t be forced.

They were just newcomers. It wasn’t like XuRan had never lost out before.


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