Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation 14.1

Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation 14.1

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In the end, Zhong Yanqing was among the Ziche descendants that XuRan Zhenren brought away. But XuRan Zhenren certainly wouldn’t let Zhong Yanqing cultivate under the elders. He would just be an ordinary disciple.

The other big sects had times where they took in disciples. The pattern seemed to be once every ten years. But once every 100 years, all the sects gathered together to take in disciples at the same time. Then there was a Dabi competition for all new disciples in three months. Participants must be newly-accepted disciples. This was also considered a social gathering for new disciples to familiarize themselves with their own and other sects and form good relations. It was also a form of training. Other disciples would be joining the inner sect. Whether one could become a direct disciple relied on the outcome of this competition. Of course, some people would be exceptions. They were the descendants of prominent families and good seedlings who were recommended before the official enrollment began. There were people going through the back door in every world.

The sects were looking for disciples in the Lower and Middle Realms. For those in the Lower Realm, this was an opportunity to go to the Middle Realm without relying on their power. As long as they were in a specific location at a specific time, certain sects would come pick them up. But even with such an opportunity, joining a prominent family and going in through the back door was still faster. This was the reason why Zhong Yanqing could have signed up for a sect himself, but still joined the Ziche family.


Since it was a competition, there would naturally be prizes. The first place winner would receive gifts from all sect masters. The gift depended on the sect masters’ moods. The other highly-ranked winners would still get treasures and spirit stones.

Because of Dabi, there were especially lots of disciples in this once-in-100-years enrollment.

Every Dabi, the seven sect masters would privately “gamble” on which sect’s disciple would enter the top ten rankings and who would be the number one.

Tianwu Sect’s Sect Master always had bad luck gambling. The worst was when he lost his pants. There was no other way. His pants were an item from the Divine Realm and made from the weaver Zhinu.  It was white in color and had strong defensive power. Qingyu Lou’s owner liked the pants with one glance. So their bet was centered on this pair of pants. Tianwu Sect’s Sect Master had to return hoem with no pants…

And last time, their performances weren’t very good. Only two entered the top ten ranking.



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