Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation 14.2

Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation 14.2

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He’ll get it all back with one bet!! Tianwu Sect’s Sect Master gritted his teeth in hatred.

Besides Tianwu Sect, Youran Sect also spared no expenses for this Dabi. It had already been 300 years. For 300 years, the number one was not from Youran Sect. This was simply unbearable for the powerful Youran Sect!

Therefore, this time Youran Sect and Tianwu Sect were the most proactive in looking for new disciples.

Zhanyan Ge didn’t participate too much in Dabi. The only time they participated, it was a child. He relied on his unique vision and foresight to enter the top 100. Then he was eliminated in the competition for the top ten. But he was the one to throw in the towel. He said one sentence, “I can’t beat him.” Then he said the number one’s name. The result was that the most promising person to win was surrounded by everyone and kicked off.

Be careful of our retribution, Zhanyan Ge!


After that, their bets became meaningless!

They bet on their ability to make discerning judgments. If they wanted to know the result, they might as well just directly ask Zhanyan Ge’s Sect Master!

That **!!

In such a long life, in addition to cultivating, everyone needed some form of entertainment to pass the time.

After the feast ended, Ziche DuanYuan and Pei BuFan returned back to their courtyard. Before they entered the door, they were stopped by a man.

As the “male pet” that Ziche DuanYuan brought back, Gong Yi was not eligible to be at the banquet. So he was not certain of the situation inside.

But he understood why Ziche DuanYuan wanted him to leave. Gong Yi knew that he was taken care of here because of his relationship with Ziche DuanYuan. If Ziche DuanYuan left, then Gong Yi’s good days were over. No one would care how he would be bullied or treated. So even if he was beaten, he would grab tightly onto Ziche DuanYuan’s thigh.


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