Being an Author is a High Risk Occupation Chapter 15 Part 1/6

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The official ceremony to accept a disciple would take place after Dabi. Before he left, Ziche DuanYuan went through some internal procedures. He was settled into a small courtyard in Ding Ruojian’s Wenjian Hall. Ding Ruojian also gave him a jade plate to drip his blood onto. It was to symbolize his identity as Ding Ruojian’s direct disciple and to enter Jianxian Valley and other facilities. But his identity was not made public.

Before accepting Ziche DuanYuan, Ding Ruojian had three direct disciples. But one was in closed-door cultivation, one was travelling, and one was sent to retrieve disciples. They would meet a few days later at least.

His first day at Jianxian Valley was relatively free. Ziche DuanYuan just settled in so no one would disturb him for no reason.

This was good news for Ziche DuanYuan, but for Pei BuFan…

Pei BuFan: Chatterbox Tangseng [the monkey king’s shifu from Journey to the West i.e. Ding Ruojian], come get your little fourth disciple! His face is so scary!! qaq


Ziche DuanYuan’s evil smile made the fur of the black cat raise up. His right hand held a small knife and his left hand waved at Pei BuFan. “Come over here. I will do it gently…”

Pei BuFan turned around and ran. Ziche DuanYuan pounced and grabbed him into his arms. One hand grabbed his neck and the other held a knife.

Pei BuFan: Dage [literally: big brother, can be used to denote familiarity], be gentle. If this thing can be broken off, Ye [lord, master, how he refers to himself] would have done it himself!! Be careful of your knife against Ye’s neck. Ow, ow, ow, ow!!!

It was really miserable meowing.

After the strength of nine oxen and two tigers couldn’t cut even a small hole in this seemingly soft satin, Ziche DuanYuan was puzzled. He rubbed the ribbon. “What exactly is this made of? It’s so strong.” If he knew what material it was, he would find it to make some defensive clothing.


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