BOSS Dresses as a Cutie: Ch-1.1

Qingyun did not realize that he was a villain.

He was sitting upon a mountain in a wheelchair powered by lingshi, when he suddenly felt a sharp pain assault his head, forcing him to start coughing. (T/N: lingshi is a type of stone that provides some sort of energy. Cultivation stuff.)

One cough was followed by continuous coughing. At the bottom of the mountain, millions of armed soldiers who were ready for battle watched Qingyun’s coughing fit, yet no one dared to move.

“That old monster’s body cannot hold on any longer,” the leading man raised his long sword to boost the troops’ morale. “Everyone! We must unite and kill him today!”

Wenyan Qingyun (T/N: probably his full name, which is hella long) gave a light laugh, the silk handkerchief that was in his hand and stained with golden blood burned up silently, leaving not even a trace of dust behind.

“You are the hundredth one.”

This dull voice traveled into his ears, causing the leading man who held up his sword to quiver with fear in his eyes.

Qingyun was a villain, although he did not understand what a villain was before yesterday.

Until yesterday, the Tao of Heaven watched the ninety-nine fatalistic sons (T/N: aka. protagonists) die in his hands. Finally, it could not take it anymore and forced Qingyun’s soul to leave the body, controlling him to reincarnate, preparing world after world in order to dissipate his energy.

Qingyun was able to get some information due to the energy planted in his body by the Tao of Heaven.

This time, the “son of destiny” was right. Qingyun really couldn’t hold on any longer. Although he had a high cultivation level, he could not fight against the Tao of Heaven at all.

But there’ll always be a way.

Qing Yun stretched out his hand, conjured his sword spirit, and aimed. Without warning, he attacked the leading man.

As soon as this attack broke out, the whole sky suddenly darkened.

Sure enough!

Qing Yun’s eyes glimmered with brilliance, he had been speculating about how the Tao of Heaven would react if he destroyed himself with his soul and refused to obey it.

The leading man at the bottom of the mountain just withstood Qingyun’s attack, but the next attack came, one after another, fiercer each time.

Dark clouds slowly gathered on the top of Qingyun, they were as black as ink.

Qingyun acted as if he was in a frenzy, like a trapped animal struggling to death, but within the depths of his eyes contained tranquility. His goal is not the “protagonist” at the foot of the mountain, but the Tao of Heaven!

Finally, a thin black thunderbolt broke through the clouds and struck down in Qingyun’s direction.

Qingyun’s eyes glistened and there was a faint smile on his lips.

In the blink of an eye, the thunder disappeared into the Qingyun Heavenly Spirit, stirring him up from ** to the soul. (T/N: it was also ** in the original text)

The proud Tao of heaven will never allow an ant to resist it repeatedly. Since Qingyun was unwilling to be controlled, he will be completely erased.

The black thunder circled around for some time to confirm that Qingyun was eliminated, then slowly dissipated.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! I’ll take you to change your clothes.” The waiter with the tray hastily apologized. He looked at the wine stains on the man’s delicate custom suit and bit his lips uneasily.

“Suit… I’ll pay for the suit…”

“Huh? How are you going to compensate?

Nie Chenyuan looked at the “clumsy” waiter in front of him and raised his eyebrows while speaking with an ambiguous tone.

“I… I… ” The waiter’s face was red with tension. “I can do, I will do anything!”

His words may have been out of place, but it has strong implications.

Nie Chenyuan gave a light laugh and leaned over to the waiter’s ear: “Then can you…”

“Tell me who ordered you to come?”

His voice turned cold in an instant, and the waiter’s blush on his face had not faded, before cold sweat starting dripped from his forehead.

Nie Chenyuan stood up straight and motioned to the two black-clothed bodyguards behind him to take the man away.

He looked at the wine stains on his body and shrugged helplessly: “Yuhao’s celebration banquet to be the leader of the Guwu Association is today. It seems that I would be quite rude to show up like this.”

So he went upstairs to the lounge to clean himself up a bit.

When he held the door handle of the lounge, a faint smell of blood flowed out from the room.

Nie Chenyuan smiled as the corner of his mouth went up. It seemed that there was a small cat in the house.

A few sounds came from the other side of the corridor. Nie Chenyuan glanced over and knitted his brows. At this moment, the lounge’s door suddenly opened and he was brought in with hands gripping his throat.

“Patah” (T/N: not sure if it was the sound of the door closing…)

Blood dripped onto Nie Chenyuan’s hand, while he raised his head slightly with the remaining strength of his neck, with his eyes drooping down slightly to see who held him hostage.

This man is around a head shorter than him. From this point of view, we can only see the man’s white nose which was even more pronounced against the red bloodstains.

In the corridor.

“Yuhao, why did you suddenly change your clothes?”

The woman beside him asked softly, with a bit of vinegar in her voice (T/N: for those new to Chinese novels, vinegar means jealousy). At such a banquet, it was not a good omen for your male partner to change his clothes so suddenly.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Lin Yuhao stopped to tidy his tie, bowed his head to kiss his partner’s forehead. “Don’t you think that this shirt matches your dress better?”

As he said this, he looked at his left pinky with the corner of his eye, secretly rubbing of the blood in the crack off his pinky.

“Where did Nie-ge go? I have to greet him first.” Lin Yuhao seemed to ask carelessly and walked towards Nie Chenyuan’s lounge slowly. (T/N: “-ge” means brother, as a form of seniority and good friendship. Could also use it to refer to a person’s biological brother.)

“I heard he followed the waiter to the lounge.”

Hearing this, Lin Yuhao’s lips formed a scornful smile. He heard that Nie Chenyuan, the heir of the Nie family, would wander around doing both men and women. He didn’t believe that Nie Chenyuan would fall for it. However, he had to witness the aftermath himself to feel reassured that it worked.

“Oh? Could it be that his body feels uncomfortable? Then we’ll have to go and check up on him…”

Lin Yuhao’s voice was getting closer and closer.

The grip on Nie Chenyuan’s neck was also getting stronger and stronger. Nevertheless, there was no panic evident on his face. Instead, Nie Chenyuan bent his head near the ear of the teenager who was holding him: “What? You afraid that he’ll find out?”

The place where his fingers clamped was on a particular spot, he could not shout at all but only whisper with a soft voice.

Qingyun looked up and gave him a cold look.

It was Qingyun who held Nie Chenyuan hostage. He is not only the Qingyun of this world, but also the Qingyun who was slaughtered by the Tao of Heaven.

God knows that at this time Qingyun was furious inside. He faked his death and escaped from the confinement of heaven, fleeing into this small world. His soul had entered a body that was filled with resentment which happened to die not long ago but he couldn’t even have enough time to catch his breath before detecting a trace of heaven’s energy. Exactly, it was on the body of Lin Yuhao who is currently walking to the lounge.

It was simply leaving the dragon’s pond to enter the tiger’s den. (T/N: this basically means that QY escaped from one bad situation to get into another one.)

In his experience of killing 99 “protagonists”, only the “protagonist” of the world could give off such fluctuations, and the Tao of Heaven must be searching for him through the eyes of Lin Yuhao at this moment.

If the Tao of Heaven finds him alive…

Qingyun gritted his teeth, the previous attack from the Tao of Heaven had damaged most of his soul. If it happens again, then he will die for sure!

“Hm?” Nie Chenyuan observed Qingyun’s facial expression carefully, and the more he looked, the more interested he felt, “Are you afraid of Lin Yuhao?”

With that, he turned his neck skillfully and broke free from Qingyun’s confinement.

Qing Yun squinted at Nie Chenyuan carefully. It seems like he underestimated this man.

Lin Yuhao’s footsteps were getting closer and closer, and the sense of oppression brought by the Tao of Heaven was getting heavier and heavier.

The lounge was simple, with only a large wide sofa and a tea table in the middle.

Qingyun’s heart gave a jolt, raised his hand and tore off Nie Chenyuan’s tie, and went to untie the buttons of his suit.

“Well, have you grown up yet?” (T/N: NCY was asking if QY’s over 18.)

Nie Chenyuan was tempted to laugh seeing Qingyun’s unhesitant movements and glanced at the blue and white uniform on him.

Being seized a cute high school student who looked like a “good student”, Nie Chenyun just couldn’t feel any hint of nervousness at all.

Qingyun gnashed his teeth in anger. At this point he, who had lived for thousands of years, was also fu*king angry. (T/N: the original had said “气的想骂娘” literally means: angry enough to scold his mother. Just another weird Chinese curse phrase.)

This body that was compatible with Qingyun was really that of a high school student, who had the same name and was beaten to death by that very Lin Yuhao outside in the corridors.

Qingyun was Lin Yuhao’s half-brother, but Lin Yuhao’s mother was forced to marry Qingyun’s father, who threatened to kill Lin Yuhao and his father if she did not. 

Lin Yuhao participated in the Guwu Conference this year due to the recommendation by the Guwu Association. Naturally, he couldn’t help but reveal the ploy from that year, which led to defeating Qingyun’s father: Qinghao Lin, and taking mother Lin away. He also won the position as the head of the Guwu Association, which attracted praise from people in the Guwu circles.

And because of Lin Yuhao’s sly tactics, Qing Haolin had died. Today, Qingyun showed up at his door and was also secretly abandoned by Lin Yuhao, who destroyed his Dantian and left him on a mountain to await death. (T/N: The dantian is something similar to the core of your body, located in the center of your body. You often see this word used in cultivation novels.)

With problems here and there, Qingyun could never escape going against the “protagonist”.

“Shut up if you want to live!” Qingyun threw his memories to the back of his mind. Avoiding the Tao of Heaven is what he should be worried about right now.

“Oh?” Nie Chenyuan looked at the hand fixated on his belt buckle with a smile in his eyes.

Although it may seem like he was being causal, he had been assessing how dangerous Qingyun is in secret. At a glance, it appeared to be a young adult, with his soft eyebrows, but judging from his skills, he must not belittle him.

Lin Yuhao has somewhat of a good relationship with him. Should he remind him?

Qing Yun only paused for a second, then unfastened Nie Chenyuan’s belt, pulled his collar, and they fell on the sofa together.

Nie Chenyuan has a very tall stature, just covering the thin body Qingyun completely.

Nie Chenyuan looked at Qingyun’s bloodstains in surprise. “How are hurt like this?”

Looking down again at the school emblem on Qingyun’s uniform, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Xuancheng Middle School? You fought and ended up like this and yet the school didn’t even care?

Qingyun was not in the mood to care about him. Right now, he is desperately searching for the original owner’s memory inside his brain for information about the world. He wants to find something to raise Lin Yuhao’s probability of neglecting himself.

By avoiding Lin Yuhao this time, the Tao of Heaven will become less suspicious and won’t always be attached to the protagonist. It is probably feeling very skeptical of his death and is checking for his traces in every world.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Qingyun was in his current body, then he could’ve easily avoided the quick inspection for the Tao of Heaven by disguising slightly. However, Lin Yuhao would be surprised to see that he was still alive. At the same time, the Tao of Heaven who is attached to Lin Yuhao will also be affected and examine him more carefully.

So at this moment, as long as he avoids Lin Yuhao, he can avoid the Tao of Heaven.

Eyes shifting to the tea table, Qing Yun saw the perfume left for the guests. Qing Yun’s eyes brightened up and smashed the perfume bottle on the ground, shattering it to pieces.

The strong fragrance instantly diffused, covering Qingyun’s bloody smell.

After doing this, Qingyun completely shrank into the sofa, his cold eyes staring at Nie Chenyuan, silently threatening him.

Meanwhile, his cool fingers drilled down the hem of Nie Chenyuan’s shirt.

Due to Qingyun’s actions, Nie Chenyuan’s back muscles twitched. He looked down, wanting to make a joke or two, but discovered that Qingyun’s finger was pressing on his fifth thoracic vertebra.

In this position, if Qingyun placed a bit more pressure, then he would either die or be disabled forever.

Nie Chenyuan completely restrained his smile and looked deep into Qingyun’s eyes.

These eyes which were as clear as a spring also contained some madness within them. Nie Chenyuan realized that this is not a simple threat, but a decision to die together upon failure.

Hiya~ New translator here with her crappy translations. Hope you guys enjoy this novel and… support me if possible 😉

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