BOSS Dresses as a Cutie: Ch-1.2

“Did you hear the sound of something shattering?”

“Maybe their situation was too intense.” Lin Yuhao smiled plausibly and knocked on the door of the lounge.

“Nie-ge, are you in there?”

“En.” Nie Chenyuan slowly bent down and approached Qingyun’s tender immature face. (T/N: “En.” Means yes or is a sign of approval.)

Qingyun’s face remained unchanged as he stayed calm and composed. Seeing this, Nie Chenyuan could not help but sigh as he admired and appreciated the youth underneath him.


It was silent behind the door, but there was a faint sound of the door opening. Nie Chenyuan rose slightly and facing in the direction of the door, he used a hoarse voice to say: “Yuhao, you’ll spoil my moment if you come in at this time.”

Lin Yuhao couldn’t help but show a derisive smile after seeing two overlapping figures on the sofa through the small gap when he opened the door. Easily blinded by beauty. Leaving the Nie family in Nie Chenyuan’s hand would be no good. It is better for him to use it.

He closed the door and took hold of his partner, and turned away. “I’m afraid Nie-ge is busy at the moment. I’ll greet him later.”

The Tao of Heaven’s presence slowly drifts away until it dissipated.

However, Qingyun did not dare to relax and remained focused on Lin Yuhao’s movements.

“Still haven’t touched enough?”

Nie Chenyuan whispered softly into Qingyun’s ear.

Qingyun returned to his senses in an instant and kicked Nie Chenyuan down onto the sofa while heading to the bathroom.

Nie Chenyuan sat on the floor not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “Are you the type to play and go? Crossing the bridge then burning it down?” 

(T/N: he’s asking if QY just discarded him after taking advantage of him.)

The presence of the Tao of Heaven had completely withdrawn from this world.

Qingyun breathed a sigh of relief as he carelessly washed off his bloodstains under the flowing water along with the place Nie Chenyuan just touched.

Being a cautious person by nature, Qingyun acted as if he had let down his guard at the moment, but secretly scrutinized the man on the sofa.

“You are… Nie Chenyuan?” Qing Yun asked tentatively, enouncing the three words “Nie Chenyuan” distinctly.

Nie Chenyuan looked at him in surprise. He gave him a light smile and said, “You know me?”

Sure enough.

Before, when the Tao of Heaven tried to annihilate his soul, Qingyun forced himself to devour some of the energy from the Tao of Heaven in order to fake his death. After all, there was a difference between the energy that the Tao of Heaven used to kill him and wound him. All this energy lead to Qingyun’s body being destroyed.

However, Qingyun’s soul still contained the remaining power left by the Tao of Heaven which impelled him to continuously reincarnate.

In addition, when the two energies collided and merged during a critical moment, it reconstructed Qingyun’s soul, granting him special abilities.

It was only because of this that he was able to escape into this small world without any obstacles. Moreover, Qingyun’s soul could also disregard the rules laid down by the Tao of Heaven; allowing him to extract information about the world’s plot and some of the characters.

Since Nie Chenyuan is the protagonist’s stepping stone in order for him to improve, Qingyun was able to identify him.

But can he still leave? (T/N: leave, as in leaving this world.)

Qingyun stared at himself in the mirror and splashed a handful of icy cold water on his face. He can leave, but he’ll need something. And he had a strong feeling that this something had to do with the protagonist.

Nie Chenyuan seems to be very interested in Qingyun. Although Qingyun did not pay attention to him, he guessed Qingyun’s identity.

“Knowing me indicates that you must be from the Guwu Association. You’re already a high school student, yet you’re still afraid of Lin Yuhao.”

Wenyan Qingyun frowned and shook off the water droplets on his hand, the protagonist? He was never afraid.

“You are from the Qing family.” Nie Chen Yuan finally realized who Qingyun was, but he felt that there was something strange. “The Qing family had only one descendent, Qin Haolin is dead and left behind a good-for-nothing son. So based on this information, you shouldn’t belong to the Qing family.”

Qingyun laughed lightly, “Well I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m that ‘good-for-nothing son’.”

Nie Chenyuan’s eyes widened in astonishment.

Due to his relationship with Lin Yuhao, he naturally knew about Qingyun. Because the two were step-brothers, they were always being compared.

Lin Yuhao was naturally gifted. He is a kind and tenacious man who is considered the favored son in the Guwu community. On the other hand, Qingyun is like a harmless and cowardly sheep, without any useful abilities.

In Nie Chenyuan’s perspective, Lin Yuhao was already a strong and promising person, while Qingyun was still living under the patronage of his family. Without protection of Qing Haolin, he is powerless.

The reason why Qingyun had attracted people’s attention this time was due to Lin Yuhao choosing the Qing family.

Nie Chenyuan’s eyes were glued onto Qingyun’s thin but upright figure and slowly lit a cigarette for himself. He had always been interested in the strong, never the weak. But he had never expected to judge a person wrongly.

“Click” (T/N: the sound of the lighter.)

The fire sprang up, and the scent of tobacco pervaded the room. Qingyun subconsciously frowned.

Nie Chenyuan looked at Qingyun’s injuries and advised him. “You should not avoid Yuhao. In the end, he’s still your brother. It’s better off following him than surviving on your own. Moreover, your mother is in his hands.”

He said this believing that Qingyun’s injuries were caused by the fights he fought in to make a living.

Qingyun sneered and with a look of sadness present in his eyes. “What’s wrong huh? You want me to live in peace with my father’s enemy? Oh, but I’m afraid that if I follow him, it won’t be long before I die as well.”

He looked down at his palm. The wound there was healing very quickly, now barely visible. Qingyun’s soul is too strong, and although more than half of it was damaged, it was enough to reform this body. These injuries are nothing now.

“There will be no accidents.” Lin Yuhao smiled with some malice as he was speaking on the phone. “He was badly injured with a destroyed Dantian and was even rolled down a mountain. How could he still be alive?” (T/N: I fixed the information on chapter one. Yes he was actually thrown down a mountain.)

“Heart Cultivation method?” (T/N: it’s a type of cultivation that focuses on strengthening your mentality.)

Hearing the inquiry of the voice on the other side of the phone, Lin Yuhao frowned. After defeating Qing Haolin, he took his mother away. His mother had brought over martial art methods and the Qing family’s assets, but only Qing Haolin and Qingyun knew the Heart Cultivation method. Now that they’re both dead, he obviously couldn’t find where the manual for that technique was located.

“There’s no chance a second-generation spoiled kid like him has a good mindset.” He sneered.

“If your mother knew that Qingyun’s death was caused by you…”

“That’s impossible.” Lin Yuhao’s smile remained unchanged, but his eyes slowly turned cold. “I’m afraid that woman already knows. So what? Who would care about Qingyun’s life and death except for his dead father?” (T/N: to clear this up, it was also a bit confusing for me but I finally understood this. Lin Yuhao and Qingyun have different fathers, but the same mother.)

Lin Yuhao smiled faintly at the desolate forest outside the villa, he’s afraid there would be no bones left. (T/N: he’s being sarcastic. Saying that there might not even be bones to bury and commend.) He hung up the phone and walked into the hall.

The hall was full of voices, and all the famous people within the Guwu community gave a warm welcoming to this martial arts genius. (T/N: on a side note, guwu means ancient martial arts. I didn’t want to translate it because it would’ve sounded weird so I left it is.)

Nie Chenyuan smiled helplessly at Qingyun and said, “I know you can’t accept the misfortune that befell on your family, but Qing Haolin was indeed guilty for what had happened in the past. Furthermore, his death had nothing to do with Yuhao. Just arriving on the scene only to be kicked out. (T/N: NCY is saying that QHL showed up to the last conference only to be shamed and denounced.)

“And Yuhao wouldn’t embarrass his own brother…”


Qingyun kicked the tea table in front of Nie Chenyuan. The perfume bottles on top shook and fell due to the sudden movement and they made a “cling” sound when hitting the wooden floor. (T/N: I honestly don’t know how to make it sound more reasonable. The raws said “嘎吱” sounds.)

“You don’t understand human speech, do you?”

Qingyun’s eyes were red. He bowed his head and approached Nie Chenyuan. His breathing was chaotic as a result of being aggravated with anger. “He said that it was my father’s mistake so it becomes my father’s mistake? My mother was forced, yet the 18-year-old me didn’t know. Every one of you outsiders could clearly see it. My father died in the hospital in less than a week before their duel. And you’re telling me that he had nothing to do with it??? He such a magnanimous human being that there would be no way in hell he would trouble me. So these injuries on my body were made by myself?”

How come the protagonist is right, no matter what he says or does, and how come he, the thousand-year-old villain who had been minding his own business, couldn’t escape the everlasting amount of pots that fell onto him from the sky? (T/N: this means that he’s always being blamed for no reason.)

Qingyun does not belong to heaven, (T/N: not a protagonist.) but a normal person. He has never done anything unacceptable or immoral, so why is he continuously subjected to the protagonist’s attack, one after another?

Those protagonists have everyone at their beck and call while having numerous backers, yet he worked so hard only to end up being bedridden, like a rat in the street that everyone wishes to kill, only to be used as their stepping stone. (T/N: “过街老鼠” is a metaphor that means “When a rat runs across the street everybody cries, “Kill it!” — a person hated by everyone.”)

Is it because that the Tao of Heaven defined him as a villain that he should suffer in hell? (T/N: tbh, the author placed another weird Chinese curse word but I couldn’t really translate it directly so I made it like that. QY is basically questioning why his life is so f*cked up.)

Qing Yun’s eyes flashed with a trace of anger, it’s too bad it doesn’t matter if the protagonist was appointed by the Tao of Heaven; if he wants to kill then he will kill. On the contrary, he is a villain that has not been suppressed by the heavens and even lived for thousands of years under the curse of the whole world! (T/N: means that he survived for so long even though everyone wanted him dead.)

He won’t stop (T/N: the killings, I believe) even in this world. And whatever he has to gain in order to leave this world won’t be in the protagonist’s hands now, nor will it be in the future. But since it is right now, he’ll snatch it back.

Qingyun straightened up, releasing his hold on Nie Chenyuan’s collar and wiped his hands with a paper towel on the table.

He laughed softly and spoke with a rude tone. It seemed like that outbreak of grief and indignation was all an illusion.

“Nie Chenyuan, you have a blocked meridian and cannot live longer than five years.”

“But I can fix it in response to paying off the debt I owe to you. What do you think?” He raised his face and looked deeply into Nie Chenyuan’s eyes.

Nie Chenyuan also contributed to Qingyun’s previous outbreak, and a particular feeling arose from his heart. But Qingyun’s following sentence gradually made his face grow colder.

It was an open secret that his meridians are blocked. Over the past years, many people have been plotting against the Nie family under this pretext. He didn’t expect that this Qingyun, who interested him a lot, decided to do the same.

Nie Chenyuan released a breath of smoke to hide the disappointment in his eyes. He thought that this child would have more interesting reasons to approach him.

“Who sent you here?”

His voice was dull and he looked down at the cigarette in his hand.

“Just compensation. I don’t like owing people things. It’s your choice.”

Qingyun seems to be unconcerned but in reality, he has no choice but to care.

He doesn’t know exactly what it is that he has to get in order to leave this world, but it’s always right to oppose the protagonist.

What to steal first? He’ll rob the protagonist of his younger brother. (T/N: -didi means younger brother. But in this context, it means LYH’s underling, aka. NCY.)

The Nie family became Lin Yuhao’s greatest help later on. Although Nie Chenyuan was considered a disabled person in the world of martial arts, the Nie family held the economic lifeline of the whole Guwu circle. In other words, if the Nie family ceased to exist, then the families in the Guwu community would only be left with their martial arts manuals and suffer in misery, so Lin Yuhao was obligated to acknowledge Nie family.

Moreover, the most important part is the congenital Qi deposited in Nie Chenyuan’s meridians. Lin Yuhao had absorbed Nie Chenyuan’s congenital Qi when he was cleansing his meridians to reach the highest level of this world: First Heaven (T/N: I honestly don’t know how to translate “先天” as a cultivation base so if anyone knows, please do tell.)

Qingyun was curious to know how Lin Yuhao would go about if the Nie family didn’t exist.

“You can go.” Nie Chenyuan’s voice was deep as he put out his cigarette. “I’m in a good mood today so I won’t bother you.”

Qingyun’s eyes narrowed.

“Wait!” An old voice sounded from outside the lounge door.

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