BOSS Dresses as a Cutie: Ch-1.3

A gray-haired but spirited old man came in, followed by two black-clad bodyguards.


Nie Chenyuan frowned seeing the unexpected visitors and was slightly surprised.

“I heard that you were staying in the lounge for a long time and didn’t come out, so I wanted to see if anything happened.”

Nie Songping walked to the sofa with crutches, ignoring Nie Chenyuan, and stared hopefully at Qingyun instead. “Can this little brother elaborate a bit more on the problems with Chenyuan’s meridian?” [T/N: something I didn’t point out- Qingyun’s name in this world is Qing Yun, Qing being the surname and Yun being his first name. I didn’t change it becuz I didn’t want to confuse anyone~]

Of course, he knows why his grandson drove all those people away. They’ve inquired many famous doctors about Nie Chenyuan’s blocked meridians yet none could help. But he was told that only a martial artist with a high cultivation base is able to clear his grandson’s meridians.

There are two great realms in the Guwu world. The first realm is called Last Heaven [T/N: once again, these cultivation names!!! (°ㅂ°╬)], and it’s separated into 10 levels. The second realm is known as First Heaven with it being the most powerful realm. There is a middle ground between the two realms called Central Heaven which connects the two big realms.

However, there has not been a single person who has reached First Heaven in the last one or two centuries, and only a few have attained Central Heaven. Unfortunately, these people are too busy striving to break through to First Heaven, so how could they be willing to waste energy to treat Nie Chenyuan?

Nie Songping’s hair became gray due to all his worrying for his grandson’s health. He discovered that his Nie family had no way of attracting those who have reached the Central Heaven.

The youth before him may have a cultivation level lower than Central Heaven, but as an old man who has witnessed many things in life, he knew that this child must’ve had a fortuitous encounter. Seeing that this kid had a way to cure this half-dead grandson, he might as well try his luck. [T/N: the raws said: “所以总要死马当活马医,问上一问。”. Which literally means, “a dead horse becomes a horse doctor, let’s ask a bit.” This clearly makes no sense and I only managed to figure it out with my mom’s help, although it wasn’t that off from my guess. (⌒_⌒;)]

When the ‘big boss’ arrived, Qingyun tossed Nie Chenyuan aside and went up to strike a deal with Nie Songping. The words he had said earlier were for Nie Songping to hear when he was standing outside the door.

“I know that you wouldn’t believe me no matter what I say. But how would you know without trying? What do you think?”

Nie Songping murmured a little. It was his grandson’s life on the line. So he would naturally be more cautious than usual. “What method will you use?”

It really is “Don’t let loose the hawk until you see the hare.” [T/N: an expression meaning that don’t reveal your trump card if you haven’t got them onboard. QY is saying that he is close to making this deal possible.] Qingyun frowned and said, “I have a prescription.”

Sure enough!

Nie Songping nodded his head and said to Qingyun, “It’s not safe here. Let’s talk about the details in private at the Nie family’s house.”

The three secretly left the banquet and got into the car heading for Nie family’s house.

During this period, Nie Chenyuan wanted to interrupt them various times but was ignored by both Nie Songping and Qingyun. From a side view, he saw Qingyun’s face with a haughty little chin. He could not help but find it both frustrating and funny.

When they arrived at the Nie family’s home, Qingyun wasted no time and wrote down the prescription so that people could get the ingredients and bathtub ready.

It is not rare to take a medicine bath in the world of Guwu, every family even has their own collection of bathing prescriptions. He had some previous medical knowledge and recalled the basic properties of certain ingredients.

Qingyun created this prescription by combining the various pharmacological ideas from his original world.

After giving the prescription, Qingyun asked to take a bath and change his clothes. First, because his mysophobia was so serious that he could not bear it. And second, he wanted to give the Nie family time to study the prescription.

When Qingyun finished bathing, Nie Chenyuan had been sitting in the bathtub with a helpless face and the heating device beneath the tub was on full power.

Qingyun scanned the room with Nie Songping and the row of bodyguards, knowing that his prescription had been verified and protected.

He nodded to Nie Songping and said, “Let’s get started.”

The two people standing next to him raised their arms and poured a basket of herbs into the bathtub.

“Let me do it.” Qingyun reached out to stop them and take over. He observed the temperature of the water, slowly putting in the herbs one by one.

In his original world, Qingyun was physically handicapped and had been seriously ill since childhood. This disease lasted for thousands of years, causing him to become a great doctor. He is an expert in both medicine refinement and in medical treatments.

“You can still do this?”

Nie Chenyuan endured the scorching heat emitted from the liquid and asked.

Qingyun didn’t want to talk to him at all as he placed the herbs into his bath in silence. But he didn’t realize that his tender face was showing a serious but cute expression.

Nie Chenyuan lightly gave a deep and pleasant laugh. This child was very interesting. He didn’t disguise his displeasure at all and his face expressed it so vividly.

Nie Songping asked people to record the time and species of medicinal herbs Qingyun placed in the tub.

He obviously wouldn’t dare to put his grandson’s safety and security in Qingyun’s hands. Although the young man had approached the Nie family with unknown intentions, this prescription was still useful and can stay but Qingyun can not. They can just kick him out after rewarding him with some money.

Qingyun saw the Nie family’s movements and smiled sarcastically.

Too bad Qingyun placed the herbs inside the tub based on its temperature, not the time. This prescription was just a cover as well and it only contained some very basic ingredients. It can only protect Nie Chenyuan’s meridians, not unclog them.

He is the only one who could really save Nie Chenyuan.

After placing all the herbs in, Qingyun rolled up the sleeve of one arm and put his hand into the medicine bath, five fingers pressed against Nie Chenyuan’s back.

Seeing his actions, the bodyguards immediately surrounded him.

“What? You haven’t touched enough yet?” Nie Chenyuan laughed. But just when he wanted to turn his head to see him, a strong and domineering force unexpectedly penetrated into his body, directly opening his 10-year-old blocked meridians.

“Young Master!” There was a cry of alarm.

The water in the tub was boiling and any of the water that splashed out of the tub and evaporated right away. All these reactions were caused by Qingyun’s qi. (T/N: I feel like qi makes more sense than energy so I left it as it is.)

The bodyguards that were about the restrain Qingyun were stopped by Nie Songping’s trembling hand.

Such powerful inner qi… 

Nie Songping could hardly hold up his trembling body with his crutches. He looked at Qingyun’s like he was a monster.

“Xiao… No, Mr. Qing, y-you’ve already r-reached Central Heaven??” (T/N: Xiao is a way to address those younger than you. You might’ve seen it used romantically but NSP is obviously not doing that. I think he was about to call him a child again before he changed his words to become more respectful.)

He stammered a few times before finally completing his sentence. Nie Songping had lived for a long time and has seen many martial artists at the ninth and tenth stage of Last Heaven but never had he seen such strong yet refined qi.

Only those old monsters who are currently on their deathbeds had reached Central Heaven. If Nie Songping hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would’ve never believed that the young man in front of him, who has just reached adulthood, had attained such a high level of cultivation.

Is this the result of cultivating while still in your mother’s womb?

Qingyun retracted his hand and laughed silently.

Nie Songping felt like his world views collapsed as he held his chest feeling like he was about to get a stroke.

But when he saw his grandson tear up due to the immense pain, Nie Songping awoke from his daze and finally saw hope to save his grandson’s life before he (NSP) would be buried.

On the other hand, the martial artist part of him felt indignant. How old was Qingyun? About eighteen years old. An eighteen-year-old was at the level of Central Heaven! Nie Songping couldn’t help but feel jealous and ashamed as an old fogey who was half foot in the grave.

Lin Yuhao was less than 20 years old, and when he reached the seventh level of Last Heaven, he was praised as a genius in the Guwu world. Then what was Qingyun? A devil?

A devil! A devil was exactly who we needed! (E/N: Yes they needed a devil to make a miracle.)

Nie Songping took a long time to calm down. He wiped the tears on his face and felt delighted at heart. With Qingyun here, there was at least an 80% chance of recovery for his grandson.

Pushing aside the bodyguard behind him, Nie Songping stood with his crutches and looked at Qingyun with excitement. “We have been rude to you Mr. Qing. I hope you will forgive me and join me for a talk in the library?”

Nie Songping made up his mind to Qingyun to keep in the Nie family no matter what his purpose was.

Qingyun nodded his head and followed Nie Songping to his study. Just before he left, he gave Nie Chenyuan a sly look.

This kid must’ve done it on purpose! (E/N: QY is a fox. Lol!)

Nie Chenyuan gritted his teeth. Putting so much qi into his body at once without sparing any effort to protect his meridians, was he doing this just to teach him a lesson and “repay” him for his previous frivolity?

He withstood the pain and lifted the corner of his mouth to form a wicked smile. At the same time, his eyes became more unrestrained, sweeping over Qingyun from top to bottom; and finally stayed on his ankles which were as white as jade, wanting to lick them. He stared until his sight was blurred (T/N: by the water vapor).

Had Qingyun really achieved Central Heaven?

Of course not. The original Qingyun was only at the third level of Last Heaven before his dantian was destroyed later on. No matter how fast Qingyun’s soul could transform his body, it was impossible to elevate him to Central Heaven right away.

So he put forth prescriptions and did other things to delay time in order to raise this body’s cultivation level. As long he reaches the seventh level of Last Heaven, he can compress the qi and refine it to the quality of qi similar to those at the Central Heaven.

When Nie Chenyuan woke up, there were only two bodyguards around him.

Now that his meridians have been opened up several times, it contained a gentle force that flowed throughout them slowly, protecting them.

Feeling his body’s strength recovering, Nie Chenyuan shook his head and smiled bitterly. He originally had an extremely powerful constitution and even reached the tenth layer of Last Heaven. However, ten years ago a problem appeared with the meridians. Not only were they blocked, but they also became very fragile.

His strong cultivation and fragile meridians disrupted the harmony within his body, resulting in his condition worsening.

Unexpectedly, this kid Qingyun saved his life. Nie Chenyuan secretly sighed, it seems like he really looked down on him every time.


Lin Yuhao looked at Nie Chenyuan, who was playing billiards. His eyebrows were wrinkled slightly, but he didn’t reveal anything in his tone. “Why are you asking about him Nie-ge?”

His heart grew suspicious. Why was Nie Chenyuan asking about Qingyun? Which part of Qingyun attracted Nie Chenyuan? His beauty?

“Nothing. Just a random thought.” Although it seemed like Nie Chenyuan said it casually, he had a hidden smirk on his face as he stood up after scoring a ball.

Qingyun has been staying over at Nie family’s place recently because they needed him to stay. Except, every time he saw Nie Chenyuan, his face would have five big words plastered on it: “I hate you very much.”

Nie Chenyuan found it very funny and wanted to get to know him better, only to be continuously rejected. So he resorted to asking Lin Yuhao, who was considered to be Qingyun’s enemy.

“I don’t know much about him.” Lin Yuhao smiled and said, “I don’t know him very well, but I know that he is hostile towards me and has reached the third level of Last Heaven at this age. The rest… I’m not so sure about.”

Lin Yuhao sighed helplessly as if he was a good older brother who was worried about his younger brother. But his eyes turned cold. Qingyun? This person won’t exist in the future.

The third level of Last Heaven? Nie Chenyuan glanced at Lin Yuhao. It seems like he wasn’t the only one who was deceived by that kid.

“Nie-ge, remember the waiter you saw at the last banquet? How about it? I happen to know him.” Lin Yuhao’s face revealed a smile that men all understood but secretly ridiculed him in his heart.

Nie Chenyuan is interested in Qingyun? Then he’ll use other people to grab his attention. The two people had a fierce session last time in the lounge, so shouldn’t he be more attractive than a Qingyun he’s never seen before?

When Lin Yuhao switched the topic to the waiter, Nie Chenyuan’s eyes began to grow cold slowly until they became gloomy and dark. He knew that the waiter was arranged by someone from the Guwu Association, but he didn’t think that it would be Lin Yuhao who did.

While Lin Yuhao was still talking, the cell phone rang in his pocket, and his face changed immediately after the call connected.

“Qingyun is at school? No way!” (E/N: Oh yes way! :P)

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  1. Isn’t the proverb “Treating a dead horse as if it’s still alive.”?
    (Trying the last ditch when in desperation.)
    I don’t understand chinese, just found it similar to this proverb 😀
    Thank you for the chapter!


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