BOSS Dresses as a Cutie: Ch-1.6

**T/N: Not suitable for those under the age o— bullsh*t, ignore me, but not this small smut warning~**

“Mr. Qing is kind to our Nie family, more like your benefactor. How can you treat him… ” Nie Songping was still an old-fashioned man. When he saw these photos, he even had the heart to strangle Nie Chenyuan. He knew his bear grandson¹, but he didn’t expect him to be this bear to this extent.

“I know that.” Nie Chenyuan said positively, “so I’m seriously pursuing him. Grandpa, don’t make trouble.”

“Pursue?” Nie Songping was stunned. He found that Nie Chenyuan had already run out with the photo in his hand.

Nie Chenyuan went back to his room and couldn’t help pecking and kissing the white ankle on the photo twice before putting the photo in the darkroom.

As Nie Chenyuan said to Nie Songping, he has been pursuing Qingyun for two years.

In these three years, he watched Qingyun’s blossom into brilliance, which naturally excited him. Of everyone in the Nie family, other than his grandfather, everyone knows².

No, there’s another one.

Nie Chenyuan’s hand which was sorting out the photos paused, a trace of distress flashed in his eyes, and the person he’s pursuing doesn’t seem to know as well.


In the classroom.

People’s backs blocked Nie Chenyuan from being seen as he extended his arm, Qingyun chuckled, “What, what thing is it this time?”

Nie Chenyuan moved his arm in front of him, opened his palm and inside laid a mini robot, which looked exquisite. Qingyun is more interested in mechanical things recently. 

He has to take what he likes.

“You’re not paying attention in class or you’re just distracting me?”

Nie Chenyuan sits beside Qingyun, and the two sit in the last row of the classroom, so no one pays attention to their interaction.

Qingyun plays with the robot in his hand, but his eyes are on Nie Chenyuan. He has lived for thousands of years, but he’s not stupid. How could he not know what’s on Nie Chenyuan’s mind? However, in the end, Qingyun felt a little surprised. He just wanted to rob the leading role of a younger brother, but the effect was different from what he had thought?

Nie Chenyuan not only helped him stop Lin Yuhao’s successive assassinations in the past three years but also changed his ways to please him. Anything that can make your eyes stop for more than a second will appear on your desk in less than the next day.

It’s really a new experience for Qingyun, who used to be an old monster hated by everyone, to be loved by someone so dearly and preciously.

After class, the bell rang. This is the last class so everyone left the classroom. Two people mingled in the crowd and walked slowly.

Nie Chenyuan reached for Qingyun and separated him from the crowd around him.

“Let’s go out for dinner tonight? Last time I went to a shop, I think it should be more in line with your taste.” He lowered his voice to cover up the too obvious expectation in his tone.

“Just eating?” Qingyun looked up at him. His eyebrow rose as he spoke. The plausibility in his words was like a cat’s claws, scratching at Nie Chenyuan’s heart.

“If you want to, we can go see a movie if you want.” Nie Chenyuan felt thirsty and his mouth felt so parched that he almost wanted to hold Qingyun’s face and bend down to kiss it, kissing him until his breath becomes unsteady and his eyes swell up with tears to punish him for being naughty.

Often times, one or two of Qingyun’s words can stir him up, but Nie Chenyuan can’t figure out whether he’s deliberately or unintentionally teasing him for fun, making his mind unstable.

“What a coincidence.”

A voice interposed, interrupting the ambiguous atmosphere between the two.

Qingyun looks up and in front of him is Lin Yuhao, who he hasn’t seen him for two or three years. He looks at Qingyun, with eyes full of clear malice.

In recent years, he has tried his best to kill Qingyun. However, Qingyun, this trash³, seems to have gone through some great fortune. He managed to get away every time.

Lin Yuhao can’t think of the extent to which Qingyun’s cultivation has reached now. He believes that the Nie family is very close to him. With Nie Chenyuan around, Lin Yuhao’s people wouldn’t even catch a glimpse of Qingyun.

Not knowing what came to his mind, Lin Yuhao a trace of contentment suddenly flashed in his eyes.

Qingyun raised his eyebrows. At first, he was puzzled, but when he saw the girl pouncing towards Lin Yuhao, he immediately understood.

The girl with sassy looks seems to be a martial artist. She seems very happy to see Lin Yuhao. However, when she turned around and saw Qingyun, she was slightly shocked. “Qingyun? Why are you here?”⁴

Qingyun almost forgot this woman, Wang Miaoyun, the girl in Lin Yuhao’s arms. She is the niece of Qing Haolin’s fellow junior apprentice⁵. Taking advantage of the fact that they were still young, the two families engaged the two children. In the beginning, they almost even got the same name. But Wang Miaoyun always looked down on Qingyun. Later, she fell in love with Lin Yuhao at first sight and became one of the many women around him.

Now she’s Lin Yuhao’s tool to fight against Qingyun.

“Miaomiao.” Lin Yuhao soothed Wang Miaoyun in a soft voice, turned his head and said to Qingyun with a smile, “I heard that Miaoyun was your fiancée before? Oh, I’m really sorry. Miaomiao and I agreed to be together. Both our families agreed to it as well.”

“Hao-gege! What do you mean? What relation did I ever have with him? ” Wang Miaoyun’s stomped her foot, eyes glaring at Qingyun.

Qingyun suddenly chuckled and stared at Lin Yuhao as if he were looking at a clown. “Your skill of robbing women is definitely ranked first above all.”

First the mother, then the fiancée.

Lin Yuhao, who was stabbed by this phrase, couldn’t maintain the expression on his face anymore. Wang Miaoyun directly blew up⁶.

Completely ignoring the their short confrontation, Nie Chenyuan’s face was gloomy, his head now only had three big words “fi-an-cée”!

What makes this woman worthy of being Qingyun’s fiancée?

Being stared at by Nie Chenyuan’s extremely fierce eyes, Wang Miaoyun felt that she was staring at a man-eating beast and she could not help but shrink back.

Lin Yuhao wanted to kill Qingyun on the spot, but he was afraid of Nie Chenyuan, who was on the scene, so he didn’t do anything.

Nie Chenyuan really surprised him. He thought he was just a waste playboy. But in the past three years, he had made many hidden moves. From the fifth to the seventh level of Last Heaven, all the fighters were blocked by Nie Chenyuan. Even someone of the eighth level doesn’t succeed.

There were many people around. The confrontation between the two sides had no result. When Lin Yuhao left, he whispered maliciously into Qingyun’s ear, “I have prepared a gift for you today.”

When evening arrived, Qingyun received what Lin Yuhao called a gift.

The list of participants in the Guwu Conference is out and Qingyun was not on the list.

It’s obvious that the people of the Guwu Association had planned this beforehand. After the release of the list of participants, the Guwu Conference will start in less than a month. There was no other way in. Hearing this piece of news, Qingyun was not surprised. The whole Guwu Association was standing on Lin Yuhao’s side. It was nothing for him to kick someone out based on his reputation.

However, Nie Chenyuan’s face was unexpectedly gloomy. It wasn’t because of the unreceived quota, but because the news, like thunder, woke Nie Chenyuan up.

Qingyun was going to leave soon.

After three years passed in a flash, Nie Chenyuan was completely used to Qingyun’s existence.

Qingyun had a habit of cleanliness, and he can be grumpy at times. Although he is strong enough to intoxicate him, sometimes he will show some fragility that can stir up people’s hearts.

All this made Nie Chenyuan sink slowly. He never thought about it or wanted to think that Qingyun would leave one day.

But sooner or later, the deal between the Nie family and him will come to an end. With Qingyun’s ability, he will surely get the quota for the Guwu Conference and shine brightly at the conference.

When the time arrives, Lin Yuhao’s plot will be revealed, and everyone will see Qingyun’s good parts. What about the fiancee who popped up today? Will she be fascinated by Qingyun? Will Qingyun accept her again due to their relationship in the past?

At the thought of this, Nie Chenyuan felt his heart burning in a pit of fire.

“Let’s start. Today’s medicine bath.”

Nie Chenyuan sighed, took off his clothes and entered the prepared bathtub. His meridians have been completely cleared out, and it was not necessary for Qingyun to use his qi. But in order to consolidate, the daily medicine bath will continue.

Qingyun threw medicine into the tub and looked at Nie Chenyuan, who was sitting in the bath without saying a word, wearing a gloomy face with tense muscles, he couldn’t help but laugh. Naturally, he knew what Nie Chenyuan was thinking about, so he felt his heart soften because of his care.

“You will attend the Guwu Conference for me.” All lineages of any ancient martial arts family can directly participate in the Guwu Conference.

If the Qing family had not been disqualified because of the Qing Haolin affair, Qingyun would not have bothered to sign up and get kicked out.

“Huh?” Nie Chenyuan looked at Qingyun with a hint of surprise. He was still in a bad mood. He forced a smile and asked, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll lose to Lin Yuhao? He’s reached the ninth level of Last Heaven.”

“You have reached Central Heaven, haven’t you?” Qingyun said carelessly. Nie Chenyuan has an issue with acting like a pig to eat the tiger⁸. In these past few years, his meridians have recovered and improved, but he remained a low profile. If it wasn’t for Qingyun’s everyday treatment, this secret would’ve been completely concealed by him.

“You do know.” Nie Chenyuan leaned on the bathtub, laughing deeply and joyfully, and his eyes overflowed with infatuation and sighed. He was good at camouflaging ever since he was a child. His real accomplishments were invisible to his grandfather, Nie Songping, yet he couldn’t hide them from Qingyun.

He looked at Qingyun with loving emotions that never existed before until now.

“So, what can I worry about?” After adding the last medicine, Qingyun turns to leave.

The noise of water bursting sounded behind him, and a hot body with the smell of liquid medicine tightly attached to his back. A pair of strong arms held him tightly like iron hoops.

“But I won’t!”

Nie Chenyuan bowed his head to Qingyun’s ear, and his eyebrows were full of irrepressible possessiveness⁹, “After the end of the Guwu Conference, you will leave, so I won’t agree.”

He would rather Qingyun never attend the Guwu Conference, and stay at the Nie family’s house and beside him forever!

Not bad, he could even threaten him.

Qingyun happily hooked up the corners of his mouth, but his voice was plain. “Oh, what do you want?”

The arms holding his body tightened.

Not waiting for Nie Chenyuan’s reaction, Qingyun immediately broke away from the shackles that were holding his body, and forcefully presses Nie Chenyuan back to the bathtub, bows his head and kisses him.

Nie Chenyuan was stunned for a moment. He was like a drowning man grasping the straw¹⁰ and sucked on Qingyun’s lips. He attacked and seized the territory within his mouth to express his abundant love and joy.

Their kiss was like a fierce battle. Continuously entangling their tongues between their lips and sucking.

At the end of the kiss, all the water in the tub had been sprinkled everywhere.

Qingyun raised his head, lifting his red eyes and asked, “How about these rewards? Enough?”

Nie Chenyuan smiled and pecked his lips twice, “Not enough, not enough. I’m greedy. I want more.”¹¹

“Hm, want more? It depends on your ability… ” Qingyun’s provocative words were gradually replaced by a gasp.


¹ T/N: bear child = mischievous, misbehaving child. Apparently, bears make a lot of trouble.

² T/N: that he’s pursuing QY.

³ T/N: both in terms of cultivation (yes, LYH still thinks QY’s cultivation is gone) and personal thoughts.

⁴ T/N: lmao, deja vu anyone?

⁵ T/N: this may confuse some ppl, Qing Haolin’s fellow junior apprentice refers to a cultivator under the same master of Qing Haolin’s but became a disciple later than him. It doesn’t necessarily indicate that this junior is younger than Qing Haolin.

⁶ T/N: remember those animations where the character gets so angry that steam comes out of their head. Yeah, that’s probably how you should imagine WMY right not.

⁷ T/N: It’s not a typo, in Chinese the word fiance is 3 characters.

⁸ T/N: NCY is acting as a weak person but in reality he’s a predator waiting to destroy the supposedly ‘stronger’ enemy.

⁹ T/N: It’s a Chinese way of describing things you have to get used to… if it confused anyone.

¹⁰ T/N: It’s a metaphor for describing how eagerly and urgent NCY was (for that kiss).

¹¹E/N: Getting greedy after a kiss >▽<

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