– Cannon Fodder Counter Attack System Ch12 (Part 4/4)

Translated by Tee on foxaholic.blog

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Li Fei Yan opened the door blankly and looked critically at the man firmly tied to the bed.

“Has it been checked?” Li Fei Yan asked and picking up the book with the recorded data of the experimental body from the table beside him.

“Checked, everything is normal. Within an hour, the injection of the vaccine will stop and then he will return to normal.” The tall female assistant carefully said.

Li Fei Yan glanced at her gently as he placed down the data record. “Be prepared, the exhibition will start soon, all the people coming are of senior-level. If something goes wrong…”

The female assistant was frightened by his words and hurriedly nodded. “There will be no mistakes! I promise!”

“Good”. Li Fei Yan glanced at her contemptuously and left without turning back.

The restrained zombie screamed furiously, the bed firmly nailed to the ground constantly making noise from his struggle and it sounded chilling.

The female assistant breathed out a sigh of relief as if she was out of great danger as the door closed.

Glancing at the struggling man on the bed, the assistant wiped her sweat and there was a trace of jealousy in her eyes.

It’s a lucky thing to be bitten by a zombie but not turning into one!

TN: I know this is a very short one. I was not able to split it even, sorry about that. Chapter 13 here we come! Thanks for reading everyone!


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