– Cannon Fodder Counter Attack System Ch16 (Part 2/5)

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Originally, he wanted to have the freedom to live and age, not to mention that he had already smoothly lived in Qin Shi Yue’s world.

Was it really necessary to go back to reality?

Ye Si Nian sighed slightly and just wanted to turn off the control panel, but his index finger accidentally touched the little tree.

Vigorous green energy poured into his soul and the soothing feeling which almost made him moan.

Feeling the pure energy that swept through, Ye Si Nian closed his eyes and tried to raise his head. His white neck stretched out like a swan.

At this moment, the green tree on the virtual panel suddenly flashed, a branch turned into gold slowly stretched out of the control panel, touched the silver-white ring on his left hand, and carefully rubbed around his waist across the air, and made him reluctant to return to the green shape of a small tree.

It took a while for Ye Si Nian to slowly open his eyes and felt the vigorous energy in his body, and he began to smile.

Gently touching the now hot ring, Ye Si Nian’s right hand’s finger pointed on the control panel, and his handsome figure disappeared instantly.

When he opened his eyes again, Ye Si Nian was sitting in the car, with a dozen crumpled cans beside him, full of alcohol.


Outside the window was the sound of waves, the sea breeze full of water vapour, and the glass was misty.

In the early autumn evening, it was a little cold. There was no air conditioning in the car. Ye Si Nian gathered up his wrinkled suit, frowned and opened the control panel. He looked at the dense words on the introduction of the original owner and the world.

The original was Pei Xiuning, a 24-year-old and currently the marketing director of a listed company. He was busy with his work and had a high-income salary. He was also an accomplished high-level white-collar worker in the city. It was reasonable to say that he would not normally drive to the seaside in the middle of the night to drink in such a dispirited way.

However, the original owner had a boyfriend who could not be described in words.
It was a university professor named Huang Dezheng, who was ten years older than the original owner. He was unmarried, without a car or a house. He had a very compassionate personality. And has donated more than half of his salary every month to help his colleagues, students, friends and relatives. He had a reputation for being kind. The original owner was an orphan. He was adopted by his parents when he was seven or eight years old in the orphanage. Although his adoptive parents gave him a lot of love, he had seen too much suffering and darkness. He had heard about him by chance and was immediately attracted to him. After a long pursuit, they finally got together.

Today was the second day they were officially together.


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4 thoughts on “– Cannon Fodder Counter Attack System Ch16 (Part 2/5)

  1. A person who gives away more than half of his salary to other people? He could be naive and gullible, might have serious blackmail held against him, or might be a druggy. There might also be major bills or loans he’s hiding. This is an extremely suspicious situation. Whichever the reason is, the MC needs to make absolutely sure he protects his own money and finances. The only people I’ve seen who have been trusting enough to make such choices were all intellectually disabled in some way. This person is intelligent and capable enough to become a professors, so this is incredibly fishy.

    Of course, this may be the reason why the host is drinking booze by the beach. I wonder what the truth behind this matter is.

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